The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey

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The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey(10)

When I awoke I was in a hospital bed, the pain that was in my stomach was gone now, but something felt weird. I didn’t feel like myself; my body felt wake and my mouth was dry. I tried to sit up when a sharp pain emerged.

“Ugh.” I groaned in pain lying back down.

Xavier rushed towards me, forcing me to stay still. “Don’t move you just got out of surgery,” He scolded me.

“I what?” I blurted out, confused.

“You just got out of surgery; your appendix burst and they had to do a emergency surgery on you.” He explained, yawning along the way.

No wonder I felt weird; my body had been opened. How did this happen; I was the healthiest person I knew. Appendix burst for some reason right? They didn’t just burst on their own, for no reason.

“Why did it happen?” I asked him.

He shrugged. “The doctor said it was already swollen if you were having a tantrum before it burst, then that was the reason why it did.” He responded.

“You gave all of us a scare. Alejandro was freaking out bad and not to mention mom called dad telling him you were going to die,” He rolled his eyes.

Although he acted as if he didn’t care, the bags under his eyes told something else. Out everyone he would have to be the one who was freaking out the most. My mom always went over board when it came to news, so my dad probably didn’t believe her entirely.

“Where’s mom?” I questioned him, looking around the empty room.

“She’s outside with Alejandro and Arianna; Gabriela went home to shower after you got out of surgery,” He smiled at me.

I zoned out after he said Arianna’s name; why was she here? No why would Alejandro be here with her?! The weird feeling emerged again at the bottom of my stomach. Not again!

“Can you get out,” I muttered in a low voice.

Xavier gave me an odd look. “Are you okay?” He said concern filling his voice.

I gazed up at him. “Just get out…now!” I began raising my voice.

“Juliana if you don’t feel good you have to tell me,” He nagged at me.

Didn’t he understand the meaning of get out? I didn’t know why every time I heard her name this stupid annoying feeling crept, but right now I wanted to be alone. Whoever this chick was, she wasn’t being a good reaction to me, and honestly all I felt like doing was punching her.

“Just. Get The. Hell Out!” I snarled at him.

He didn’t even argue back, he turned his back on me and stormed off. I took in a deep breathe calming myself down. Everything was going to be fine; when I cooled down I would be my cheery self again.

I stared out the window and saw Alejandro talking to Xavier; in his lap the red headed bimbo was fast asleep. Really? If she wanted to sleep why didn’t she go home? She didn’t even know me! Xavier must have told Alejandro something because he looked straight at me. I quickly looked away from him, stupid idiot because of you my appendix burst!

Ale took off his jacket putting it under Arianna’s head. Aw what a sweetheart; even when I’m in here he is out there being a total sweetheart! Give him a damn award won’t you! I mentally slapped myself; what the hell has gotten into me. I think finally everything that had been going on finally broke my sanity scale, cause I truly felt as if I was going insane.

“Are you feeling okay?” Ale asked me as he stepped inside.

I didn’t look at him; I just look down at my hands playing with fingers. “I feel fine I just want to be alone.” I responded, truthfully.

Ale walked up to me, picking up my head with hand. “You gave us all a scare; I honestly thought you got alcohol poising or something,” He looked straight at me.

I cleared my throat. “It happen suddenly I was feeling fine until I saw yo-“ I bite down on my tongue stopping myself.

If I told him that I felt sick when I saw Arianna and him together then he would think I’m some weirdo. Because I was felt like a weirdo, my body was reacting unusual.

“It just happened suddenly,” I tried relaxing a bit.

Ale nodded. “I tried waking you up but you didn’t, so I rushed you to the emergency room. I sort of saved your life if you ask me.” He mocked me, giving me a sly smirk.

“How did you save me?” I spat rudely.

“Well your appendix burst, if it wasn’t from my fast thinking then your blood would’ve poisoned and you would’ve died.” He smiled proudly.

So now he was my hero? If it wasn’t for Gabriela he wouldn’t even have noticed me passed out on the floor. He was too busy trying not to kiss that girl! His stupid he didn’t save no one.

“Thanks,” I muttered, looking away from him.

“The doctor is giving you strong pain killers she says you’re going to feel not like yourself but I told her you always act like a different person, so it’s okay.” He tried hiding back his laugh.

I snapped my head up, glaring at him. “Not even when I am at the hospital can you be nice to me!” I shrieked at him.

“God you’re such a pain the ass!”

They must have heard my screams because Arianna and Xavier walked in the room. Arianna gave me a small smile as if she was embarrassed to see me. I give her a nasty look before looking back at Ale.

“Is everything okay? I heard you screaming,” Arianna said, shyly.

“Yeah I’m fine!” I responded as politely as I could.

Everyone seemed to ignore the fact that I didn’t like Arianna; they seemed as they didn’t care. Because next thing I knew Ale grabs her and brings her up to me.

“Julie this is Arianna she is a very close friend of mine,” He said, extremely happily.

