The Pretty Boys 2

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Goosebumps traveled down my body, making me remember the first time I heard him talk in the auction. I wanted to turn around and look at him, yet I fought my urge and went straight to the bar. Ordering a tequila sunrise, I tried to steal a side-glance from the bar, sadly a bloke chick cut my view. A small frowned spread on my lips, you have to let him come to you, not the other way. Amelia wants me to befriend Ashton and to do so I have to give Ashton the illusion he wanted me first.

I paid the bartender for my drink and dropped the spare change in the tip jar, before turning around to examine the crowd. A few things I learned from my bad lifestyle is to read people’s body language. Off the bat, the ratio of women to men is unequal, at least for tonight, the bar was a sausage fest. The few of the girls who were at the bar half of them were accompany by a partner, and the other half was too busy getting plastered.

I had to admit some of the girls were better looking than me and Ashton could possibly go for any of these girls rather than me. Face it Zariah, your face and body don’t compare to a twenty-one year old college girl.

This whole conquest thing wasn’t going to be easy, so what in the hell made me think otherwise? I guess being isolated from the world and being with only my group of friends, I believed the sun revolved around me. Now I understood why Amelia asked for help; it wasn’t because I wanted revenge on Daniel, I was the perfect candidate to foolishly manipulate into being everything Ashton wanted. Why you may ask? heart I am still a freshman in college in a sea of sharks.

I finished my drink and placed it down on the bar, “can I buy you your next drink?” I heard someone say. I turned my head to the side and met Ashton ocean blue eyes.

A small smile crept on my lips, “sure.”

“Let me guess, you were drinking a tequila sunrise?” he smiled.

“Yeah, good guess how did you know?” I asked curiously.

“I found out Harvard girls love tequila sunrise for some reason,” he chuckled. I frowned, well he is observant I suppose or he hits on girls at this bar way too much.

“Well, I just transferred to Harvard, and tequila sunrise is my favorite drink simply because I suck at taking shots and keeping it down,” I shrugged, it was lie. I was trying to be a smooth talker, Zane tried his best to keep me away from alcohol; for my own safety he did me a favor. I had seen Khloe drunk and he tends to spill his heart out.

“That is why I stick to beer,” he raised his Dos X bottle.

“See, a think girls know better than getting plastered with shots so why not get plastered with tequila sunrises?” I raised a brow, hoping to win a laugh from Ashton.

Ashton didn’t laugh but he did grin, which is almost the same thing in my book. “Well, good point. I am Ashton,” he sticked out his hand for me to shake.

“Sasha,” I responded, shaking his hand.

I want to make up a lie about how Ashton and I spent the rest of the night by the bar getting to know each other. Life isn’t that simple nor am I that lucky. Instead, he bought me two more drinks and we got to know each other. Obviously, everything he confessed about himself I knew. He was a senior in the business program hoping to get into politics. What I wonder was if he went to college because he wanted to or Daniel had a plan for him.

“Tell me Sasha, am I the first person you meet from school?”

“Yeah, I start my classes Monday,”

“And what is your impression of Harvard’s students?” he asked curiously.

I shrugged, “I can’t answer that, you might just be nice to me cause you liked what you saw. For all I know you can be a complete douchebag,”

He laughed, stunned by my answer. “Well...I am lost for words,”

“I saw you and your group of friends checking me out when I walked in,” I confessed. Again, that was a lie. I didn’t get a chance to see if they were checking me out, regardless the confident I sound, the more intriguing I’ll be to Ashton.

He took a sip of his beer and said, “what can I say, gingers are rare,”

The way he said that made my stomach turn into a knot; his tone reminded me of Daniel when he talked about Caroline. I suppose the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I

“So you like red-heads,” I smirked.

“I suppose you can say that,” he took another sip of his beer. “It’s not like a pretty red-head walks into this bar often. I had to take my shot before another guy decides to,”

He didn’t look away from me and I decided to keep his stare, “so you admit you hit on girls here often?” I furrowed my eyes.

“Not actually,” his voice trailed off. I hadn’t notice before how a few girls kept glancing over to us. You see, Ashton didn’t need to hit on any girl; they were all prepared to take their shot.

“Mr. Popular, huh?” I teased him.

He sighed, “something like that. So how about you give me your phone number and we can meet up at campus? Maybe I can show you around so you don’t get lost,”

“Yeah I would like that,” He hands me his phone and I enter my phone number.

“Thanks, and so you have my number-” he calls my phone and once my phone rings he hangs up. “Now, I am going to head out. It was nice meeting you Sasha,” he flashes me a grin.

“likewise, bye” I watched him meet up with his friends and with a quick glance over his shoulder he gives me another smile and leaves the bar.

And just like that Ashton and I were acquainted.

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