His Trans Boy [BxB]

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Chapter Four


Alex chuckles, clearly very amused with how I reacted to him staying here with me. He's not only putting more edge on me but he's also scaring the life out of me.

We're in a hospital, meaning there are numbers of ways he could stick a nibble in me or drug me, possibly murder me, do I actually think he'll kill me? Maybe.

Point is; he is big, he is scary, he is wealthy and I wouldn't doubt for a second he has beat someone to a pulp with those huge fucking hands before. Because let's face it, nearly all big scary and rich teenagers beat the smaller guys. Not saying all do, just 99.9%

Besides what makes him think I want him here? Sure, he's attractive and looks rather cuddly for having so many hard muscles, and his multi-colored eyes are very beautiful and unique, but that doesn't mean shit.

What matters is that he has some sort of plan involving me, why in the world would he want to stay with me? He doesn't know me, we aren't friends, I served his family at the restaurant; that's it. If I knew doing so would cause me such stress, I would've made someone else do it.

"W-why? You can leave, you probably have better things to do..." I force words from my mouth in an attempt to get him to leave, maybe he'll remember he has a life and leaves mine.

But he only chuckles again, a deep sound that I admit is pleasing to the ear but it also causes another shiver of unsettlement to go down my spine. This man is very unpredictable, I don't know him but the way Eric reacted to his order earlier says I should be afraid. No one has ever scared Eric like that, let alone to run away like a dog with his tail between his legs.

"I'm staying. I have nowhere important to be, anyways. Well..there was that one thing," his voice trails a little as he leans back in the chair without a care in the world, his eyes never once leaving me for even a second.

I get my hopes up that he'll actually leave to do whatever he has to, but he's quick to shut it down when he notices what I'm trying to do, the realization causes a cocky smirk to appear on his lips again.

"That can wait though, or I could have one of the butlers do it. But I assure you, Hunter, that I'll stay right here until your released in a few days. You're stuck with me, you should be happy, not many are lucky as you."

Everything he says gets lost in my head as I hear 'in a few days', I can't stay here for days. Granted my parents wouldn't care if I never returned but I have money in my room and it wouldn't be the first time they stole from me, not to mention my Testosterone.

Knowing my father if I don't return he'll get rid of it, flush it or sell it, even just break the glass and leave it in a puddle in my room. I can't stay here knowing he can potentially ruin my shots, I need it, then again that's exactly why he'll ruin it.

My body moves without a second thought, throwing the white blanket off my lap and quickly pulling the IVs out, ignoring any small sting of pain as I do.

"Hey! Hunter, don't!" Alex immediately stands, attempting to force me back down as I sit up, whimpering at the stinging pain I feel in my torso.

I ignore both though, swinging my legs off the bed only to be face to abs with Alex, who now stands in front of me, huge hands on either of my shoulders as he holds me still effortlessly while I push him as hard as I can. He doesn't budge, not even an inch, he only grunts as if he's annoyed.

As I struggle against, I yell for him to let me go and that I need to leave and can't stay here for so long, while in the process I'm whimpering and withering in pain from my bandaged wrapped torso. I'm obviously not fully healed but I couldn't care less, I need to leave.

"Hunter, lay back down, now." Alex's voice is the same tone he used with doctor and Eric, making me flinch than whine at the small pain I felt.

"No! Let me go! I need to leave! He'll ruin it! I can't stay here!" I yell, pushing him harder and with all my strength, only getting another small grunt as he stays glued to the floor.

I hear the door open to the room then voices, but I can't focus, I just want to leave to save my shots. I don't have enough to pay for another until next month and I'm almost out of the small bottle I have.

I'm pleading with Alex to release me and to my pleasant surprise, he does, he steps back but before I can do anything I'm grabbed again. Only this time it's my endocrinologist, Kevin holding me softly.

I would wonder what he's doing here but he's my emergency contact, he's the only good father figure I have and I owe my happiness to him. I love him like my family, he helps me through anything if I come to him or he notices something when speaking to me on the phone or in appointments.

Kevin is shorter than Alex by a few good inches, he's probably to Alex's shoulders and that's saying something because the man is 6'4 and Alex is still a giant to him. He has deep green eyes and his hair is dyed half bright pink and half-bright purple, his hairstyle is much like mine but he has a mini Mohawk where the long part is.

He has a lip piercing; a lonely side piercing and a nose piercing. His ears are pierced beyond belief and he has a metal rod at the top of his left ear.

