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This book can't be read as a standalone. This book will contain the bonus content of It's Complicated. Mostly Noel's POV as they are in huge demand. :P

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Chapter 1

Noel's POV

“Shhh... it’s are okay.”

I know I am okay, but I don’t know why I am crying.

“I am here, you are fine,” she whispers and kisses my hair.

I don’t even remember why I am crying... so I just continue to cry because that's what I have been doing for some time and I don't know what else to do.

“What happened?” Daddy comes through the door rubbing his eyes, hearing his voice I look up from mommy’s shoulder and stop crying for a moment.

“I don’t know, why he is crying,” she sadly says, making me also sad, “He woke up crying and now he is continuously crying.”

I remember I was crying so I again start to cry loudly.

Daddy looks at me and now I want him to pick me up. I cry louder looking at him and clutch mommy's shirt tightly in my hand because I don’t even want to leave mommy.

“Hey, buddy, calm down.” He quickly takes me into his arms, “You will tire yourself up with all the crying. When we can talk so why there is a need for crying, huh?” He places me on his chest.

He is so warm, I snuggle into his chest to get closer to him. He sits beside mommy and put me on his chest, raising my head I glance at his face as he is smiling down at me.

I feel good, so I put my head down again and look at mommy.

“So, what’s wrong why were you crying?” He rubs my back.

I don’t know, maybe I just wanted to cry.

“Were you not able to sleep?” He asks.

Now, I remember I was sleeping, but then I woke up and started crying because I didn’t want to wake up.

So, I start to cry again.

“Oh, God!” Mommy sighs, as she holds me and I pull her hair, bringing them to my mouth.

It feels funny to put her hair in my mouth, so I put my other hand also into my mouth so she can’t take her hair away from me.

“No, Noel.” She tries to remove her hair from my hands, “Don’t eat my hair.”

Daddy helps her freeing her hair, making me angry.

So, I do what I know to do... I start crying all over again. And this time I am angry!

“Nathan, why is he crying so much? I don’t know what to do?” Mommy looks at daddy as she bounces me in her lap.

“Is he in pain?” Mommy looks at me then at daddy.

“No, I don’t think so.” He shakes his head, “I think he just wanted to cry and keep us up all night.” He narrows his eyes at me, making me hide my face in mommy’s neck.

“Here, check if there is any shit bomb waiting for us.” She pushes my back into daddy’s face.

“Abigail!” Daddy yells and lightly pushes me away from his face as he takes me from mommy’s hands.

Mommy starts laughing as daddy stare at her, he looks scary. But she is not scared, even I am not scared. We are brave.

Mommy is beautiful.

I look at her and start smiling because I love her and she is my mommy.

“Awww... you have such a beautiful smile.” She lightly pokes my cheeks and I make a happy sound.

“Hey, Potato, give me also one of your precious smiles.” Dad turns me to him and stands up as he swings me left to right.

I start laughing because I love it when he swings me, he swings me fast.

When he stops, he kisses me and holds me tightly.

“I love his laugh.” He sighs contently, “He is just too precious.”

“I love you, son.” He bobs his nose with mine, as I try to hold his face.

“He might be hungry because I think it is been too long since I have fed him,” mommy says, then daddy hands me to her, “I will feed him, then I will put him to sleep.”

Most of the time they play with me like this, mommy takes me from daddy, then daddy picks me up from mommy's arms. It is fun.

However, when mommy says I am hungry, now I start feeling hungry. And then again I start to cry.

Opening my eyes I stare at the ceiling and move my arms and legs. I enjoy moving my hands and legs. I can even put my foot into my mouth. Sometimes I hold both my feet and put them into my mouth.

I look at my side and watch daddy sleeping.

But why is he sleeping, I am up now.

I roll over my tummy and try to get close to him.

This is the new thing that I have learned. I can roll to my tummy, but I don’t know how to get to my back again. So mommy helps me, sometimes even daddy helps me.

I stare at daddy’s face, his eyes are closed as he sleeps.

Do I also look like this when I sleep?

Taking out my paci, I pat his face with it and frowns when he says something but doesn’t wake up. Pulling me up, on him, he starts to rub my back. And I start to feel sleepy again, but now I don’t want to sleep.

My face scrunches up and a small whimper comes from my mouth as a warning. Instantly, daddy opens his eyes and calms me.

“Don’t cry, we don’t want to wake up mommy.” He sits up and he puts me on his shoulder, “She didn’t get much sleep last night, because you were cranky.” He leans towards mommy and lightly kisses her head.

I was not cranky, I was just crying.

Even I want to give mommy a kiss, but before I can grab her face he quickly stands up.

“That reminds me, we have an important thing to discuss.” He walks outside, quietly closing the door behind him.

Pouting, I look at his face.

I also want to kiss mommy.

“Don’t pout, Potato.” He chuckles and lightly taps my lips and I let out a squeal.

He gives me my bottle and takes out something for himself to eat.

Putting me in his lap as he places a bowl on my tummy while he eats keeping his arm behind my head so I can easily finish my bottle.

He watches TV as he eats and I watch him.

After we have done eating, he pats me back until I burp.

“So, now Potato, we have to discuss your sleeping issues.” He takes me to the office, where we work.

We work even from home, mommy doesn’t like it much, but still, we work.

“You will stop crying at night, otherwise, mommy will not be able to get proper sleep.” He shakes his finger at me. I quickly hold his finger with both hands and bring it in my mouth.

“Okay, you can cry but you will calm down as soon as I or mommy will pick you up.” He laughs and lets me hold his hand while I try to wave it.

“We both hate when you cry, especially, when we don’t know what is troubling you.” He runs his fingers in my hair, “We love you a lot, but sometimes we feel helpless when you cry and we can’t calm you down.” He places kisses all over my face.

“Now, since important talk is done, we shall finish our work before your mommy wakes up.” He again kisses me and this time I hold his ears and pull him back to me when he tries to get away from my kiss.

I laugh when he makes funny faces as he pretends to eat my hand. But I am not scared, because I know he is not going to let me get hurt. I am always safe with mommy and him.

After playing for a while, we start working. I watch sitting on his lap when he moves his fingers on something and it makes funny sounds.

How can he move fingers like this?

I also want to work, so even I start smacking on his fingers.

“Potato, thank you for help.” He quickly holds my hands, “But, let me finish this work, for now, then next time you can type.”


I don’t know what to do, so I attempt to grab the shiny round thing from the table, but before I can reach it he again holds my hand.

“No, not the paperweight it is too heavy and you will hurt yourself.”

I get frustrated and now I don’t want to work.

I want mommy now, so then I start crying again...

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