Vipers Woman

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Chapter 67: Bullet's Secret is Out

Bullets' little girlfriend was taken to the Cobra MC. We watched as that bitch stormed into the club and to what we call Peggy's and Bullets bedroom. We heard her yell for some prospects. We watched as they went back and forth carrying boxes out and putting them in her truck. Then she walked out and asked the question. Why did none of you tell me that Bullet had a claimed woman, a wife? Not our place but we would have if we had known you were going to get a property tattoo. We would have told you he was married.

Well, you can tell Bullet for me that his little sneaky lying secret is going to come out. I will be telling my adopted father's MC and my adopted brother's MC. And I was raised by wolves the same as Beth and Peggy. I just don't understand why Beth did not tell me. She hated you for fucking Bullet in his office that's why. Well just so you know. Viper voided the claiming of Peggy and Bullet. And any child she may or may not be pregnant with. The joke was on Bullet. Peggy is three months pregnant.

Goodbye and good riddance. She said storming out of the club. We all looked at each other. Viper knew Peggy was pregnant. He voided the claiming and Bullet ever forcing Peggy back or trying to take Peggy's child. He is not going to be happy when he returns to the club. Serves him right for doing what he did. The Shooter yelled. You do not understand. When a wolf is rejected they become depressed and are in severe pain. Even though Peggy is human, she was more or less raised by wolves. That's why Beth left me. She does not know if she will return to the club or not.

We sat nursing our beers and feeling depressed ourselves. We heard the door slam against the wall and Bullet stormed in yelling give me a bottle of whisky. What the hell crawled up your ass? I lost my wife and the next woman all in one day. I even lost the only child I may ever have. Stop yelling at us for your own mistakes Bullet. It is your fault, not ours. You fucked that bitch in your office while Peggy was sleeping in your bed. You have only yourself to blame.

Viper even made sure I could never get Peggy back. Or my child. That bastard knew what he was doing. Well, the bitch said to tell you that your secret is going to come out. She is going to make sure of it. Right now I do not give a shit. But Bullet we heard from her you were going to have the property tattoo put on her and claim her. It would not have been legal. Neither you nor Peggy divorced each other. She left not knowing she had to do it in front of the club members and you. Why would you try to claim that bitch knowing it was not going to be legal? I never that Peggy was still alive. But you had no proof she was dead. The sister clubs are not going to be happy with you right now Bullet.

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