Vipers Woman

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Chapter 66: Peggy Is Rejected

Peggy has been rejected. Bullet has rejected and thrown Peggy away. She is in pain. I have to go. I don’t know if or when I will ever return here. He is killing my sister and best friend. And when he rejected Peggy, Shooter. He rejected his child. What!, what are you saying Beth? Peggy is pregnant. The howles continued everywhere. I ran. I ran to where my sister was calling me to come. Back at the Tattoo shop everyone stopped talking and listened. It sounds as if someone’s heart is breaking.

It’s Peggy calling for her family. She is in pain. Her heart is being ripped into because you accepted the rejection. You have rejected your mate Bullet. And do you know what that will do to a wolf let alone a human female raised by them? Let me tell you. She will not be able to live without her mate. She has been rejected. She will live long enough for her pup as they call them to be born. Then she will attempt to kill herself or she will grieve herself to death. That is unless she is lucky enough to find another mate or man the wolf family feels is good enough for her. Maybe she will return to Knuckles in her depression.

The woman still looked at Bullet she appeared to be angry. You were married until just now we hard her ask with gritted teeth? You have married three months ago when you fucked me in your office. When you fucked me she must have been sleeping in your bed. She is pregnant. You never divorced her? I hate you for lying to me. I hate you for cheating on her. That tells me you would have no problem cheating on me. So that cut hanging in the closet that said property of Bullet belongs to her and not me as you said.

Just then we heard the slap and Bullets face go to the side. I don't want to wear your tattoo. Once a cheater, always a cheater. I am glad you had not claimed me yet. Go fuck yourself Bullet. She was part of my family. I too was raised by wolves. Then she threw her head back and howled. We watched as she walked out of the tattoo shop and called a cab.

Where does Peggy live Tiger? I do not know. She has never told any of us where she lives. She prefers her privacy. Does she live in town? No. I know that she lives in the woods somewhere. But we have never found out where. Shit. Will she be at work tomorrow? Yes, she will be here. We will be here tomorrow. We will be going to your mc and staying there. We arrived at the Storm Renegades MC. When we walked in we were met by the president, Hawk, and Gray Wolf. Something has stirred up the wolves around here he said.

We know exactly what stirred them up. Let's have a seat and we will tell you. When Viper and Travis finished telling them about Beth and Peggy Hawk and Gray Wolf were angry. Are you talking about Peggy that works for Tiger? Yes. We heard the howles again but they seemed closer. That sounds closer Travis said. Hawk told us not to let that fool us. A wolf can be heard from miles away. The pain. One of them stands out so much. It must be Peggy.

After hours it stopped. Thank god. I don't think I could have taken that much longer. She will be at work in the morning. Don't bet on it. When a wolf is rejected they go into a deep depression. They will grieve themselves to death unless they find a second chance mate. Don't let Peggy fool you, Hawk. She is pregnant. She is a fighter. She will be there. She will fight the pain of rejection. Have you met Peggy? No, we have not. We hear she is beautiful but does not make any friends. That's Peggy when she is in pain.

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