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[COMPLETED SHORT STORY] [FAST PACE] Hunter is a Trans boy. His family life isn't the best, with having to deal with a Transphobic father and a homophobic mother, he is abused both mentally and physically. But he also has to deal with bullies at school, the hurtful comments from once friends and the constant fighting for his rights to go into the boys bathroom and much more. Alex is the schools rich bad boy. He doesn't care for going to school or much of what anybody thinks, and he can get whatever he wants with looks or money. No one has ever questioned who he sleeps with, no one cared because, well, he's him. Alex doesn't notice Hunter because he doesn't like to attend school, Hunter doesn't notice Alex, they don't know the other exist. What happens when Hunter accidentally bumps into Alex at his job? Will Alex treat him the same as everyone like he expects or will he try to, in his own way, help?

Anxious Coffee Boy
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Chapter one


I wake up groaning, both from the alarm of my phone under my pillow and the slight pain on my abdomen from a rather harsh push into the kitchen counter last night by my father.

The thought makes me drag myself up, turning the alarm off as I see It isn't past five in the morning yet, its the first day of my senior year in high school which means if I don't leave before my parents wake up I'll get more then yelled at.

I force myself to the bathroom in my room to get a quick shower, praying to whoever is listening that Mr. And Mrs. Devil don't wake up from the water running. As I'm washing, I notice a newly formed bruise on my abdomen, which is why it's hurting more than it probably would've.

Last night I had another 'argument' with my father, meaning he screamed how disgusting I am for being Transgender and that he used his fist, and the table, to help prove his point. My mother didn't stop him, mainly because she isn't so happy to have a son when she wanted a daughter in the first place, also she's very against homosexual people and believes since I'm a boy now that I'll end up in a gay relationship.

Of course, I will, I'm attracted to men, I just wish she'll learn that there's nothing bad or wrong about gay people and that I can't help if my sexuality doesn't change just because my physical gender did.

When I came out as Trans, during my seventh-grade year, I was already starting on my Testosterone shots because I had been saving up from small jobs during the summers and had been seeing my doctor who suggested I start. He did need my parent's permission though, which was fixed with a little forging on my part.

I didn't exactly tell my parents, they had noticed a few small changes during the next months after I started, my father had set me down in the living room with my mother and asked what was happening to his 'Baby girl'.

After I explained everything, hell opened up in my home, my father broke anything, he throws things, he was screaming at the top of his lungs of how I was a disgrace and that he hated me. My mother just stared at me, she looked to be in shock and the more she stared, the faster she broke down crying, sobbing that her daughter is dead and that it's her fault for never changing my ways of doing 'boy stuff' instead of playing with dolls or dressing up in dresses and such.

Both stopped speaking to me for months but when they did, they misgendered me and used my birth name, it hurt more than the silence. But now, their both taking out their anger on me, now that I've changed and look more manly after six years on Testosterone they hurt me physically and mentally.

I had lost friends too, I thought they'd stick with me because they had for years, but when I came out to them, they distanced themselves and stopped speaking to me. That's when I found out that none where real friends if they left that quick I didn't need them, especially when they started bullying me.

Sighing from memories, I step out of the shower and quickly dry off, smiling to myself when I see my chest in the mirror and a bundle of happiness shoots through my body. I had undergone top surgery this summer, I had saved up enough money from both my jobs as a waiter at a fancy high paying restaurant and a cashier at Wendy's.

I couldn't be happier that I can look at my self and be so overjoyed that I don't have to continue to hate myself for what I see in the mirror, I hated my breast, I always pictured what I'd look like without them and now I'm seeing it. I'm so happy.

Walking back into my room, I go straight to my dresser to get my boxer briefs and jeans, my black jeans are ripped up from me being bored so when I pull them on after my briefs quite a lot of my legs are showing. I then pull on a black hoodie over my torso, my body had shaped out over the years and now I pass more easily as a man since I'm lean and have muscle, not a lot of it but enough to keep me fit and healthy. I wouldn't win a fight though.

When I'm dressed and my shoes are on, I got back to the bathroom to brush my teeth and silver white-ish hair, I make sure my septum piercing, upper lip and vertical labret piercing are changed to black rings and a stud. I also remember to take my Testosterone shot in my thigh, wouldn't want to forget that.

Only then do I grab my phone and bag to run out of my room, quietly but quickly passing my parents room to the stairs. When I'm sure I'm in the clear, I book it to the front door and run outside, seeing the sun just rising above the other houses.

I don't waste much time looking at it before going to my car, it's a little old but it does what I need it, besides I don't have any means to worry about it. Not when I need to get my shots or save for another surgery I desperately want.

