The Pretty Boys 2

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3.4: New Life.

"You want me to do what?" I stared at her confused. 

"I did not stutter, Zariah. You need to attend college it will be the only way for you to meet Ashton," 

I am starting to wonder who side Amelia is on, "you do know he met me back in the auction right?" If I take on the persona from the auction he is going to suspect of me rather quickly.

"He met an alternative version of yourself, he didn't meet you, the real you."

"You want Ashton to meet the real me? If I get close to him and Daniel notices, our plan will be ruined," 

Amelia seemed to put some thought into her plan, yet there were plot holes I needed to be covered up. I cannot return to the United States as the real me; I am supposed to be dead. Every person who meets me; gets to know the fake persona of a girl who is forced to hide the real her.  I may act as if putting on colored wigs and faking to be someone else is enjoyable; I fear the day someone digs a little deeper in my past and finds out who I really am. 

Amelia wants me to take the persona of a college girl and act as if I have had a normal life. The roles seem impossible for me; I am not the girl I was before. There had to be another way to get close to Ahston. 

"I know you are afraid of getting your cover blown, I promise you Ahston does not know about Zariah. So if you take on a new identity he will never know it is you,"

"I didn't graduate high school, how am I suppose to enter college?" I asked her. If she could make her plan go smoothly without me having to break my head over how it's going to work, there is a possibility I'll go through with it. 

She pulled out a large envelope from her purse and placed it on the table. "It's taken care of, if you accept to do this, you'll start school this Monday. I have a few connections at the university and to get you in it wasn't hard."

I grabbed the envelope from her and opened it. 

University Of Havard  

Sasha Del Rel, 21

 Bachelors in Bussiness

I pulled out a passport with my new identity plus an I.D. I placed the papers back inside the envelope and stayed quiet for a moment. Amelia's plan could go two ways: I am able to get close to Ahston and bring Daniel down or Ashton finds out who I really am and Daniel disappears forever. 

"Are you sure this is going to work?"

"Give it a semester, if by then you cannot get near Daniel then you can withdraw from the university and come back." 

"This is going to be expensive..." I smirked, knowing she already had taken care of my new life in New York. She rolled her eyes and explained if I accepted the plan she had an apartment picked out for me in New York and payments for the semester were given. Every week she would be transferring money to my account as a way of showing me she had my back. Of course, money wasn't the issue here, my trust towards her was still rocky. If for some reason this plan of hers goes south and I have to leave the city, I need to make some profit out it. 

"So what do you say, Zariah?" She leaned forward.

I tapped my fingers on the envelope. "One semester..." I muttered. 

"Just one." 

I sighed, "When do I leave?" 

"I can get you a plane to New York on Sunday morning, it gives you time to pack and organize yourself." I needed time to organize things with the boys, and they are not going to be on board with the idea. 

If I leave to New York, Zane would have to take over the business and supervise everything is running smoothly. Khole and Logan will continue to monitor Daniel's port and Chloe can focus on the baby more if I am not there. My friends would be fine without me here, the only problem is convincing them about Amelia's plan. 

"This better work, Amelia. I am risking a lot for this plan of yours." I told her.

"I understand and believe when I say none of my plans have failed." She smirked. 

Let us hope so.

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