Vipers Woman

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Chapter 8: Lisa Is In Danger

One of the club whores walked over and sat on my lap. I said get the fuck off me and stay off me I said pushing her to the ground. What the fuck Viper she said. You didn’t have to shove me down. I got up and walked away from him. He has been an ass since Travis’s sister moved in next door. She doesn’t show him or any of the guy's attention. She stays to herself so what is up with Viper I wondered. Travis’s girlfriend walked up to me and said. If I was you, I would stay away from him. I think he found his woman.

I heard midnight Travis girlfriend tell the whore I might have found my woman. I have not found my woman, but I found an angel. An Angel who I know needed protection. And she is my Angel. The angel that I pissed off before I even knew who she was. She is holding a grudge against me for that day. A day I wish I could take back. I got up and said I’m going to bed I will see you in the morning and walked into the clubhouse. I walked to my room shutting and locking my door behind me. I sat down and took off my boots and socks then stood up and removed my cut folding it and laying it across a chair. I took everything out of my jean pockets and then walked into the bathroom where I removed my clothes getting in the shower.

I got out dried off and put on boxers before climbing into my bed. I was thinking about her. My angel as I fell asleep. I woke up to a pounding on my bedroom door. I got up and answered it and said this better be good I said. It is. Well, what is it I asked? The police are here. What do they want? Don’t know. I pulled on a pair of clean jeans before walking out of my room and down the hall to the living room. I saw two officers standing there. What can I help you with I asked?

Viper we need your help. What do you need? One took a picture out of his pocket. Do you know this woman? I took the picture and was looking at my Angel. I know her. She is my VP’s sister why? Does he know what happened to her a year ago? Not that I know of. Look what is going on here? Is she wanted for something? No, she isn’t. Look can you get her brother and we meet in your office? Sure, just a minute. I looked at the prospect who woke me up. Go get Travis and tell him to meet me in my office. I looked at the two police and said follow me.

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