Vipers Woman

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Chapter 71: Beth Calls Knuckles and Gunner

I was playing darts with Gunner when my phone rang. I smiled and yelled it's Beth. I put it on speaker. Beth, Gunner is here with me. Good, what I have to tell you I would rather say just once. Beth, what is going on? You are worrying me Knuckles said. It's Peggy. What happened to Peggy? Bullet cheated on her three months ago. She ran. Then he tried to claim another woman. She was raised by wolves too. Peggy is three months pregnant. Viper saw Bullet at Tigers tattoo shop. The woman was going to get a property tattoo.

Viper reminded him he had not divorced Peggy. So, Viper annulled the claiming. Bullet accepts that if Peggy was pregnant or had a child Bullet could not force Peggy back to his MC or claim the child. So, Bullet accepted the rejection. I see. Where is Peggy? She has a cabin in the territory of the Storm Renegade MC. She is working at Tiger's tattoo shop. Viper, Travis, and Lisa are at Hawks MC now. You tell Bullet if we ever see him he has an ass whooping coming to him. Talk to you later Beth.

I threw the darts at the board in anger. I am going to kill that son of a bitch. Lying mother fucker. The members looked at me knowing that we were out for blood. I yelled at our enforcer, Roach, and told him he was in charge until we got back. We were going to the Storm Renegade MC. Gunner and I got on our bikes and headed to Van Wert, Ohio. We are going to see Peggy. She will come home with us if we think she is not going to take care of herself. We did not help her start to recover and have Bullet destroy it all.

We rode into the compound of Hawks MC and parked our bikes. Let's talk to Viper and Travis. As Gunner and I walked in we noticed the whores looking us over. Not interested. I looked at the VIP table and saw Viper look over at us. Gunner, Knuckles what are you doing here? Beth called us. So, she told you what Bullet did. Not all of it I am betting she left some things out. I am sure she left out that while Peggy was sleeping he was in his office fucking the bitch he was going to try to claim while still married to Peggy.

Son of a bitch, I yelled. If I ever see him he is a dead man. Done and over with. Nothing to talk about. He better stay clear of me if he knows what is good for him. Where is Peggy right now? Tiger's shop. We want to see her. Can you get Tiger to bring her here? I can try it. Call him. We sat and waited as Viper called and talked to Tiger. Listen, man. Can you get Peggy to let you bring her to the club? I doubt if she will come. I grabbed the phone. Listen tell her that Gunner and Knuckles are here and want to see her.

I will do my best. Bye. I walked to the front and looked at Peggy. Peggy, I know you do not want to be anywhere near our clubhouse but some biker yelled at me on the phone and told me to bring you to them. Their names are Knuckles and Gunner. I said I will go for them. Just follow me there alright? Alright, let's close the shop and head to the clubhouse.

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