I gave them both a fake smile. “Oh I know how close of a friend she is,” I whispered so low they couldn’t hear.

Arianna gives me a surprise hug. “I’m sorry for what you had to go through. I had to get my appendix taken out when I was younger; I understand your pain.” She soothed me.

“Really? It’s painful huh?” I said sarcastically.

“Yeah, but good thing this guy was able to react fast,” She gave him a small smile.

Alejandro looked away from her, blushing. I squeezed tight on the covers; why was he acting like this with her? This wasn’t him and I didn’t like it at all. Where was the guy who only paid attention to me? Who was always aggravating me; he seemed as cupid hit him in the butt and made his eyes for into hearts.

“Oh the joy of having him around,” I responded, cursing under my breath.

Ale looked at her and gave her a smile. “I should take you home you been here all night.”

Arianna wrapped her arm around his back, hugging him. “Yeah you should I’m exhausted.” She yawned.

“It was nice meeting you Juliana. I hope you get better.”

I nodded, smiling at her. “Thank you.”

“I’m going to drop her off then I’ll go home and shower. Ill be back soon so you can go home and rest awhile,” Ale told Xavier.

“That sounds like a plan,” Ale and Xavier did their guy handshake before leaving.

Yeah Alejandro I’ll be just fine thank you for asking!


Xavier sat down on the couch just staring at me. He usually did that whenever he was thinking about something. He places his head to the side and then to the other side. Then he quickly shakes his head.

“Nah that’s not possible,” He uttered.

“What’s not possible?” I demanded.

“By any chance are you jealous of Arianna’s and Alejandro relationship?” He teased me, hiding his smirk.

My eyes nearly popped out. “Jealous? Are you seriously asking me this? You’re talking about Alejandro Rodriquez here, I wouldn’t be jealous cause of a guy like that,” I answered quickly…too quickly if you ask me.

“It seems to me like you are. But then again why would you be jealous I mean Arianna definitely likes Alejandro. And there is no doubt Ale likes her back so I think this is god answering your prayer,” He told me, shrugging off the suspicion.

I closed my eyes trying to ignore what Xavier had told me. I couldn’t be jealous cause of them; her being around interfered with my plans. Besides having Yavanna on my behind now I had to worry about Arianna taking Alejandro from me.

Ever since Alejandro gave up his jersey every girl seems to want to go after him. Did it make a difference if he was in the game or not; he still could play a girl. You could never actually know what went through Alejandro’s mind.

As a coach I just know the basics about him; all his ways and plays I knew them, but what I can never know is how he thinks. For just a second he made me doubt that I knew the “real” him. Could this be the Ale that I don’t know or could this be just a game.

You’re honestly staring to doubt yourself.

When I would over stress about a situation that was going on in my life, this little voice in my head would appear. I like to call it my coach, because every time I walked off the concrete road it slapped back to place.

Wouldn’t you? I mean what if this being a player thing is just a act. What if I truly don’t know him?

Juliana get your head back to where it belongs; you been knowing this guy for four years and you have never seen him act this way? Why the sudden change of attitude; he hides something and he is finally getting to you!

Coach was right; I was thinking about this too much. Whatever he had l planned must not be going his way. So I had to stay focus and not forget the guy I have seen, I couldn’t forget all the times he has left girls crying. Lastly I couldn’t forget that he called me a bitch.

For a while Xavier dosed off and so did I; when I awoke again Alejandro was on the couch texting. He looks up giving me a smile.

“Feeling better now grumpy?” He said, walking up to me.

I rolled my eyes putting my arm over my head. “Can I tell you something?” I asked him.

He nodded. “Come at me,” He responded.

“I have to pee.” I said embarrassedly.

His eyes grow big, a panic look forming on his face. If I could stand up and go to the restroom on my own I would, but clearly with even applying a little bit of force my stomach hurt.

“Juliana the last nurse left for tonight. Why didn’t you tell the nurse when she came to drug you?” He scolded me.

“Because an hour ago I didn’t have to pee now help me!” I ordered him.

He lowered the side of the bed down so I could be able to get out the bed, then he placed his arm underneath my back and helped me up. When pain struck on my lower abdomen I took hold of Alejandro’s jacket.

“Are you okay?” He asked me, quickly.

I shook my head. “Just hurts a little.” I lied.

When I passed out I felt pain but it didn’t compared to the pain I felt now. My stomach felt sore and with every movement I did it hurt. Alejandro let me sit on the edge of the bed for a moment, letting me get used to the pain.

I stood up still holding on too Ale, suddenly feeling dizzy. “Hey steady your still going through the anesthesia.” He informed me.

I closed my eyes for a minute, trying to force the dizziness to go away. He disconnected the machines and moved the I.V to the side. We walked slowly to the restroom that was just a couple of steps away. Alejandro placed the I.V. machine in the restroom and walked me in there.

