His Trans Boy [BxB]

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Chapter Seven


I watch from my car as Mark and Tark run to follow Hunter, deciding that if he saw my car he'll hide, he didn't seem comfortable in it when gave him a ride a few months ago, although that was probably also because he was alone with me.

I'm well aware that I make him uncomfortable or nervous, whether from my appearance, reputation or social class I'm apparently in; I have no idea, I'm assuming it's everything. When he found out who I was, besides from the bad boy who never goes to school; he seemed shocked, nervous and I even saw fear in his eyes. I don't understand how much money I have could strike fear into him, but I learned not to ask so many questions at once.

If I do, which I did a few times, he builds his walls higher around himself and tensed up before mumbling an excuse to leave then avoid me like the plague. The boy seems to have many problems with people, especially guys that are bigger in any way, it makes sense because he was bullied but even after I had threatened the three idiots who beat him; he was still just as afraid of me and didn't seem to trust very easily as I had expected.

I thought that if I took him to the hospital and fixed his bullying problem that he'd trust me enough to tell me why he flinched at the restaurant or why he was still showing up with bruises and cuts. I want to protect him from whatever or whoever is hurting him, he's very cute and attractive to me, he's intriguing. Some could say he was pathetic as he can't look me in the eye or speak higher than a mumble but I think its rather adorable, I know better than to think he's only shy, I know he's scared.

It bothers me someone is hurting Hunter, I consider him as my future boyfriend or just mine. I don't like when someone bruises what's mine, the only bruises I want on his pale skin are my marks that state he's mine. I know it'll be a while until I'm able to mark him but until then, he's going to stay unbruised and unhurt.

When my phone buzzes, I immediately pick up off my lap and open the text from Mark that has an address and one word under it;


A growl comes from my throat in anger, how could parents hurt their own child? Especially one like Hunter. No wonder he was so afraid to tell me, he probably thought no would believe him, well that changes today along with his whole living situation.

I don't waste time to speed to the address Mark sent, it's only a few blocks from the skate park and didn't take very long to reach the small two-floor white house with a colorful garden and the white curtains closed, blocking the inside from being seen. It's a fairly pretty house, like the rest in the suburb but the fact I now know that my precious Hunter is being abused behind those walls ruins it for me.

Mark and Tark are waiting for me at the curb when I pull over rather rushed, once out of the expensive Ferrari FXX K that stands out like a sore thumb in the neighborhood, I immediately storm up to the door where I immediately hear a man's voice yelling some disgusting words.

I hear a bang, that's when I bust the door open, feeling angry and worried. Instantly I see a woman, she's standing in the entrance of the kitchen, glaring with pure hatred at someone while the man is nowhere to be seen like Hunter. Mark and Tark follow me in, I stop next to the woman who has yet to notice us, what I see angers me beyond anything else in the world.

Hunter is being pinned to the refrigerator by the man, assumingly his father that has his hand wrapped around the boy's small throat; squeezing. Hunter isn't moving, his eyes are closed and I can only hope he's passed out.

My body is in action without me necessarily realizing it, pulling the man off as his wife screams for me not to save 'the disgusting fag that murdered my daughter!'. I shove the man into the counter as Hunter falls to the floor passed out, I glare at her while Mark holds her struggling body.

"Shut up!" My voice is stern and demanding, forcing her to immediately close her mouth, staring at me with wide eyes.

"Tark, call the police commissioner, tell him I need I favor." I order, grabbing Hunter's father only to land a harsh punch to his jaw that sends him to the floor groaning.

I only did that to release some anger I had cause of him before handling Hunter, I want to be extra careful with him and I'm afraid if I didn't get it out of my system I'd be handling him wrongly.

Turning to Hunter, I squat down next to him, holding a low growl when I see cuts on his cheeks and more bruises, he has blood soaking through the sleeve of his hoodie that has a slash in it allowing me to see a gash on his lower arm. His neck has handprint bruises on it, along with another deep cut on the base of his throat where his shoulder connects to his neck. It seems like his parents had tried to kill him, as if that thought isn't enough to anger me, I see a bloody kitchen knife on the floor next to his mother's feet as she dropped it.

