The Pretty Boys 2

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2.9: A Soft-Side

We walked inside the house and the first thing we heard was Chloe in the living room trying to calm down a fussy baby. Chloe gave birth four months ago to healthy baby boy. Considering we are kids ourselves it's been hard for all of us to transition to co-parents. We all try to help Chloe and Logan the best way we can with the baby, sometimes we can't figure out what is wrong with him. Oddly, I'll carry him when he's fussy and he'll calm down. Out of everyone in the house the baby is fond of me-not a good choice from his part.

Chloe was on the couch rocking the baby back and forth, nearly in tears with him as well. These four months I also learned Chloe has no patience for a baby. She gets fed up so easily and Logan tries his best to help her but she can be a handful as well.

"Give me the baby." I told her putting down my purse on the couch. She hands him over, sighing tiredly.

"I tried everything. I changed his diaper, fed him, burped him, even took him for a stroll and he keeps crying." She cried out.

"Go take a shower and rest for awhile. I'll look after him."

"No, I'm his mother." She snapped.

I have her a confused look. "No one is saying you're not his mother but you're in a frantic mood. Calm down, take a shower, and relax. Take a breather."

She relaxed her shoulders, shaking her head. "You're right. Okay, thanks." She said and left the living room.

I cooed the baby in my arms, humming quietly to him. He kept crying hysterically but little by little his cries grew softer.

"Do you need me to stay?" I heard Zane say.

"No, I got it." I assured him.

Zasiah feels when Chloe is frustrated and it upsets him even more. He likes to be carried and talked to. Sometimes I'll hum a tune on the days his extremely fussy and he'll calm down or I'll pay his back until he falls asleep. I never show him I'm getting tired of dealing with him or if I'm upset. I suppose that's why he's more fond with me than anyone else.

I patted his back softly, giving him kisses on the side of his head. "It's okay." I whispered. "It's okay, baby." His soft cries turned into soft hiccups until it all stopped.

I turned him to face me and smiled at him, winning a small smile from him. "You're sleepy and fighting it, huh?" I giggled, kissing the tip of his small button nose. "You have to stop fighting your sleep. That's why mommy gets so mad." I whispered to him.

Zasiah brings out the soft side of me and the emotional one too. I wish he wasn't born into this life or at least in the hell hole we are in. Logan is always out doing business with the guys and Chloe has no patience for him. When I'm around I try to take care of him, but I have my own things to take care of.

He needs love and compassion. Someone to carry him and talk to him. To soothe him on his bad days and laugh with him on his good. Sadly, his parents aren't those people at all.

He moved his little head into my chest, sighing heavily. I sat down on the couch and continued to hum to him. Watching him fall asleep is the highlights of my day, knowing he's safe and I did a small gesture to make him feel okay, makes me feel less dead inside.

Once he went to sleep, I carried him to his room and placed him inside the crib. Turning on the baby monitor, I took the other one and clipped it to the hem of my skirt. Chloe never turns the monitor on and he'll wake up crying and she doesn't hear him. Even if she does hear him she'll pretend like she doesn't.

Walking back downstairs Khole and Logan were waiting for me at the end of the stairs. They didn't look so amused and I knew why. Getting Zane on my side isn't so hard but these two are tougher to crack. They're going to scream bloody murder at me for bringing a girl here.
"What were you thinking?" Logan was the first to speak.

I opened my mouth getting ready to say something but he continued speaking, "You said you were going to get a vibe from Ashton not buy a person. What the fuck are we suppose to do with her?"

"Ashton was going to take her to Daniel, I couldn't let that happen. I need time to figure out what I'll do with her."

Khole shook his head. "You can't set her free, she'll go to the police. She'll be the end of us all, including Amelia."

"Then what do you want me to do with her?" I asked, giving them both a desperate look.

"Kill her." Logan muttered.

My jaw dropped. "You're kidding, right?" I said, perplexed.

"No, we aren't. Do you think she's going to want to stay with us? She's high off her ass right now. The girl is practically dead." Logan snapped.

When did we decide to kill innocent people with no remorse? Staring at them in disgust no a speck of regret twinkled in their eyes. They had decided to kill her before they got here.

I shook my head. "We aren't killing her."

"What are you going to do with her?" Khole questioned me. "Treat her? Train her? Join her to our cynical squad? She's better off dead."

I didn't say anything to them. We were a team but I call the shots. The girl wasn't going to be killed. I prefer having her dig our own graves than seeing her life be taken away.

"Where is she?" I demanded.

"In the car. We bagged her face so she wouldn't see where we live-"

"Although we shouldn't have since the girl can barely speak coherent sentences. Whatever they gave her is some strong shit." Logan finished off.

"She stays until I figure something out." I told them and went outside.

They had left the car running and in the back the girl was laying down. Her hands had been tied to the back and she had her face covered in a black bag like Logan said. Opening the door, she started muttering things I couldn't make out. I tried picking her up but she was dead weight. I couldn't move her a inch before she fell back down on the seat.

Someone tapped my shoulder and I turned to see Zane standing there. "I'll take her inside." He said. I moved aside and he went into the car and took her out. We quietly walked back inside the house.

Khole and Logan were still standing by the stairs. They gave Zane a look as he took her up stairs to one of the vacant rooms.

"You're doing a big mistake." Logan warned me.

"Letting Daniel have her was going to be a mistake." I responded and I went upstairs.

Sam taught me a few things this past year. Working in the industry is risky and we've gotten shot at and injured these past few months. Luckily, Sam has taught us a thing or two on treating each other. I can take a bullet out and close up the wound and I can give someone fluids when needed.

One of our clients is a doctor, when he can't pay us in cash he pays us with medication and hospital supplies. I'm not certain if this going to help her or make her worse, but I had to help her get off her high. Zane laid her on the bed and helped me find a vein which wasn't blown out. We found one on top of her hand and I swiftly placed the line in.

I gave her fluids and watched her for a brief moment to make sure she was going to be okay.

Zane stood by me, his arms crossed against his chest. "Her withdrawals are going to be bad."

"She'll live right?" I asked him, a bit of fear lingering off my lips.

He nodded. "But she'll wish she hadn't."

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