His Trans Boy [BxB]

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Chapter eight

I can't remember much when I wake up, its fuzzy and mostly just voices I couldn't exactly recognize, I know my father was in the middle of doing something to me but what had happened is still debatable to me, though the soreness in my body gives me a good idea of what he attempted to do.

After a minute or so just laying there with my eyes closed, I realize that the thing I'm resting on is comfortable; really really comfortable, unlike my hard bed at home. My fingers rub on what I assume is sheets only to find that its silky, I don't own anything with silky and the hospital definitely doesn't, especially something that feels expensive.

This brings the question, where am I?

I almost dread to open my eyes, whatever happened and wherever I am can't possibly be anything good. I'm proven right when my blurry and heavy eyes open and I'm met with a high ceiling painted white, from the corner of my eyes I see what must be a walk-in closet due to the clothes but the 'closet' is the size of my whole room, bigger than anyone needs.

Turning my head slightly to the left I'm met with another door that leads to a huge master bathroom, spotless white tile and glass shower that could hold maybe ten people spaced out at arm's length. The tub isn't even a tub, its more like a pool mixed with a hot tub; and the sink is like a kitchen counter in one of those huge magazine mansions just with an outrageous mirror on it. The room I'm in isn't much better, the space between the bed and the walls is too large, and when I raise my head to see in front of me I nearly choke.

There's a full-fledged living space. Complete with two large black couches each with a recliner attached and one of those laying cushions on the end, a coffee table with magazines and different electronics on it, and then the tv which is honestly so ridiculous- who needs a television that takes up the whole wall?

Clearly, I am somewhere I shouldn't be. Perhaps the ambulance made a mistake? Or, maybe the hospital decided to redecorate, doesn't seem likely but its all I got.

As soon as I heave myself up with a small groan, a door I'm assuming is the way in and out opens and suddenly a large black dog is sniffing at my side by the bed and I'm distracted from seeing who opened the door is. The dog is a pit bull, one with blue eyes and a small white dot in the middle of his head, quite adorable with his big dog smile and his tail wagging excitedly.

"Kris, relax. Give him some space." My body nearly falls off the edge of the bed from where I'm petting the dog, Kris, at the voice. Well, at least I know where I am.

Cautiously I turn to him, no knowing what to expect, how did he find me? Did he see what happened? God, I hope not, that would have awful consequences for me. But when I face him, he's only smiling softly at me as his eyes scan over me like he's checking my injuries without touching me.

"Did you sleep well? You woke up on the way but passed out again. I had some doctors check on you, nothing is broken, you needed stitches for some cuts." Alex leans against the back of the couch facing me with his hands at his sides.

I can only blink, still slightly dazed and severely confused. How did I end up in his house -is this even a house?- and what happened to my parents if I'm with him and not passed out in my room, or dead?

My confusion must show because he chuckles, looking slightly amused, yet his eyes hold a wave of distant anger which makes me nervous. "I had followed you when I got to your house I seen something that made me upset, more than upset honestly. I removed you from that situation, and made sure those people you called family is locked up behind bars for the rest of their lives."

I feel my throat tighten as my stomach turns at the explanation, not only did he see my secret but he took the only family I had- a bad situation or not. I don't have my parents anymore. Though a small part of me feels relief, the other is depressed, because sure they mistreat me, but they once loved me and those memories still exist. It somehow feels wrong to be delighted their gone.

So they didn't support me and took it the wrong way, I can understand to a certain degree, but I still loved them. I still cared for them, I still hoped for a change in them, still looked up to them for their love in each other and their success in owning a small flower store. They were still the people who raised me, and I can't turn my back on them.

I end up only laying back down, not trusting my voice and my head is slowly aching, blinking at the ceiling like I'm drunk or high. Does this count as kidnapping? I was passed out, I didn't know what was happening; sounds like kidnapping. But is it considering the situation? I think so.

I figure I should ask questions about how I got here, what happened, why take me here of all places and what does he want from me but I can't build enough courage to speak up and get answers. What if it's something I don't want to hear? What if I anger him accidentally?

So I don't do anything. I lay here afraid to move and somehow trigger his anger; playing dead. His dog sniffs at me, but I try to ignore him, especially when he starts licking my leg. I can feel Alex staring at me, though I don't look at him in fear of seeing his expression.

I hear him sigh, though instead of sounding irritated he sounds disappointed, which might be worse. "I'm not going to hurt you. I brought you here to keep you safe, no one will hurt you anymore. I promise."

Promise. Yeah, he promises until I make him angry or someone else does, he'll hurt me because that's what people do. It's inevitable.

I don't hear anything so when the bed unexpectedly dips under his weight as he sits on the left of my body I go tense and flinch, he doesn't move to touch me only looks at me.

"Hunter, I know you don't trust me, but I'll make sure you're safe here. The maids are aware you're here and will only come in when told by either me or you, no one else will bother you."

So this is a house. Maids, as in more than one - who needs more than one maid, actually who needs a maid, just clean yourself; it is your house and responsibility.

I blink again as I swallow, working up the courage to actually speak and press my unlucky luck. "Can-can I leave?"

Okay, that wasn't so hard, my throat hurts but I can deal with it. Hopefully, he lets me leave, I can not stay here, even if I had free will and was offered this house I wouldn't take or live in it. It has so much space, more space than any one person or anyone needs.

My hope dies when Alex laughs softly again as if the mere idea of me leaving is funny. "Sweetheart, I'm protecting you. You're safe here, there's no need to leave."

I'm going to go ahead and call bullshit on that. I retract my previous statement; this is kidnap.

I don't understand anything happening. How did I end up here when everything was as fine as it has been just a few months ago, how did Alex come into my life and officially take over, how did I end up without parents, and how did I up kidnapped with an enormous rich man sitting next to me on a bed?

How can I avoid feeling as if this was planned, like going to the store and picking up groceries. How did I suddenly go from living as normally as possible to being something he can just take; like he owns me. Now he's making decisions for me, deciding what is safe and what's not, when I should go out or stay in.

I only realize I'm crying when I feel something wet in the corner of my eye and when I have trouble breathing properly, I try to blink but it makes the blurriness worst and allows more tears to escape. I feel Alex shift, but I close my eyes as roll my sore body onto my side with my back facing him, at least this way I can pretend I'm sobbing alone.

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