He's lean and doesn't have muscle on Alex's level but he's fit and healthy, he never liked having big muscles. He does have tattoos on his arms though, and his neck so the make him look tougher than he actually is.

"Hunter, calm down. You're okay, honey, just lay back down and tell me what's wrong." his voice is soft and patient, much different then Alex's had been.

I shake my head though, I don't need to lay down, I need to leave. I tell him that, but I only earn myself to be trapped in his arms as he hugs me, gently moving closer to the bed so he lay me back me down. Not releasing me despite my pleads, I would struggle more but the pain is noticeable in my ribs.

Once I'm laid down, he sighs and sits down next to my thighs, smiling at me calmly and softly. I notice Alex had moved back to his seat, watching silently with his cold expression like he had in school when I ran into him.

"Hunty, what's wrong? What has you so worked up?" Kevin asks, forcing my attention back to him, he's looking at me with concern.

"They want me to stay here for days, I can't do that! I know he'll ruin it, he always tries when I'm a little late! Kev, I need it, you know I do but I can't stay here when I know he'll sell it or something." I may or may not sound like a child whining but I can't bring myself to care.

Kevin stares at me, he knows what I'm talking about, of course. He knows of my struggles with my parents, he's tried to call the police but I always stop him.

Alex, on the other hand, seems genuinely confused and interested as I catch him leaning up a little, continuing to watch silently.

Kevin sighs, "I'll go over and get it, I promise. But you need to stay put, let yourself heal. I can't promise if I won't kill the bastard or not though."

One of the nurses that came in to reconnect the IVs to me give him a look, one of the looks that screams suspicion of other crimes because anyone with piercings and tattoos is criminals, right? Please note the sarcasm.

I just laugh, though is painful and I end up coughing a little, "Don't do anything you'd regret, besides, you couldn't hurt a fly."

He smirks at me, "Oh, honey, you don't know how much I'd love to show that good for nothing, rainbow hating, coward of a man motherfucker what it feels like. I'd gut him then feed him to the wolves. And regret none of it."

I blink at him, not surprised he'd refer to my father like that, he always has creative ways of naming him. But he knows he can't do anything, we went through this before.

"Yeah. But please don't do anything, he may be an asshole but I still care for him, as I do with her." He scoffs but nods, leaving the conversation there because he hates my mother just as much.

Instead, he looks over to Alex, his green eyes taking in the giant, flinching ever so slightly when they make eye contact. But he smiles at the boy, only earning a blank emotionless expression

Alex seems completely annoyed by Kevin's presences, but also interested in what our relationship is or what we're talking about. He doesn't show it, but he's leaning a little further up which says he's curious.

"So, who's the giant?" Kevin asked, looking at me with a small smirk, I can already hear his thoughts; Hunty got a boyfriend!! OMG!

I simply shake my head at him, watching his face fall like his shoulders. I and Alex will never happen, he scares me too much, plus he's very unpredictable.

"Alex Storm. Who are you?" The deep bass of Alex's voice makes Kevin jump, obviously not expecting the giant to speak or have such a deep voice.

But his eyes widen and his jaw drops, "what? Excuse me, Alex Storm? As in Alex Storm, the son of the richest couple in the state."

My own eyes widen, he's the riches in the state? What the hell could he want with me then? I'm a nobody to him, besides a waiter. Alex sighs, clearly more annoyed.

"Yes. Is that a problem?" Yes, it is a problem.

"No...not necessarily. I'm just shocked Hunty managed to grab your attention, I mean, I'd imagine a lot of people are throwing themselves to their knees for you." Kevin says casually, bring up my newly formed fear.

If Alex is so rich, could just want a 'plaything' as in sex, something I can't give him. I fear he'll force himself on me when he gets tired of waiting, I've heard too many stories of rich men doing that. I don't think Alex is a rapist or anything, it's just my paranoid brain speaking.

"I do, but none of them refuse me immediately. He did." I shrink back into the pillows of the bed in an attempt to disappear when Alex switches his eyes on me, his smirk returning when he sees my red cheeks.

I'm not blushing because of what he said, I'm blushing because of what he intends to do, seduce me. I can't sleep with hun though, it'll never happen.

Kevin obviously knows this and clears his throat, "You're barking up the wrong tree, Stormy. You won't get him."

I smile at Kevin's words, happy he understands me so well, but then I see Alex sit upon his knees, staring intensely at me which successfully intimidates me enough to look away from his eyes.

"I get what I want, Hunter. That happens to be you. Besides, why would I let a such an adorable boy leave me?"

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