Vipers Woman

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Peggy & Hawks Journey

I know about the mate bond. My wolf family told me in their own way. I am human though. Hawk, he is a werewolf. I am scared. I feel the draw to be near him. It hurts when I fight him. I don't want to be rejected again. I won't be able to stand the pain. And, I am pregnant with another man's child. Hawk has not talked about the child. Should I wait for him to bring it up? Should I bring it up? I just don't know. Will, everything change now that he is my mate? Will he cheat on me as Bullet did?

We walked back to the table and sat down. I was again pulled onto Hawk's lap. So, have you to settled things between you, Viper asked looking at Hawk? Some things but not everything. I take it that Peggy will be moving into the clubhouse with you, Travis said. No, I said. They all looked at me. I have a cabin. We will discuss it later. But tonight Peggy you will say here in my room with me. I can't do that. Yes, you can and you will. I looked at him in anger. And if I don't? Oh, you will. I rubbed her inner thigh. We will talk about it. Yes, we will.

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