The Pretty Boys 2

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3.5: Goodbyes

Before you read this chapter I need to clear up somethings: 1) While re-reading my story again I realized I mentioned Ahston attended Havard and I am trying to send poor Zariah to California. (I need to go back and edit these chapters.) 2) I made the changes to the previous chapter so it can flow smoothly with what I had planned before.

From here on the story should run smoothly, if you have questions please leave them down below

Thank you to everyone who had waited for this update! I hope you continue to support me.

I wonder if Khole was right; my need to seek revenge against Daniel has made me bitter and cold. What if I have spent this past year filling my heart with anger instead of accepting the fact Aaron and Zac will never come back. They're dead—killing Daniel won't bring them back nor will it fill the emptiness in my heart. None of us expected us expected for our lives to turn out this way, when it could've ended with us six feet under.

No one was going to agree with me leaving New York—it's risky. Unfortunately, I am too far gone to turn back now. Even if my heart doesn't stop being heavy when I take my revenge, at least I took an eye for an eye. I played it safe and talked to Zane first, since he tends to be on my side most of the time. A part of me hoped today wouldn't be any different.

After I finished explaining Amelia's plan, he stayed silent. I watched him pour himself a glass of whiskey before taking a seat on the couch. He wasn't happy about the plan.

"This is risky-" he took another sip of his drink. "...but you know that. Zariah, don't you think it might be time to call this revenge plot over? It hurt all of us to loose Zac and Aaron, but I doubt they would be happy seeing you growing bitter over it,"

"If I quit now, it means Daniel wins. Zendaya's death would have been meaningless,"

He sighed, "you want to accomplish ruining his life yet you don't seem to understand the bigger picture. Regardless if Daniel dies or not, Zariah McAlister is dead.—" he looked away from me. "We will never have a normal life,"

"If Daniel is dead there is a possibility we can return to our parents, tell the police the truth. We have a shot at normality,"

"Zariah, we stopped being normal when we didn't return to Cambridge," Logan respondes behind me. I turned around and the rest of the group was standing outside.

"We miss our old life, who wouldn't. However, I have a family now. One I can't risk getting killed if things go wrong. You have to remember we are all considered dead,"

"Logan, no one has to return to New York with me. I'm doing this on my own and if I get caught I'll say I got amnesia," I suggested.

Chloe chuckled, "we don't want to continue this anymore,"

"You're becoming reckless," I heard Khole say.

Now, I felt attacked. We promised to take Daniel down no matter what the cost was. Logan and Chloe Can disappear with Zasiah, their circumstances I understand. Khole, I have given him the opportunity to leave as well and he refuses. I will not stop hunting down Daniel until I know he is dead.

"I was being kind enough to let you all know what I was planning on doing," I said angrily. "I'm not asking for permission,"

"We Don't trust Amelia," Zane commented. "She's hiding something,"

"Yeah, that she is a crazy bitch!" Logan snapped. "Zariah we promised Zac and Aaron we would protect you, if you leave we cannot do that,"

"I can take care of myself!"

"There's no Sam to help you if you get hurt, there won't be any of us to be there for you. Zariah you're hurting still and we all are too, give it a rest," Chloe stepped towards me. "We don't want to spend the rest of our lives dealing drugs, we have enough money to start a peaceful life,"

I shook my head, "I am angry, okay. You have Logan and Zasiah. I have no one and guess what? I can't go off and find someone. How can I pretend to be normal when everything we cared about was torn away from us?" I cried.

Zane got up from the couch and wrapped his arms around me, "if you go and you can't get close to Daniel, that's it. You come back and we all start off a new life,"

I nodded, "okay,"

"We are serious, Zariah!" Logan added. "You come back and we don't talk about Daniel ever again!"

"Okay! If this fails I promise to come back home and I will forgot about him and everything he did,"

Chloe shook her head, "I don't agree with this, you're going to end up getting killed," she muttered.

"Have faith in me," I looked at all of them. "If things get to heated, I will return home,"

I promise I will. If everyone believes we can start a new life, where drugs and guns aren't around then I want to be a part of that.

Zane hugged me tighter, "you should start packing then,"

The remainder of the weekend I spent packing and being assured by Zane the ports were going to keep working gradually. He was able to get in contact with Rachel's dad and he is working on getting Melanie home. At least when I leave London; I'll know she is in good hands.

One of our weakest traits was saying good-bye, the night before I went around talking to everyone. The only one who wouldn't talk to me was Chloe; I imagined she thinks I'm abandoning her. She's the only girl-friend I have, I'd never abandon her. Logan assured me with time she'd talk to me again, all she needed was some time to process everything. Khole simply said, take care— and left. It's clear no one is happy with me leaving, however I appreciate if they lied through the goodbyes so it didn't hurt as much.

Zane gave me a small smile, "you be safe. If you need anything call me and if you find yourself call Raul," to my surprise Zane has connection all over the globe. One of his closet friends stays in New York and promised Zane to keep in an eye on me if things got a bit out of control.

"I will," I opened my arms and hugged him. "take care if everyone, okay?"

"Yeah, you know if this gets too complicated you don't owe Amelia anything right? You come back and we disappear forever,"

One thing I loved about Zane was the way he thought everything through. He had all possible plans standing still for any problem, all he needed was to hear me give the word and he'd place everything in it's right place. I felt relieved to know he was going to be the one taking over while I am gone.

"I'll text you when I land,"

"Okay, I love you Zariah," he whispered.

"I love you too, Zane," and departed from him and made my way towards the terminal.

As I got closer to the terminal I looked down at my passport and sighed heavily, so long Zariah McAlister—Hello, Sasha DelRel.

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