The Pretty Boys 2

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3.3: Pretending

I dropped the gun in the drawer and slammed it shut. This girl had the nerve to ask to die, to ask me to kill her when clearly she wasn't ready to die. I knew it all along she didn't want to die but I had to show her what her fate was going to look like if she continued to ask me to do it. She's been giving another chance to a normal life or at least as normal as she can let it be instead of trying to fight off the withdrawals she chooses the easy way out. Pathetic.

The door open behind me and Khloe walked in with Logan behind him. Here we go again. Khloe looked ticked off but Logan he was almost red.

"What the fuck was that?" Logan shrieked. "You were going to sacrifice the girl in our backyard?"

"Oh, shut the fuck up. You wanted to kill her, I was just going to do the job for you." I snapped back.

"Logan, leave. I got this." Khloe glared at him. Logan shook his head and slammed the door behind him. Khloe met my eyes and he waited for me to tell him something.

"She wanted to die." I simply said.

"And you were going to easily put a bullet between her eyes?" He said, sarcastically.

"If I truly saw she wished to die and not speaking out of her ass, I would have."

He placed his hands on my cheeks, his eyes watering with pain. I wasn't sure why he got all sentimental all of a sudden. I didn't kill the girl, I knew since the beginning she didn't want to die, but she kept blurting it out I had to show her what it felt to actually be seconds away from death's door. I get it, she's been through a lot and god knows what else she went through while being tossed around. If I was her I would be begging to be killed too, yet the difference between her and I is, I would've let someone put the bullet between my eyes.

"We cannot keep doing this-"

I pushed him away. "Not this bullshit again. No one asked for you to stay, no one asked for anyone to stay with me. You guys decided to keep pursuing Daniel with me, you can go if you don't want to be part of this anymore." I said angrily.

"You can't make it your life mission to take revenge on someone who is like a ghost now. Aaron and Zac would want you to be happy."

I pushed him away. What does he know what they would want from me? Aaron would've sought out revenge if Daniel would have killed me. He took everything from him and now it was up to me to make things even. That sick animal killed his own blood, he has no soul. I refuse to pretend as if he didn't ruin my entire life.

"There isn't anything or anyone waiting for me. I'm okay spending the rest of my life looking for him." I spit out.

Khloe sighed heavily. "Just think about it. Logan and Chloe started a family, don't you want to do the same? We have enough money to disappear forever Zariah."

"Then disappear," I whispered.

"Not without you."

I ignored his last comment and went straight to bed. I didn't force them to come here and look for Daniel. They chose to not leave me behind although I am grateful for their choice they can't keeping throwing it at me, how much damage is this causing us. They can leave, sometimes I wish they did.

It's hard protecting everyone, especially the baby. If we got hurt we could easily recover from it but the baby, he was born into our world and eventually I will not be able to keep protecting him. Chloe is spiraling into a hole of despair and Logan is only a few feet away from reaching it too. They're tired of looking for Daniel, killing people, always being on the run. I get it, this life isn't for everyone. I don't think any of us were built to survive in it, for some reason life has continued to let us survive. Maybe, life has something waiting for us after all of this is over, maybe there isn't anything waiting for us at the end. I might not even get eh satisfaction I wish for. I can kill Daniel and all I might feel is hurt and pain. I know I get nothing from killing Daniel, I doubt even my own demons would be able to sleep I night.

A part of me wishes someone would've done what I did with that girl--made me face death right in the eyes. I guess getting shot at wasn't good enough, I think the bullet wound only reminds me of how weak I truly was. I thought I could save Aaron from the dark cloud hanging over his head, instead, I got him killed.

Sometimes, I wish I never went to the academy, I should've stayed home, suffered through the bullies. My life would've still sucked but not as much as this. I'd be afraid to point a gun at someone and kill them, I'd be timid on facing another person who wants to take advantage of me, I wouldn't have this fire within my heart that wouldn't stop burning.

Sometimes, if I close my eyes long enough I drift into a reality where Aaron Taylor came into my school one day and saved me. We would fall in love and be happy together forever.

Unfortunately, together--forever never happened in this life.


The next morning I went to go check on Melanie, she was sitting in the middle of the bed, still pale white and fighting off the withdraws. She glanced at me then quickly looked away. She was shaking uncontrollably again. I walked over to the drawer and pulled out new bed sheets. She had sweated through the ones on the bed. The side of her face was a bit swollen from where I had hit her with the gun. By the stern look on her face she wasn't happy to see me.

"You know why I hit you, right?" I questioned her, while closing the drawer.

"N-no." She managed to say.

"You didn't want to die, yet you let me drag you out onto the field and point a gun in between your eyes. Maybe for a moment, you wanted to die because life until now has been pretty shitty. It wasn't until the last ten seconds you realize what your fate would look like. It wasn't until you saw death in front of you, you realize you wanted to live."

"I...wanted you to do it." She became silent.

"But-" I continued for her.

"The moment I saw you pull the trigger..." She shivered. "...I thought about my parents and how much I want to see them."

"So you have everything to live for?" I asked her.

She quickly nodded. I walked towards her and placed the sheets on top of the bed. "Good. I am going to talk to one of my friends and take you home. You don't say a word to anyone about me or the people who live here. If I find out you say one word to the police in your town or anyone I'll come find you and put a bullet between your eyes." I said, staring at her straight into her eyes.

"I don't care about who you are. I just want to be home."

"Okay, I'll help you return home," I reassured her.

I stepped out of the room, locking the door behind me. I was surprised to see Zane waiting outside patiently for me to get out.

"What are you doing out here?"

"I was going to check up on her but seeing you already threaten her, I assume she is doing okay." He grinned.

I rubbed the back of my neck with my palm, laughing nervously. "Yeah. She is trying to get used to a sober body but I think she'll live."

"I'm glad. I wouldn't have wanted her to die when we manage to save her."

"Me neither, even if I did point a gun at her." I smiled sheepishly.

"You won't be able to save them all, Zariah." He said suddenly. "More girls like Melanie are going to come along and knowing you, you'll be eager to save them. We can't do that, not with every girl we come stumbling across on."

"I'll try to save as many as I can. At least the one's I see worth saving for."


"I need you to do me a favor. Can you call Roxanne father and tell him we found a girl. She needs to be reunited with her parents."

"If you believe that is the best decision, I will get on it." He responded.

"Thank you."

As I made my way down the stairs my phone started ringing, without bothering looking who was calling I answered.

"Zariah, step two is about to begin. Shall we meet at the café on 4th street in an hour?" Amelia asked.

"Yeah, I'll be there." I hung up and took in a deep breath. Little by little I am getting closer and closer to Daniel. Soon enough he'll be face to face with me...then he'll be dead.


You can kinda say I am on a role updating today huh?;)

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