Being in school isn't much different than being at home, the only difference is that the number of people that bully me, you'd think after six years of the same insults and beatings they'd get tired and accept I'm different. But no, that isn't the case, they get entertainment from bullying me and no matter how much I wish to change that I simply can't. I've accepted that they can't accept me.

At my locker I'm well aware of the comments about me, it's what I expected when I got top surgery, me coming in with pecks instead of a slightly noticeable binder on my chest. People are guessing what I did, some actually using their brains and saying I got surgery, others being stupid and saying I took a knife to myself to cut the breasts off.

I roll my eyes at those people, their so immature, but then again I shouldn't be very surprised because most of those people are popular guys meaning they don't have much of a brain in the first place.

I flinch when a hand suddenly lands loudly on the locker next to mine with a bang, I know who it is and I haven't missed him one bit during the summer.

Turning around I'm met with a tall basketball player with bright blue eyes and short black hair, his flat lips in a smirk and his lean muscled body in blue jeans and his jersey. I would say he's attractive but he's not, his face isn't crafted well, his cheeks are puffy and his eyes droop, his ears are huge which I would think is cute but it looks odd on him, his lips are chapped and painfully flat and his hair has flakes in it.

His name is Joseph, he and his little posse of idiots bully me exclusively. They not only verbally abuse me but also beat me until I can barely stand.

"Hey, Hunter. Wheres your tits at?" His voice is oddly high pitched, you'd assume he'd had a deep voice but no, is like puberty missed that part.

He always uses my boy name, not my birth name which I'm grateful for because I had recently legally changed my name. Though he had always done that, I know its because he has no problems with me being transgender, no his sister is too, but she's Male to Female. No, Joseph has a problem with me being gay, that's his reason.

But right now, I know he's asking about my surgery because when his sister got her surgery, he saw how happy she was. He just wants to give me a small amount of happiness, he's weird that like, he bullies me but he also lets me be proud and happy about being a boy.

"I got surgery to have them removed. So, their probably on your sister." I answer him, watching him smirk before he shoves me against the lockers and walks away.

I appreciate him not doing anything else, though I know later today when he's with Dumb and Dumber, Eric and Devin, that I'll end up leaving early or paying the nurse a visit. Not because of what I said, but cause he has a reputation to uphold if he didn't beat me at least once people would question him.

I close my locker before I make my way down the hall to my first class, ignoring the 'wasn't he a girl?', 'If he was a real guy I'd fuck him', 'Ew, look it's the wannabe fag boy.' I've learned to let each comment bounce off me, I'm a real boy, no matter what these ignorant and immature children say.

During lunch I sit by myself. I have no friends to talk to and no one wants to sit with me, I don't mind, I find people annoying.

Its been a surprisingly uneventful day, no one really bothered me, besides some of the usual comments here and there. I'm actually shocked, I would think people had finally learned to move on and leave me be but I know better, its the first day and people are tired or reuniting with friends too much to care about me.

Although, maybe I thought too soon because when I look up I see Joseph walking my way with Eric and Devin on his sides.

Eric is tall like Joseph, but he has blonde hair and deep brown eyes, he is actually attractive with a sharp jaw, well-sculpted cheekbones and features, he's well-muscled and is also on the basketball team. He happens to be dating the head cheerleader, which is exactly why the cheerleading team picks on me sometimes.

Devin is shorter than them with dyed brown hair when he's also born blonde, his eyes are also blue like Joseph's but a lighter shade, he has muscles but he only works his arms so his top is buffer than his legs. He's more on the chubby side, which makes him bigger than the other twos lean bodies.

As soon as Eric gets to me, he swings his fist directly into face causing me to lose my balance and fall from my seat with a groan, I hadn't been expecting one straight off, he usually speaks beforehand. It isn't long until I'm being kicked in my ribs by Devin a few times, he only gets some in before he's pulled back and Joseph grabs me by the long part of my hair, dragging me up.

He throws me to Eric who immediately holds me by my arms while both Joseph and Devin place punches on my torso and face, none of them say anything, which is slightly surprising. I don't fight against them, if I did it'd only cause more trouble for me, I can't have that because I work after school.

I simply groan, whimper, and let painful noises escape me as they continue their attack and Eric holds my arms so tight I feel bruises form.

I groan as I stand up from the small bed in the nurse's office, I had been here for probably two periods, letting her clean the blood from my lip and face while holding an ice pack to the bruises to my temple. The nurse had said I'll be okay but I should go home and rest, not happening, I need to go to work.

When I walk out the halls are empty, everyone is in class so I can easily grab my stuff from my locker and quickly find the doors of the school.

It's sad I think today wasn't so bad.

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