Vipers Woman

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Chapter 70: Hawk See's Peggy

I walked out the back and told Peggy they left. I looked down at her. Peggy, I can’t say how you are feeling. I have never been rejected and I sure as hell have never had a woman that I rejected. I have not been lucky enough to find one yet. Thank you for talking to them. You need your family right now. And Viper did what he thought was best for you. He did not want you to possibly return back to bullets MC one day and find that he had replaced you with another woman. Though it would not be legal as he was still married to you. I will think about what you have said, Tiger.

I walked back into the shop and down the hall to my desk. As I walked around the desk I saw a man standing there. I had to lean my head back to look up at him. Hello, my name is Peggy can I help you? I am Hawk, I am the president of the Storm Renegades. I am Peggy the receptionist here. Is Tiger busy? Wait here. I will find out. My heart’s beating a mile a minute. She is beautiful. She has green eyes. I love green eyes. She is mine. Wait, where did that come from I asked myself? I watched as she walked toward the back. Don’t leave I thought. I just want to look at you. I want to hear your voice again.

I walked back and told Hawk that Tiger will be with him in a few minutes and to please take a seat. I sat down and I watched her. I could look at her all day long. I want her. I need her. I looked under my eyes at Hawk. He is very handsome. I love his hair. And his brown eyes. Bedroom eyes. He tall and he has broad shoulders. I noticed he had scars on his face. But they do not distract from his good looks. His voice. My god. He made parts of me ache when he talked. Stop it, Peggy. He is not for you. He probably has a claimed woman or a girlfriend.

Hawk, come on back. I stood up and Looked over at Peggy as I walked by. I noticed the baby bump. I want a child of my own with her. Stop it, Hawk. You are not thinking straight. What brings you here Hawk? I want a new tattoo. What kind? A hawk and a wolf. I want the wolf running and the Hawk flying over it watching. Like they belong together. I drew the tattoo out on paper and showed it to him. That’s it. I want it on my back. And a smaller one on my left shoulder. It is going to take about a week to do this right. That's fine I said, looking up at Tiger.

I will need you to come in every week until it is finished. I smiled. I have nothing better to do anyway. As I worked on the tattoo I heard Hawk asked me if Peggy is the one Bullet rejected? She is. So, Peggy is Viper's sister-in-law? She is. She is also Travis and Lisa's sister. I shook my head. I am glad that he rejected her. I stopped tattooing Hawk and looked up at him. Hawk, why would you say that? She is mine. I leaned back and looked in his eyes. You are serious. I am very serious Tiger. Peggy is mine.

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