“Okay just tell me when you’re done,” He told me, walking out.

“Ale!” I called out for him.

He turned around looking at me. This had to be the most embarrassing moments for me. This had to be wrong but the urge to pee was killing me and if I didn’t release the water I had in my bladder, I was surely going to pee on myself.


I felt my cheeks turned slightly red. “I kind of need you to help me sit down,” I said, quietly.

“Huh?” He said, popping his eyes out.

“I can’t sit down on my own it hurts can you help me?” I sounded like a small child.

Alejandro walked up to me, forcing me to look up to him. His brown eyes stared down at me. This wasn’t going to be pleasant for neither of us, but we didn’t have a choice. If he was in the same situation I would do the same.

I placed my hand underneath my robe and pulled down my underwear, holding them with my knees. Thank god the robe was long and he wasn’t able to see my underwear.

He took hold of my hands and helped me sit down. All I could do was lower my head from embarrassment.

“I-I’m going to be outside just tell me when you’re done,” He stuttered walking out as fast as he could.

When he shut the door closed, I laughed a little. Who would’ve thought this would be happening to me. After doing my business, I picked up my underwear the best way I could, then I called out for him.

He walked back in and like nothing he picked me up. He grabbed onto the I.V. machine and placed it outside before walking back in and taking hold of my arm. His hand was warm against mine, I hadn’t realize I was freezing. He took me back to my bed and placed me the way I was before.

I let out a sigh. “Thanks,” I told him.

He places his hands in his pocket. “Even as weird as that felt don’t thank me; I would do anything just to see you healthy again.” He said to me, giving me half a smile.

“You sound as if I am going to die,” I whispered, covering my face.

He chuckled. “Thank god you didn’t. Then who would I pick on when I’m bored?” He laughed.

I flicked him off. “Jerk! Gee you could at least say “Thank god you didn’t then I would miss you!” I snickered.

Before he could say something his phone began vibrating, he took it out. I watched as a huge smile plastered on his face, he responded the person before placing his phone back in his pocket.

All of a sudden I felt sad and I didn’t know why. Stupid medicine; it must be getting me all gloomy. I grabbed onto the covers and placed them over my chin, looking towards the wall.

“Hey you okay? Are you in pain?” He asked me, touching my forehead.

I took his hand away from me. “I’m just tired.” I responded, not looking at him.

“It’s natural for you to feel tired but-“I cut him off.

“Oh god just shut up Ale! Stop wasting your time and leave! She clearly wants to be with you right now. She keeps messaging you every ten seconds!” I snapped at him.

“What are you talking about?” He said, not trying to raise his voice.

“I’m talking about that stupid red headed bimbo!” I semi-yelled.

He scoffed. “Her name is Arianna and she’s my best friend! I haven’t seen her in five years she finally moved back for my sister’s wedding! Of course I’m texting her every ten seconds!” He defended her.

I turned my head around looking at him. “Then why aren’t you with her! No one is forcing you to be here with me!” I cried out.

He shook his head at me in disagreement; he didn’t want to keep arguing so he went to sit down on the couch. I was happy he didn’t because my stomach started hurting again.

“I’m here with you because you’re more important. I worry more about you than her right now. If she was at the hospital and you were my best friend she would matter more.” He answered my question.

I didn’t care if she was more important or I was. He needed to understand without really understanding that I needed to take my revenge, and having Arianna in my way wasn’t helping me at all.

If I wanted to make this work; I had to change. I couldn’t go off on him every time he made me mad, and I had to control my attitude when it came to Arianna. For Ale to fall for me; I had to pretend to fall for him.

His phone buzzed again, making me go insane. “Just leave! I’m getting frustrated hearing that stupid phone go off every ten seconds! I just got out of surgery and I’m tired. So please leave I will be fine on my own!” I responded, angrily at him.

He stood up glaring at me. “You just need to calm down! You have terrible mood swings!” He shot back at me.

“If you don’t like it there is the front door!” I responded, looking away from him.

By then my eyes were starting to tear up, and that had to be the worst part of it all. I never was the person that liked crying, if I needed to let out my anger or sadness out I usually hit things or screamed. But right now I was at the bridge of tears.

“You are such a stubborn girl!” He told me, rolling his eyes.

“I don’t care!” His phone began ringing and he quickly answered.

“What’s up?” I heard him say.

He tried staying focus on the conversation he was having, but he kept giving me glances every now and then.

“Yeah Arianna I’ll go pick you up and take there. No don’t worry she is fast asleep she won’t even know I left,” He snapped, that was meant for me.

He hung up and grabbed his jacket from the couch. “Well seeing that you don’t want me here then I’m leaving.” He told me, annoyed.

I nodded. “Yeah go kiss the pavement she walks on!”

“I am,” He yelled at me.

Before he walked out the room I called after him. “Make sure you don’t come back!” I said rudely.

“Trust me I wasn’t planning too.” He whispered slamming the door behind him.


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