The Blue Angel

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"My life is coming to an end." Harold lives in the coastal area of a peaceful beach. Being a fisherman's son, he spends most of his time playing and exploring in the ocean. On one stormy night, when everyone is hiding inside their cottage, he finds a mysterious girl standing all alone by the roaring waves. An invisible force seems to draw him towards her, and no matter how hard he tries to resist, there is no way out. She's calling out for him. He has to reach her. Her life is in danger. And only he can save her.

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The Blue Angel

Harold was running towards the beach, to the girl standing alongside the raging ocean, her long hair flying wildly in the howling wind.

When he finally came close enough to see her, the girl steered her eyes from the blue water to him. Her eyes were as blue and glittery as the deepest part of the ocean, her body emitted a bright bluish aura all around her, and her dress-it was so silky and light and sparkling, as though she wore the cool, proud waves of the endless blue beauty. Harold just stood there with wonder in his eyes.

"Who...are you, and wh-what're you doing here on a night like this?" He couldn't hide his surprise when he spoke.

The girl silently stared at him for a long moment. "I'm Mikhail," she softly said with a smile.

"I've never seen you before..." Harold tentatively said.

The girl named Mikhail chuckled softly, her sweet voice ringing through the storm. "Come, sit with me."

She walked to a nearby bench and patted the empty space next to her. Harold obeyed her.

"You're Harold, right?" Her voice caught him off guard.

"How do you know my name?"

She chuckled again. "I know everyone's name. God is furious today. You should stay safe, inside your house." She turned to him. "What're you doing in this storm?"

Harold blinked. He didn't even know what made him neglect the rain and come all the way down here to her. To her! The thought made him fumble with his words.

"Um... I...You were standing in the danger zone! How could I still sit inside? You could've died!"

"I'm dying anyway,"she said forlornly.

Harold frowned. "What do you mean?"

Mikhail suddenly became desperate, "I'm dying, Harold."

"Why, what happened? Do you have a serious disease?" He urgently inquired.

"Yes, I have. The disease which people of your kind created."

He couldn't understand her. "Disease that we made? What're you talking about?"

Mikhail touched his hand with her cold, soothing one and started, "Harold, do you believe in angels?"

Being taken aback, he nodded. "Yes, of course I do."

"I'm Mikhail, the angel of life and water," she breathed.

For a few minutes, Harold just stared at her. He tried to speak, but nothing came out of his mouth.

"Yes, Harold," Mikhail continued. "I give water, bring life in this world. I can do anything with this power, anything I want. But my life is in danger. I give people the water they need to live, and they poison it with garbage, plastic, destroying the whole planet. If the water is gone, the ocean dies, and so do I."

Harold silently listened to her. "I exist because water exists. If it doesn't, I'll fade away."

"Then we have to save you." Harold looked at her. "We'll stop polluting water and do whatever it takes to protect the ocean."

"How'll that happen?"

"I'll make sure you live, Mikhail. We'll fight. Together." He smiled warmly.

Mikhail smiled, tears brimming her eyes. Harold held her hand and together they stared at the ocean, wanderlust and a hint of hope slowly taking over their hearts.

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