Vipers Woman

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Chapter 72: Storm Renegade MC

I followed Tiger out of the shop. I got in my car and followed his bike to the clubhouse. As I got out of the car and followed Tiger in I saw everyone looking at me. Then I saw Knuckles start walking toward me. I ran and jumped into his arms. I started to cry. I am here little girl. Gunner is here too. I should never have trusted that bastard with you. I should have kept you with us. You have been gone for three months and no one knew where you were. You should have come to us. Peggy, you are like a sister to us. We would have taken care of you.

Give her to me Knuckles. You have held her long enough. It is my turn. Peggy, If I had known what happened I would have already killed him. Little sister, we are here for you. We want you to come home with us. We will take care of you. You know that I said sliding her to the floor and looking into her eyes. I was mad. She lost the sparkle she once had in her eyes after Bullet had claimed her. I have my cabin Gunner. I have a job that I love. I want to stay here. I heard a growl and looked over her shoulder. I saw Hawk clenching his teeth and looking from my arms around Peggy and back to me. Take your hands off her Gunner.

I looked at Hawk and I knew. He is a male-wolf. A shapeshifter. I always thought he was but could never prove it. That is not until now. Everyone looked from Hawk to me. I slowly removed my hands from Peggy. She is like a sister to me Hawk. Knuckles and I saved her and Beth. I do not care. Please step away from her. I slowly turned and looked into Hawk's eyes. Shit. Why did I not see it at the shop? He is a werewolf. And then I knew. You are my second chance mate. Peggy, Tiger said looking from Hawk to me. You have to calm him down. He can smell Knuckles and Gunner on you. I don't know what to do. I lived with the wolfs but I had never met a werewolf.

Peggy, what does a she-wolf do to calm her mate down? She touched her mate. She rubs against him. Then do it before he turns. We can't have that in here. You are all werewolves. Yes, we are. Calm Hawk down, now Peggy. I walked over to him and put my arms around him. I rubbed his back. I felt Hawk's arms go around me and hug me close to him. I felt him slowly calming down. Hawk is an Alpha. Thank god, Tiger said.

I was still glaring at Knuckles and Gunner. Knuckles leaned back in his chair and smiled. I will still hug Peggy Hawk. She is like my sister. Mine, I said still holding Peggy close to me. I now know why I had been antsy the past month. If I had gone to the tattoo shop I would have met her a month ago. I looked down at Peggy and smiled. My, mate. I took her hand and walked over to the table and sat down. I pulled her onto my lap. I tried to get off his lap and sit in the chair but he would not let me. Every time I tried he growled. I heard them all laughing and looked at them in anger.

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