His Trans Boy [BxB]

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Chapter nine

It's been exactly two weeks since Alex invaded my life. Two weeks hiding, kept, in the room, I woke up in with only the dog, Kris. Two weeks without being able to use my own phone to call for help or talk to Kylie.

The day after I woke up Alex had Mark and Tark bring in my stuff, my whole room, just missing the dressers and bed. All my clothes and pictures, pillows, books, basically everything. I spent most of the day just 'getting settled in' as Alex put it.

I haven't opened the door to any of the maids that come every day, the thought of someone coming to clean up after me makes me uncomfortable. I clean the room of any mess on my own and Alex only places the trash bag at the door so the maids can grab it. He insisted that they should at least be paid for what they are hired to do like I'm ruining their checks for cleaning myself.

I haven't been able to do anything. No job, no skate park, no school, nothing. Alex says it because my state of mind is vulnerable right now and I could be hurt easily, that school and work have too much risk of someone pushing stress and tasks on me much too soon after my parent's arrest. He only commented that the skate park is too dangerous and I might break a bone.

He won't allow me to have my phone or laptop, too much stress on them and I could see something about my parents. 'Kylie is fine. She won't mind if you stop talking with her.' Is all he said about my only friend.

Mark and Tark come once a day while Alex is off doing something else, they check around the room then on me, Mark will a video game with me sometimes but they don't talk very much. Whenever I ask if I can leave, they just stare at me for a few seconds blankly then excuse themselves.

The only companion I have is Kris, he stays in with me all day unless he's taken outside or fed. He cuddles with me where I lay or sit, he'll comfort me when my head and thoughts get the better of me and my emotions, he'll listen to me rant or read a story to him. He shows me what I've been missing since I came out; love.

Alex only shows up a few times during the day, though I'll hear him enter the room at night when I'm laying down cuddling with Kris with a book in my hand. I never hear him doing anything but after minutes of doing whatever, he'll whisper a 'Goodnight' then close the door.

Its the same today, me and Kris napping on the bed, Kris's head resting on top of mine on the pillow while we're covered in a thin Loki and Thor blanket. Although I'm only resting my eyes and enjoying the silence of the room rather than sleeping.

I hear the door open and quiet steps as someone enters before the door closes again, Kris is immediately up and looking to make sure its no stranger than relaxes again as its most likely Alex. He walks closer to us then I hear him quietly toeing off his shoes, I attempt to keep my eyes shut and body relaxed as I feel his large hand come o rest on my waist while the bed dips behind me under his weight.

He moves slowly and cautiously, as to not wake me up, as he lays behind me with his chest pressed against my back and his huge arm holding onto me possessively yet gentle enough to not hurt. I feel his breath fan my neck and his long legs wrap around mine to ensure I can't wiggle away, as this happens I fight myself with what to do. Do I attempt to attack him? Do I continue to play dead? What?

I don't get the chance because Alex presses a kiss to the back of my head, "I know you're awake, Sweetheart."

My breathing stops. I keep my body as relaxed as possible and keep from shifting too much, the last thing I need is him thinking I want more than what's happening.

"I needed to see you, Baby. Today was stressful, much more than it needed to be. That's why I can't let you outside, too many things to upset you." Alex's voice is soft and soothing, the rumble his chest as he speaks being felt in my back, causing me to relax some from the feeling of it.

He continues to talk about what I missed at school, what he did, everything and nothing and all in between. By the time he stops, my body is relaxed from the soothing sound of his deep voice and the faint vibration of his chest, the small movement of his thumb on my ribs; back and forth, back and forth.

"I've decided to enroll you in online schooling, Hunter." at first it doesn't come to focus as to what he said, still in the relaxation and half-asleep zone. But then...

"Wh-what? Why?!" I quickly sit up, Kris also jumping up to look around the room, but I'm pulled back down against Alex who 'shh' me like a wounded animal.

"Calm down, Sweetie, it's okay. It'll be much safer, less hassle for you and you vulnerable mind. A normal school will be too risky for you, bullying, more importantly, will stop once and for all. I'm doing what is best for you, just calm down for a second, think it through."

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