Shaking my head, I reach out and run my hand through the silver hair that is dyed red at the ends from blood, trying to understand just how these low lives could hurt their child like this.

"Why are you here? This isn't any of your business." I hear the mother speak, although she hesitated, clearly wary of me.

"Because I can't and won't have what's mine treated this way. He is mine, everything about him is my business."

I can see the father stare at me from the corner of my eye, glancing at his son a few times before he dares to open his mouth and say something I honestly should've expected due to what they did to him; "You can have it, take it. Just pay us and no one will know."

My hatred for these people is growing, after all, they do to him for who knows how long, he thinks he has the right to sell him. Of course, he doesn't, he never did and never will have that right, one reason is that he can't sell me what's already mine. Besides, I don't need money to get what's mine.

Instead of answering right away, I grab the fathers jaw and pull him harshly to me, receiving a whine and a groan as I glare at him. I can hear his wife begging me to let him go, the only thought I have goes to wonder if she ever begged like this to save her own child. I doubt it though.

"You can't sell what I already own, besides, I am taking him anyway after I have a nice chat with the commissioner about your future in prison. I have to make sure you get a life sentence and the world knows what you did, both of you."

His eyes widen at the thought of prison and everyone knowing, the fear in his eyes doubles and I only smirk. I think of this as him now understanding what it's like to be the victim and not the abuser, people in prison or more specifically, the gay men and Transgender men in prison won't be necessarily happy with his crime.

"I have to make sure you understand exactly how Hunter felt, if not more. The men in prison won't be happy to know you beat a gay teenager who also happens to be Transgender, now I know there are some Trans men where you're going, just like there are men who haven't had sex in a long time. I'm sure you can assume what they'll do to you in their own little vengeance for poor Hunter."

I smirk at him as he starts begging for me not to send him away, I only shove him back roughly before looking up and finding myself faced with the police commissioner, who takes in the situation. I nod at him before I turn back to Hunter and carefully pick him up bridal style, feeling him breathing thankfully as I place his head in the crook of my neck and hold him close.

I like having Hunter in my arms, He's small compared to me so I know I provide some warmth to him since my arms can wrap around him easily and I know he's the safest in my arms. I only got to hold him when I took him to the hospital and that was the moment I knew I had to have him because he looked so adorable with his head on my shoulder and the way he'd subconsciously cuddle into my chest. I would have taken advantage of him being passed out and marked him but I knew it wasn't the proper timing.

"Commissioner, I need to call in a favor, I can promise your daughter a new car for her birthday since I heard you won't be making her party." I hear a sigh as I face him, I know he doesn't enjoy when I bribe him but he also knows he won't be able to go to his daughters sixteenth birthday or get her a good present. I can ensure a great present.

"What would you like, Mr. Storm?"

"I need this couple to be put in prison for life, not only have they committed a hate crime, but they also tried to murder their Transgender son multiple times. Just now he tried to sell this precious beauty to me, that's human trafficking. I need them to be put away, no chance of bail and it needs air on every news channel and media available Immediately."

He glances at Hunter then his parents, sighs, and nods, gesturing for his officers to arrest them, instantly both parents are begging to no one, in particular, to release them and forgive them. When no one answers, the father starts blaming Hunter, threatening to kill him for ruining their lives. I roll my eyes, my grip on my boy tightening ever so slightly as I watch the couple be taken outside where the neighborhood has gathered to watch.

"Make that car nice, Mr. Storm." The commissioner tells me before following his officers out. I can only chuckle because I'll do more than nice, I do owe him for this rather big favor.

"Go pack his room. Make sure to find the Testosterone and anything else he may want or need..actually, just pack the whole room. Meet me at the house when you're finished." I order Mark and Tark, only seeing them nod before they make their way upstairs.

I take Hunter out to my car, ignoring the gasps I hear from neighbors when they see what his parents did to him. I carefully set him in the passenger seat on my car, making sure to buckle him in before closing the door and going to the driver side.

From now on, Little Hunter won't be living here, he'll be with me in my house where he's safe.

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