Vipers Woman

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Chapter 7: Travis's club members question Travis about Lisa

I was staring at the fire when I heard someone ask Travis a question about me. Travis, Mark asked. What’s up with your sister? What do you mean? Why does she hate men and stay to herself? I wish I knew I said. She never used to be like this. She used to be happy, friendly, and love to laugh. I really miss her laugh. She doesn’t have a sparkle in her eyes anymore. She doesn’t do a lot of things she used to find enjoyment in. All I see is her making sure she is always close to a door. I noticed that Lisa exhibits symptoms of PTSD. She is beautiful and men can’t help but notice her.

We noticed she doesn’t like to be touched and that she does not trust a lot of people or get close to them. She does trust Steve, Hope, Elizabeth, and his club members. I heard she has her own room at their club. Steve said she is going to the Viking BBQ this weekend. He also said that she will stay the night as that is the only time she will let loose, drink, and have fun because she feels safe. She is taking Greta with her since she will stay for the weekend. Viper are we going? Yes, we have been invited. We will also be staying.

I heard a prospect ask. Travis is that your sister laying over on a chair by a fire. I saw Viper turn his head and look across the fence. I will be right back. I’m going to check on her. As I walked over toward Lisa, I saw Greta lift her head and growl at me. Down Greta I said. I walked up to Lisa and kneeled down and said: “Lisa, wake up.” What I asked looking at Travis. Get up and go to bed. Don’t want to. Come on you can’t stay out here all night. Why not? It’s not safe. Carry me to bed bubba. I sighed and stood up. I lifted her in my arms bridal style and carried her to the house.

I climbed the stairs and walked into her bedroom where I lay her on her bed. I took her shoes off and covered her up. As I walked out the door, I saw Greta jump on the bed and lay at her feet. I shut her bedroom door walked down the stairs and to the back door. I locked the door before closing it behind me. I poured water on her small fire making sure it was out before walking over to the compound. I grabbed two beers from a cooler before sitting back down in my chair. She was asleep wasn’t she Viper asked. Yes, she was. Of course, she made me carry her to bed. She called me “Bubba.” I had not heard her call me that in a year. I wish I knew what took that sparkle out of her eyes. What the fuck she is afraid of. Or who she is afraid of. I would kill him. Maybe I might get a glimpse of the old Lisa at the Viking MC.

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