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A girl plans a trip with her friends, but what happens when she gets on the wrong plane and arrives at a strange city? With no money in her pockets, she decides to explore. What happens when the girl gets hungry and resorts to stealing? Or worse when a handsome silver eyed blond catches said the lost girl? COVER DONE BY @Foreverisland Note* This is a short story written for the #SummerAdventures2018 contest.

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Have you ever planned a trip with your friends and somehow got on a wrong plane?

Have you ever landed in a completely unknown country?

As if that wasn't enough, how about you find all your luggage and your wallet missing?

I know it doesn't happen to everyone but it happened to me. I'd tried talking to the immigration officers and the airline staff but in vain. It didn't seem like anyone was going to help me with my problem. They thought I was a foreigner causing trouble in their country.

When I'd realized that I'd gotten on the wrong plane, it was too late. I could see the cushions of clouds from my windows and the air-hostess serving a meal. My luggage was going to be arriving in another city, at a completely different airport. All I had with me was a little bag-pack containing my passport. The wallet had vanished when I was buying myself a coffee and a croissant.

My mom always complained I was a little absentminded. I'd always snorted unattractively at that comment. Now I realized how right she'd been. Mother knows best. (Cue the Tangled song).

After causing much confusion in the airport, not having spoken the same language, I'd decided to walk out of the airport and explore the city by foot.

Because why the hell not? I was here and I had two days to kill until my next flight which is if I managed to get a ticket in the first place.

As I walked farther away from the airport, my stomach began to growl.

"Ohhh..." I touched my stomach, and remembered I hadn't eaten anything since a long time.

I crossed a fruit seller and stopped at a bakery. There were all types of different breads lined up. Bagels, Focaccia, Baguette and some types of sweet bread. My mouth watered.

If I could just sneak one inside my bag, no one would notice, right?

I sneaked a glance inside the bakery and noticed the baker was busy speaking cheerfully to a customer. I scratched the back of my neck, my eyes darting around. Slowly I reached for the a Bagel when a strong hand wound around mine, stopping me from committing my very first bread robbery.

I found myself staring into a pair of Smokey grey eyes, a set of full lips, a straight nose and a mass of blond hair which were part of a very attractive face. His eyes were narrowed at me, his kissable lips pursed. "Lady, you do realize stealing is a crime, right?"

He had an heavy accent and I couldn't place it.

"I'm hungry." Lowering my voice, I said. "And I don't have money."

"Jolly!" The boy called out to the baker who spun around to face us.

I tugged the sleeve of his t-shirt. "Please don't tell him!" I begged.

Jolly the baker stood in front of the counter, smiling cheerfully. "Yes, may I help you?"

The cute boy dropped two coins on the counter. "One Pretzel for me and one Banana bread for the lady, please."

"Sure thing." The baker walked inside the shop to get a paper bag.

His back was facing us as he packed the food. The cute boy glanced sideways the way I'd done a few minutes back and dropped two pretzels and two buns into a bag he was carrying.

I stared at him shell-shocked.

The baker handed our purchases to us. "There you go. Enjoy kids."

"Thank you, Jolly."

The boy leaned in and whispered. "If you gotta steal, you at least gotta do it right." He winked. "Take a tip from a pro."

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