The Pretty Boys 2

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3.8: No Different

I didn’t expect to feel anxious about receiving a text message. All Sunday while I spent my day going over Ashton’s life, I kept looking over my phone in the hopes of maybe getting a text or possibly a phone call for him. Fuck, he sure knows how to wrap someone around his finger.

After staring over at my phone for what felt like the hundredth time, I groaned and flipped over my phone. Concentrate Zariah, there are more important things to learn about this guy than getting a text message from him. I picked him a picture of Ashton with a girl at a charity event. Reading the paper behind the picture, I realized the girl in the picture was Ashton’s possible ex-girlfriend, there was a question mark at the end of the statement.

Wendy Torres, 20 years old, and a business major as well. Her mom is a senator and her dad is a big celebrity lawyer, so the girl has a name for herself. I wasn’t sure if Wendy was going to be an issue for me and getting rid of her—literally, was out of the question. Logically, would Ashton be hitting on girls publicly at a bar, if he was dating a known chick like this? I frowned, possibly not, however, some men surprise you.

My ring box lit up showing the face of a brunette girl, holding a plate of cookies in her hands. What the... “Can I help you?”

“Oh! Hi! I’m Angela, I live next door to you. Saw you move in yesterday and thought I bring you cookies as a welcome gift!” She smiled.

“Oh, can you give me a second. I’ll be right there,” I got up from the chair and left the office locking the door behind me before going down the stairs. I had completely forgotten someone else lived on this floor with me.

“Sorry, I was upstairs,” I told Angela as I opened the door.

She shook her head, “no worries. Didn’t mean to interrupt,”

“Do you want to come in? We can eat the cookies?” I smiled.

She stepped inside the house and we walked towards the kitchen. “So, have you been living in the complex long?” I asked.

“Almost two years now. I attend a culinary school a few blocks from here,” She responded proudly.

“Oh! So you love to cook! I am a pretty good cook myself,” I chuckled. Besides occasionally over-salting the food, Zane says I can be a five-star chef!

“We need to cook something together one of these days then!”

“That would be fun,” I responded, handing her a glass of milk.

“Thank you. What about you, do you go to school?”

I nodded, “just transferred to Harvard. Start school on Monday,”

Angela grinned, “how exciting, what are you majoring in?”

“Business, my family runs a few seaports so I want to be able to help run that as well,” I wasn’t lying to Angela. The guys were my family and were technically running a business—a very illegal business, but a money-making one.

I took a bite of one of her cookies instantly, I was hooked on them. I had never tasted such a rich and sweet chocolate chip cookie. “Did you make these from scratch?”

“Yeah, did they not come out right? I knew I should have added more sugar!”

“No! No, they taste so good,” I assured her.

Her face lit up, “really?” She sighed in relief. “I was planning on making these for the class party and it would be quite embarrassing if they didn’t taste right,” She laughed.

“You don’t have to worry about anything, they taste great!”

Angela spent some time over at my place chit-chatting about school and why she chose to do cooking as her career. Apparently, her grandmother raised her and the only way to survive was by making desserts so she found her passion at a young age. It was nice feeling normal for a while, I didn’t think about Daniel or my revenge, or how I needed to focus on learning about Ashton. It had been almost two years since I sat down with anyone and had a girly chat. Angela was a kind girl who comes to New York to follow her dreams and open her dessert shop.

Every time she tried having me talk about myself I diverted it back to her and she was smart cause she caught on quite quickly.

“What are you hiding Sasha?” She raised a brow.

“What do you mean?”

“Why don’t you like talking about yourself?” She asked curiously.

I looked down at my half-empty glass of milk. “Life before New York wasn’t great,” I confessed. “Short-story, my twin brother died and I’m really angry with the world right now,”

Angela grabbed onto my hand and gave it a light squeeze. “And that’s okay. People heal in their own way. I’m sorry for your loss,”

I shook my head, brushing off my comment. “It’s okay, it’s been almost two years now. I should be over the grieving stage,”

“It takes time, but look at the bright side. You’re in New York, following your dreams. I’m sure your brother would be proud,” he wouldn’t be. Zac would be really fucking pissed off right now. Although he was the kind of guy to get even, even he knew when to let go of grudges. Two years would have been far than enough time to let go. If I was in New York actually following my dream, he would be proud, right now, he is convulsing in his tomb from anger.

I simply nodded. Regardless of how normal people make me feel for periods of time, all this is still a lie. Angela and I agree to hang out sometime this week and she made it clear I was more than welcome to go over to her place when I wanted. I thanked her again for the cookies and closed the door once she stepped into the hallway.

As I walked towards the stairs again, I heard my phone start ringing. I had left it on the kitchen counter, I turned around and went to grab it. Ashton. He was calling me. I slid my thumb over the screen and answered.


“Hey, did I interrupt you?” He said casually.

“No, I had a neighbor over. She dropped off cookies and we started chatting. What’s up?” I could feel my heart racing against my chest, I was nervous, and keeping my composure was hard.

“Oh! I can let you go if she is still there,” he quickly said.

“Oh, no she left already,”

“Oh okay. I wanted to see if maybe you wanted to grab dinner?”

“Yeah, at what time?” I asked.

“I can pick you up at seven,”

“Seven sounds good to me,” I smiled.

“Cool, just text me your address. I’ll see you later,”

“Okay, bye,” I said and ended the call.

I bit down on my lower lip, happily. It seemed like everything was falling into place like I wanted too. Ashton was interested in me, I just needed to continue to pretend as if I’m interested in him.

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