The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey

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For three years, Juliana has seen how her brother and his friends play the game. A game that every girl at Roosevelt High knows about. She has seen how her brother changes rankings and the color of his Letterman jacket. Each number represents every girl the members have ever slept with, and each color represents how close they are to that legendary black-and-grey Letterman. Juliana and her friends are the coaches, but Juliana holds the legendary Playbook. She has learned each and every move the players of the school use. She's become the master of the secrets these guys play. Juliana and her friends are the only girls that don't fall for their games. But what happens when Alejandro, one of the school legends, wants to have Juliana? Will her knowledge and skills of his games help her from falling for him? Or will Mr. Player have to give up his dignity to be with her?

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The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey (1)

            The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey (1)

            Gabriela and I stared at Alejandro. He had a brunette girl pinned down by the guys' locker room. The girl twirled her hair around her index finger, getting lost in his light brown eyes. My stomach twisted in disgust.        

            He had finally dropped low this time. He was hitting on a dorky girl, and the poor thing probably didn't even know what was going on.

            “That jerk,” I growled, forcing myself not to go up and slap him.

            Gabriela rolled her eyes at me. “Really? You would think you would've gotten used to the whole hitting-on-girls thing,” she simply said, grabbing her textbook from her locker.

            I turned my head towards her, a little annoyed. She had a point though. Why did it bother me? He'd been doing the same thing since the moment I set foot in Roosevelt High. Hell, half of the guy population in this school was doing the same thing.

            Xavier appeared at my side and handed me his jacket.

"Who was the lucky girl?" I asked him, sarcasm dripping with every word.

            “Limia? No, that doesn't sound right. Lidia? No, no. Shit. I forgot her name,” my sweet older brother said.

            I looked at him in disbelief. He left the girl crying a mere five minutes ago, and he already forgot her name. I shook my head in disappointment. This guy with the dark brown eyes, messy black hair, toned body, and black Letterman jacket was none other than my older brother. Xavier looked at me, confused. He was breaking his head trying to remember the girl’s name.

            “You mean Linda?” Gabriela asked.

            He smiled happily. “There you go; Linda!”

            “You got into Linda Whistles’ pants?” I asked him in disbelief.

            Linda Whistles was the student body president. She was in all AP classes and never missed school. She wasn't the type of girl to open her legs for anyone. It was actually hard to believe that she didn't know the reason why my brother was speaking to her.

            Xavier flicked my nose. “Better believe it, sister. I fucked her. And let me tell you, that took work to do,” he said, slightly annoyed.

            I ripped off the patch that had the number twenty-one sewed on. Grabbing the titanium box from my locker, I grabbed the number twenty-two patch and slapped it on the jacket. Xavier sighed as he saw expression on my face.

The Letterman jacket that every guy in school wore didn't represent membership in the football team, nor in any other type of sport. It represented the rank they were in. The numbered patch informed you how many girls they slept with.

            “Don't look at me like that,” Xavier told me, slipping on his jacket.

            “Then in what way should I look at you? Am I supposed to be proud of my brother for having the highest rank? Or for being considered ‘a legend’ in the school?” I snapped at him, throwing the box back into my locker.

            Xavier started the game as a freshman. He thought it would be fun to see how easily girls would fall for him. As time went by, more and more guys got into it. When I entered high school, Xavier handed me The Playbook; a legendary guide filled with passes and moves that guys could use to make a girl fall for them.

            Eventually, I knew the book as if it was the back of my hand. Every time a guy messed up with a girl, I gave them pointers. I became their coach and eventually became the coach of all the players in school. Revolting, huh? Although all the girls knew what these guys were doing, they didn't care.

They kept falling for the players and slept with them, hoping this guy was different, only to get their fragile hearts broken.

            “I just want you to see how girls are stupidly fooled by us. I don't want you falling for a guy like me,” Xavier told me sincerely.

            “There is a saying that says, ‘Treat your girl how you would want a guy to treat your sister.’ But considering it's you, it doesn't really relate, huh?"

            Gabriela gripped my shoulder. Giving it a tight squeeze, she spun me around.

“We did agree to help them out. Plus, thanks to your brother, we aren't like her.” She pointed to Linda, who was crying her eyes out next to her friends.

            I dropped my shoulders in defeat. Knowing they had won the little argument, Gabriela and Xavier walked away from me. I gave Linda a quick glance before placing my books back into my locker. The bell rang and everyone rushed to class. Except me. I didn't feel like going today.

            Every time I walked into every stupid class,  a guy handed me their name and the new patch they needed. I wasn't sure if I felt more disgusted with the guys, or with myself. I banged my head against my locker, trying to figure for it out for the hundredth time.

Why the hell I was helping my brother with this revolting game?

Closing my eyes, I told myself to breathe. It was going to be okay. Everything happened for a reason, right? I just had to hold onto that and hope that I was right. Otherwise, I was going to lose my mind.

            Opening my eyes, I felt myself suddenly being slammed against the lockers, my body pinned by Alejandro.

            My heart gave an involuntary start.

            He had a devilish smile on his pink lips. “What's up with the long face?” Alejandro questioned, stepping in front of me to block my way.

            “What the hell do you want?” I growled, glaring at him.

            "Jeez, what made you get your panties in a knot?" he scoffed.

            “I don't feel like dealing with you today,” I spat, clenching my jaw.

            For the past week, Alejandro kept surprising me. Whenever I was alone, he would pop out of nowhere, scaring the crap out of me. I'd grown sick and tired of it. And in my current mood, he was the last person on earth I wanted to see.

            Alejandro stepped closer to me, smiling seductively. I placed my hands on his chest, stopping him from getting closer to me. His hands landed on both sides of my hips, and I gasped as he pressed himself against me.

            “Just admit it Juliana. You want me,” he whispered, brushing his lips against my warm cheek.

            I relaxed against him, letting his lips trail across my skin.

“You're right,” I whispered.

            “I am?” he asked, confused. He quickly covered up his mistake. “Of course I am.”

            “I'll admit. I do want you… to get the fuck off me!” I sneered, pushing him off.

            He stumbled back. My lip twitched as it normally did when he aggravated me. When would he realize I wouldn't fall for his stupid moves? I knew every hand gesture, every smile, and every tactic they used to get you to fall for them.

I wasn't an idiot.

            Alejandro chuckled. “You'll eventually fall for me, Juliana."

            “Will that be the day you bring your ego to the grave?” I mocked him.

            “When will you see that I’m what you really want?”

            I folded my arms against my chest. “I wouldn't want you. Even if my life depended on it.”

            The jacket he wore made him feel like he was something. He thought he was major shit. Alejandro wasn't ugly, nor was there anything you wouldn't like about him. He had it all; the messy black hair, the nice body, and the dreamy eyes. He was even smart, but you forgot about all of that when you saw him play with girls as if they were gum.

            “Go to class, grumpy,” he responded, pointing me to the direction of my classroom.

            “I hate when you call me that!” I fussed at him.

            He gave me his famous smirk. “And that's why I call you grumpy, grumpy. It aggravates you,” he teased me, pinching my cheeks.

            I slapped his hand away, but it only made him laugh even more.

            “Asshole!” I shouted as I stormed off.

            I could almost see his smirk. “You will be mine, Juliana. Sooner or later you will fall. But until then, I'll just keep messing with you,” I heard him say.

            I marched out of the school, taking in deep breaths. That stupid, ungrateful son of a bitch! Was he that delusional? Did he honestly think I was going to fall for him?

    Ha, we’ll just see about that...


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