His Trans Boy [BxB]

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Chapter 10

I don't know how long I've been here, probably a few months from all the stuff Mark and Tark, and Alex now talks about. The guards have told me That Alex only cares for my safety and wants what's best for me, all while playing video games with me. Alex comes around more often, after saying he enrolled me in online school he gradually came in more.

One time a day, then two times until he stayed for hours helping me with some of my new online classes or playing games, or just talking. I've gotten used to him, I'm not afraid of him like before, He's shown me reasons to trust him and that he'd never lay a hand on me besides in a gentle caress.

He even fired one of his maids for being Transphobic. She had been at my door, saying some rather hurtful things while I was alone with Kris, the puppy had been cuddling and licking me to attempt to make me feel better.

Then the screaming stopped and I heard Alex's voice in a growl laced with anger, he told her off, threatened her then proceeded to fire her. Tark told me they had the 'pleasure to throw that trash out'.

Currently, I'm doing school, watching the live class session with my headphones on and a science book to my right. I surprisingly love this, the way I can go on my own pace and get ahead in classes by watching recordings and I can go back to them to help study, plus the school sent a laptop with the blackboard program already downloaded on it with everything else I may need.

I'm getting better grades than I did in a brick n' mortar school building.

Alex is sitting next to me as we lean back on the headboard of the bed, he has me tucked into his side with an arm around me that way I'm leaning more on him. Like cuddling but with a giant, I'm warmer than I ever been and it is fantastic.

He came in this morning and has planted himself here to watch me and help if needed. He hasn't moved, even if someone comes knocking for him, he has answered his phone a few times and always hangs up after nearly growling out an order.

When my class ends he removes my headphones for me, bending my ears slightly to get the annoying numb feeling to go away, "You seem to enjoy this way of learning. Do you?"

I immediately nod, smiling up at him, "Yeah, surprisingly. I mean, it is way better than going to a physical building. People are so much better on online...so, uh, thank you."

He only smiles slightly, could be considered a smirk but it seems more of a half-smile. "Good, I'm glad. But you trust my word now, right? That I know what's best for you."

I blink, considering everything he did that he considered better for me.

He removed me from a bad situation and arrested my abusers; now I'm more healthy and have no cuts or bruises and I'm able to transition in peace with people who support me. Brought me here, to his own home; I have a roof over my head, a dog like I always wanted, food and company. He kept me safe from things; he always talks about what happened at school like other kids being beaten and some cheerleader getting arrested for drugs, another died from a crash.

Protects me from Transphobic or homophobic people in his house; like the maid I mentioned.

And now he enrolled me in a safe online environment with great teachers and classes; I actually really love my new school and wish I thought of it before or had the opportunity to do it.

He did a lot for me, all of which he said would be best for me and turned out he was right.

"Yes, I trust you."

This time he smiles, happy and wide, which is odd because I never saw him smile like that before. "Great, I'm happy you do, I was hoping you would. I got you a gift, I figured you would need out of this room at some point."

He gets up off the bed and, very easily, lifts me up along with him making me release a surprised yelp. He only chuckles as he sits me down on my feet then guides me one of the large Windows that has been covered for a few weeks now and I've been forbidden from opening it.

He opens it and instantly I gasp, seeing the large barn and gate ring in the field behind the huge house. In the black gates is a gorgeous black spotted horse grazing on the green grass, like a dalmatian with little spots of black covering a white coat, mane, and tail mixed with black and white. The animal is beautiful, I've never seen such beauty in real life.

"I've seen you looking at pictures of horses and animals, I thought I'd give you the real thing. You've been so good, you deserve a present." Alex whispers against my ear as he rubs his big hands over my arms.

I can't think of anything of what he said, I just stare at the creature, unable to think of something to say besides; "Thank you, Alex..I- He's beautiful, really."

I feel him pressure a kiss to the back of my neck, a smirk on his lips, "Only the best and beautiful for my baby. When you're ready I'll take you to the hospital for the surgery you want, I just need to know if you'll stay with me if I let you out into that field rather than runoff."

I shake my head quickly, the thought of leaving after everything he's done for me and willing to do bothers me and upsets me. "No- no I'll stay! Alex, I promise I'll stay, I like being here, you do so much for me, thank you!"

I turn to hug his waist, missing his smirk as he wraps his arms around me, "You're welcome, sweetheart. I'm glad you're happy. Now let's go see your gift."

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