Vipers Woman

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Chapter 9: Travis Finds out what happened to Lisa

I walked into Viper’s office and shut the door. The prospect said you two are here about my sister. What is going on? She is in danger. What the fuck are you talking about? Look you might want to sit down. A year ago, in Florida, the man she was living with got involved with some bikers. He and the bikers had let’s say some fun with your sister. I glared at the man. What do you mean fun with my sister? One of the officers looked at the floor and said. They raped her and beat her so badly she was in a coma for two months. They took pictures of it, made a video. Do you have a laptop he said looking at Viper?

I watched as Viper brought him the laptop. He typed in something and said. This is a video in police evidence. Prepare yourself. It is bad and you will be angry. Very angry. I turned the laptop around I said, “hit the play button when you are ready.” We do not want to view that video again ever. The man that did that. He is out of prison and looking for her. Word on the street is that when he catches her. He is going to kill her. He might be headed this way. We need to get her to a safe place until we can catch him. I looked at Viper and he shook his head. I pushed the play button and we watched the video. Every bit of it. I replayed it over and over until I knew each man’s face by heart. I am going to kill them. I looked at the officers barely containing my anger.

How much time did they serve? Just one year. I threw a chair against the wall. I screamed for what they did to her you are telling me those sons of bitches served one year. One of the officers said. Not them. Just him. What do you mean just him? How the fuck did those bikers get off and where are they? Well, as far as we know they are still with their club. And what is the name of their club I heard Viper ask? It’s in Lakeland Florida and they are called “The Rattle Snake MC.” I want to download a copy of that video he said. Fine, go ahead.

You plan on getting them, don’t you? We do. If you need an alibi you have one. Just let us know. We will say we were here interviewing you whatever day you need it. Here are our cards. Call us any time day or night. We want you to get them and do whatever you do to men like this. We don’t care. These men should have served time as well. After what they did to her. They deserve whatever you do to them. Thanks, officer, and by the way. She lives next door to our club. We will protect her I said as I walked them to the door. I locked the door and walked back to my office.

I now understood my angel better. I will avenge what they did to her. They will pay and pay in a very painful way. I sat down and looked at Travis. I heard him say. I should have been there. I should have protected her, but I didn’t know. I didn’t know. How could you have known Travis, I asked?

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