Vipers Woman

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Chapter 68: Beth Finds Peggy

I made it as far as the cabin front yard near the porch. The pain is too great. I want to die. Please Moon Goddesses let me die. I cried pulling my knees as far as I could against me. My brother lay next to me in front of me and his best friend behind me. They whimpered as I cried and screamed. Please make it stop. I finally fell asleep between my brother the Alpha and his best friend his Beta. I kept running and howling until a guard heard me. I looked up as he stopped kneeling down for me to get on him.

I grabbed his fur and held on tight as he ran for miles. We must have run over 60 miles before he slowed to a trot. After about 15 minutes he started running again. Soon we came to a log cabin and I saw Peggy laying on the ground between our Alpha and Beta. I got off the guard and ran towards her. Peggy, I said kneeling next to her. I am here. Beth is here. I opened my eyes and said Beth, you are here. He rejected me. It hurts. I want to die. My heart is ripping out of my chest.

I am here Peggy. Just remember that little baby you are carrying. You must be strong. You must take care of him or her. And the Moon Goddesses might give you a second chance mate. I am so tired Beth. Come on. Let's get you off the ground and into the house. Now that I was here to take care of Peggy the family drifted off to the woods. They have not left. They are just laying and watching over Peggy. Giving her support from a distance.

I got Peggy up and helped her into the house. Now. You go and take a hot bath and I will make us a sandwich and coffee. Alright, I said walking to the bathroom. After I took my bath and got out of the tub. I put on shorts and a shirt before walking out to the kitchen. We sat at the table and I forced myself to eat half a sandwich and drank my coffee. Then we went to lay in bed and watch TV.

Peggy, you have to work tomorrow. No, I can't do it, Beth. Fine but you will go to work the next day. You have to get back to a routine. How long can you stay Beth? A few days then I have to return to Shooter. Let me call Knuckles. No. He has helped enough. Beth, don't get mad. Why would I get mad? I need to harden my heart. I will pretend that I do not know any of you. But you are using your first name. I go by Peggy Whitefeather. That is my name. I watched as Peggy closed her eyes and knew she was finally asleep.

Peggy did not sleep well. She would whimper in her sleep and scream please do not reject me. Then I would rub her arms and she would fall back to sleep. I slowly opened my eyes and looked over at Peggy. She was sleeping so I would not wake her up. I slowly got up and walked out of the bedroom door and closed it. I walked to the kitchen and started a pot of coffee before opening the cabin door. I poured me a cup before walking out and sitting in a rocking chair.

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