His Trans Boy [BxB]

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Chapter Six

"I will find out, whether by you or not."

Those words haunt me for the rest of the week, my brain making situations of how he could find out; following me, paying someone to stalk me, putting cameras in my house. All of which is very possible for him, he has the money to put cameras in my house and pay someone to follow me, that thought doesn't seem to help though.

I keep wondering why, why me, why did he decide I'm worth his time, why center me out of everybody that throws themselves at him; Why? I didn't do anything special, did I? No, I served his family, that's it. I was as kind as I could be to them, I didn't offend them, I didn't give them a dirty look, I gave them the correct orders, I did everything I was supposed to do.

Then what made him give me attention everyone seems to have a difficult time receiving? My body? It's a possibility, I mean I'm lean and compared to Alex I'm petite, maybe he likes physically fit small guys. Or he just wants someone to push around, although he hasn't necessarily done anything to me physically. Yet.

This whole thing is confusing to me, never in my life had I expected to gain attention from someone like him; Rich, attractive, scary and unpredictable. The thought never even crossed my mind, sure I wondered what it'd be like to be rich, everyone has at least once, but I never imagined to have a rich bad boy after me.

Now, I don't Care for his money, I don't see the point in having so much besides to pay for things I need. Any more then what I save for surgery's is too much for me, I'd rather live in a one-room apartment with no car than in whatever Alex lives in with his expensive car.

Most would say I'm lying or I'm crazy, I'm not, I just don't own a lot of stuff and I like walking, or using my board. A one-room apartment is enough for me, it's simple and I have everything I need in one place. A place Alex probably lives in is most likely huge with a lot of unused rooms, has more than enough fancy expensive decor and possibly nothing that he necessarily needs to live.

So no, I don't care for money. What I do care for is him. More specifically, why he feels the need to watch me in school, ask me about my bruises or why I'm limping, why I'm holding my wrist, and lastly; Who is hurting me?

I shake my head as I sigh, deciding to focus on my balance on my board before fall on my ass or face. But my head keeps going back to Alex, questions floating everywhere.

But when I see something I don't expect at the skate park I'm going into, I stop in pure shock. The park is completely empty, on a Saturday of all days, besides three people on the side next to a small ramp for learning children. Two of which are in black suits and one, who is both taller and noticeably stronger due to bigger biceps, in casual clothes; black jeans, a white tank top with a gray hoodie over it.

I'm cautious as I walk closer, earning the attention of one of the men in suits, which nods in my direction making me stop completely, debating if I should leave or not and if they're a danger to me. Glancing around I realize that there's no one else around, just me and three suspicious men, I don't trust this and I listen to my instinct.

I turn to go back the way I came, planning on going to another park a few miles away, but as soon as I go to walk someone yells my name, forcing my curiosity to overtake my fear and turn my body around. I have to blink a few times when I see Alex walking towards me, hands in his pockets and the two men following him.

I'm unsure what to think of this, my head and body wanting to run as far as I can, yet I'm also curious as to what he wants with me, with two other scary men. When Alex gets closer, my body automatically steps back, making him stop immediately along with the men behind him.

"Hunter," a small smile appears on Alex's lips as if he's attempting to calm me down.

I only hum, my eyes flicking from him to the men, I can tell I'm tense because my body isn't moving like I'm frozen. It only happens when I'm expecting someone to hurt me, I'm expecting a lot right now.

"They won't hurt you, the opposite actually." My eyes snap to Alex, who only smirks.

"This is Mark and Tark, your bodyguards."

My eyes go wide, taking another step back as he gestures to each man; Mark a blue-eyed man with brown hair and Tark with brown eyes and black hair, both handsome like Alex, sharp jaws and look very dangerous.

I don't understand, I don't need bodyguards, why would he hire them for me? Especially without permission. Sure I use to get bullied, but its no excuse to hire these guys. If anything it freaks me out.

"Wh- I don't- I don't understand.." Alex only chuckles, taking amusement from my stuttering.

"They'll follow you, wherever, whenever, they'll be with you or close to you. Even if you don't see them." Alex elaborates as if I'm stupid and don't know what a bodyguard is.

I nod slowly, "But Why? I don't need them."

The giant raises an eyebrow, his eyes scanning me, "You say that, but the bruise on your shoulder, cheek and the cut on your collar bone tells me otherwise. Someone is hurting you, I told you, I'd find out whether from you or not. They will tell me what they see and I will know."

I glance down, seeing that my hoodie has lowered enough to allow the deep cut to show, it happened last night when my mother got a knife happy and slashed me. The bruises are from my father, he held me against the wall by my shoulder while punching my face.

"Fine. I don't want them then, I'm perfectly fine. I can handle myself." I argue, knowing he won't believe me, he never does.

"No, you're not Hunter. I don't care if you want them or not, you're getting hurt and I plan to figure out how since you won't tell me." I shake my head, my questions coming back, why, why, why?!

"But Why? Why do you care if I'm getting hurt? Why watch me? Why stay at the hospital? What did I do to get your attention? Why do you ask questions? If you're waiting to hurt me yourself, do it already, I'm getting tired of waiting for the expected." My mouth speaks before I can think, but immediately I'm stepping back when I realize what I did.

It feels good to get that out, all my questions but now I fear he'll actually do what he's been waiting to do, but have unnecessary help from Mark and Tark. My body naturally backs away from them, watching every movement they do as Alex's smirk or smile vanishes and his eye's stare sadly at me.

I don't believe he feels any emotion for me, that's just his attempt to get me to trust him. I know better than to trust just anyone, the only person I trust is Kylie because she's like me and knows what it's like to live in fear and deal with our struggles. Alex is usually the one I fear, people like him pick on and beat people like me.

"You flinched." Is the only thing Alex states in answer to my questions, making me aggravated because I don't know what he's referring to, I flinch all the time.

When I blink in confusion, he elaborates, "In the restaurant. I moved and you flinched like I was going hit you, I didn't like it. Then I figured out why, when I have seen Eric hurting you. You don't deserve that, no matter who you are or what your sexuality is. I want to protect you, you're too handsome to have those bruises."

I gulp at the word protect and the compliment, no one has said those things to me before, I don't understand how to take it or how to react besides running away. I don't though, going against my instinct and staying glued to my spot. My breathing is uneven from anxiety and fear, my throat feels like it's closing and my blunt nails dig into my palm.

I don't trust my voice, instead of saying anything I merely shake my head, my brain convincing me everything is a lie and that he'll hurt me once my guard is down.

"Hunter, just tell me-" Alex starts but gets interrupted.

"Paige! Come on, Darling. You father needs to talk!" I flinch at the sickly sweet tone my mother uses as she yells for me, Alex looks behind me, not seeming to realize Paige is actually me and not someone else because he returns his eyes back to me.

I know he saw me flinch, he probably thought it was just from shock instead of fear, but when his eyes narrow as he stares at me I know he sees the fear from the voice.

"I- I have to go..." I curse myself for stuttering as I back away more quickly, knowing if I keep them waiting it'll be worse.

Alex only watches as I turn and run back, allowing me to feel relief yet a very small ting of disappointment, although I didn't expect him to care enough or really anything.

I fail to see him turn to the guards, a grim expression on his face and fail to hear what he says;

"Follow him. Text me where he goes and what happens, I'll meet you there."

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