Vipers Woman

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Chapter 69: Beth Goes Home

Beth is leaving today. I fell a little stronger now. I am going back to work. I walked in and saw Tiger, Animal, Dreamer, and Gunner looking at me. I put my purse in my desk drawer and turned on the computer. I then walked to the back and made a pot of coffee. After it finished I poured me a cup after putting creamer in it. I then walked back up front and sat down at the desk. I answered the phones and scheduled appointments.

Peggy is not herself. No, she isn't. She does not look well. She is pregnant after all. No, it is something else. I think Hawk or Running Wolf would know what is wrong with her. Peggy, I looked up at Tiger. Yes? Are you feeling alright? I am fine why do you ask? You just don't look well. I am fine Tiger. Alright, let me know if you need to go home or see the doctor. We heard the door open and I saw my Travis, Lisa, and Viper walk in. Peggy, Lisa ran over to hug me. I'm sorry but have we met before?

I stopped and looked at my sister. Peggy, come on you know we are your brother and sister, and Viper is your brother in law. I'm sorry but you have me confused with someone else I said looking at them showing no emotions. Come on Peggy it's us. Stop acting like you don't know us. I am not acting. I don't know any of you. I saw Tiger watching me from the side of my eye. I then saw Lisa start to cry. Peggy, were you hurt? Did you lose your memory?

Look, I do not know who you are. Peggy, you were claimed my Bullet and Beth by Shooter. Viper voided your claiming to Bullet. I stood up and looked at them and then Tiger. I walked around the desk and to the back. I walked out the back door and lit a cigarette.

Viper why is she acting like she doesn't know us? I did void Bullets claim to her last night. Bullet did not fight for her. Instead, he accepted it. He rejected her. She just found out I was involved in her rejection. I would say Peggy is pushing everyone out of her life. Tiger, why would she do that? We love her. We want her to come home. Maybe she does not want to be rejected again. We won't reject Peggy. She is our sister and we love her.

Right now she is not thinking straight. She is guarding her heart. What is left of it? She was rejected by her mate. She lived with Wolves. Wolves mate for life. Unless they are rejected. They might get lucky to find a second mate but that is rare. She will become depressed but she has her family (wolf) family to support her. She is coming to work now and that is a good sign.

Why don't you go back to the clubhouse and give her time to come to terms with what happened to her? Tiger, will you talk to her? I will try it. I can't promise you anything right now. That is all we can ask. Thank you, Tiger. Not a problem.

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