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Stronger than Before

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Have you ever had moments in your life where you just wanted to give up? Well I have My name is Miranda and this is my story on how I conquered all the haters in my life. This is how I finally took control of my life. This is how I became Stronger than Before. 〰➖〰➖〰➖ (ON HOLD) Miranda is a girl that has been taunted and bullied all her life because she is different. She rather be at home reading than shopping at the mall. She rather hang out with her family than hang out with friends. Join her in her journey when she decides that enough is enough. With her brothers by her side, and the school's Bad boy, watch her conquer everyone and come out stronger than before. --------------------- "What are you doing?" I whispered as he came closer to me. I felt his fingers gently caress my lips as he tilted my face up to his. "This" he said before bringing his head down and capturing my lips with his.

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“Move it loser” Someone said from behind me and I immediately fell down. I sighed. This was the 5th time today someone pushed me down.

The bell rang and I was glad that school was finally over. I couldn’t wait to go home and have fun with my brothers. I was just about to open the exit door when someone blocked my path.

“Awe! Isn’t it Ms. Ugly Nobody” a nasally voice said. I looked down, not wanting to give her the satisfaction of seeing my tears. The voice laughed and I tried to side step them but, they kept mimicking my movements.

“Please move” I said in a whisper and this time I heard a deep chuckle. Great. It seems that Mr. And Mrs. Popular decided to tag team me.

Once again.

“Awe! Look! She asked nicely” Austin said and Vanessa chuckled. Suddenly I was knocked down to the ground and my glasses flew off. I searched blindly for them and then I heard a sickening crunch. A rouge tear escaped my eyes before I could catch it.

Suddenly I felt a presence near my ear.

“Good little ugly nerd. Stay there where you belong” Vanessa said and Austin chuckled. I heard there footsteps retreating and just let my tears fall. I couldn’t hold back anymore.

Ever since I moved here and started school in the 3rd grade, everyone has hated me. I don’t know why. My dad said it was because they were just jealous. I scoffed at the idea. I mean, who would be jealous of me? I was average looking with my brown curly hair, emerald eyes, and acne splattered across my face. Everyone else was just so much prettier than I was so I don’t understand why they always pick on me? I hardly ever speak and just mind my own business. I was thinking so much that I didn’t realized I’d arrived home. I silently opened the door and made my way to the stairs. Just as I was home free, my brother Jamie came out from the kitchen.

“Hey Randy! How was school?” He asked and I smiled at his nickname for me. Lucas, Hayden, and Jamie all had special nicknames for me. I love all my brothers but Jamie was my favorite. He’s only a year older than me and more relaxed than our two older brothers. The only reason he wasn’t with me at school today was because he had a Doctor’s appointment.

“Everything was Great!” I said trying to hold back my tears. Jamie must have heard something in my voice because I was suddenly turned around. As soon as he saw my face, his jaw clenched and his eyes became hard.

“Miranda, I’m not gonna ask you this again. WHAT HAPPENED?” He asked and I shook my head. “Miranda Kennedy Summers, don’t you think I didn’t notice the tears in your eyes or your glasses missing from your face, I’m your older brother. NOW TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED NOW!” He said and I broke down in tears. He held me close and I told him the whole story. I sobbed into his chest and he carried me to my room. As soon as he set me down, he grabbed my cell phone and called our two older brothers. As soon as they picked up, he told them the story and then I heard lots of yelling on the other end. I just sat there in silence while Jamie rubbed my back soothingly. Suddenly the front door was slammed opened. The force was so hard that the pictures in my room shook. I cringed when I heard loud footsteps on the stairs.

“JAMIE! WE’RE HERE! WHERE’S BABY?” My brother Lucas shouted and I smiled a little. He picked out the nickname ‘baby’ for me because he used to say that I would be his baby sister forever.

“WE’RE IN BABY’S ROOM” Jamie yelled back. My door was slammed opened and there stood my 2 older brothers. Lucas was a sophomore in college and Hayden was a freshman in college. They were both 6′4 with broad shoulders and chiseled jaws. The only difference is that Lucas has dark blonde where Hayden has light brown hair. All four of us shared our mother’s Emerald eyes. It’s really cool if you think about it. Jamie shares Lucas’s blonde hair but his is only a shade lighter. I share Hayden’s hair, but mine is just a shade darker and curlier.

Both of them looked at me and their eyes darkened dangerously. They slowly made their way to my bed. I looked down at my folded hands. A finger slid under my chin and made me look at my brother. Hayden’s eyes were filled with worry and a underlining of anger.

“Tell me what happened Boop” he said softly and I tried to smile at his nickname for me. Instead my lip quivered and a tear fell from my eye. I noticed that all 3 of them tensed up and they clenched their fists. Hayden spoke up again. “Miranda, please tell us what happened. We can’t fix the problem if we don’t know what it is” I shook my head.

“Hayden, you couldn’t fix this problem” I said and Lucas yelled.


“Lucas, calm down...” Jamie started but Lucas cut him off.

“Calm down? You want me to Calm Down when our baby sister is getting bullied? Look at her! She’s too much of a sweetheart to fight back !” Something inside me snapped.

“EVERYONE SHUT UP!” I screamed and they all looked at me with surprised expressions. “You don’t know what it’s like to be bullied. None of you went through it. All three of you were popular right from the start. Even Jamie! He just started High-school and already he’s Mr. Popular! Everyday they bully me for no reason! Do you know what it’s like to be bullied every single day?” I asked and they stayed quiet. “Exactly! All three of you don’t know what’s it like to have no friends, being shoved around every day, coming home crying into my pillow softly so I won’t worry you guys and Dad! It’s hard for me to tell you guys because I don’t want you to worry Now there’s nothing more to discuss. School ends in a couple of months and I’ll just have to bear with it. There’s nothing you can do anyway” I whispered the last part. They had pained expressions on there face and Lucas looked like he wanted to say something when I stopped him. “Please, just all of you , Get out of my room” I said and they nodded. Each one of them came up to me and kissed my head. I just stared at the floor.

I waited until I heard the click of the door when I broke down and let the tears flow.

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