The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey

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The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey(11)

Alejandro and I had always fought, so when he stormed off that night I thought he would come back. But he didn't, the three days I stayed in the hospital he didn't visit me, call me, nor ask about me. Xavier said he was busy with Mindy's wedding that’s why he hadn't came around, but we both knew he was officially mad at me.

It was Thursday already and I was getting ready to go straight to the airport. During the week my mom and Xavier shifted nights to watch over me. Everyone was on a tight shift; my mom was too busy helping Ale's mom out with the wedding. While Xavier had to be going to school and coming straight to the hospital after it.

"Okay so mom packed me clothes?" I asked Xavier as I placed my last belongings into the black Areopostale bag.

He nodded. "Yeah, she packed your clothes, she took the dress, and all I need to do is bring you and your pain medicine." He informed me.

I sighed, truthfully I didn’t want to go to the wedding; knowing that Ale was officially mad at me it made me feel as if he didn’t want me there. After he left guilt came over me; I shouldn’t have reacted that way with him. Although Ale and I never talked much having him mess with me, it somehow made me happy.

“You should just apologize to him Julie. Stop thinking that he will come begging you for forgiveness. Guys can be asses sometime but even with the girl we might like we can get tired of.” He gave me advice.

I looked up at him. “I think its better this way. He doesn’t bother me anymore and he gets to spend time with Arianna.” I whispered, placing my bag on my shoulder.

“Is that how you want things to be like? I know you don’t like him or anything but what I do know is somehow you got attached to him,” He responded, walking beside me. “Its okay to get attach to someone Julie, even players need a real honest person,”

I stared at the ground not saying anything to him. Even players needed a real honest person. Was he right, did players need an honest person around them? Could Ale see me as that honest person, because from all the girls here I wasn’t afraid to hurt his feelings. Although at times we might cross each other’s boundaries we weren’t to say the truth.

I knew I acted like a selfish bitch and he knew he didn’t know the real him. Out of the both of us someone had to be right, but even with us knowing that why did he still act that way? Why did I keep getting mad at him?

For the rest of the ride to the airport I stayed silent, just going through everything. Ale was a flirt, mini-anti-social, and he was never into peoples business. He was a player, a Legend, but even with all his stupid games and ways he still was considered normal.

“What if I ask for forgiveness and he doesn’t want to?” I questioned Xavier, quietly as we walked down the metal detector.

He grabbed his things before gazing at me. “Then he doesn’t understand people make mistake and you two only had a overreacted fight,” He reassured me.

“How do you know about the fight?” I asked him, giving him a suspicious look.

“Because Ale told me. I had asked him if he could go take care of you while I finished a project, to my surprise he denied. He told me you didn’t want him there so he wasn’t going to go back,” He handed the lady our tickets before stepping inside.

So he was being serious when he muttered he wasn’t planning too. I know the way I talked to him wasn’t correct. I could’ve handled my little outburst much better, but the feeling I get every time Arianna name is mention, it frustrates me. It doesn’t matter who is around Ale as long as they are girls, this irritating feeling creeps on me.

At first I thought it was because all these retarded girls fall for him easily, but now I’m being to think it’s something else. What it is, I don’t know.


The airplane ride wasn’t long, just an hour. The wedding was being held in South Parde Island, Carol Ale’s mom had a house there. They would be holding the entire wedding there, so it wouldn’t be any problems.

When we walked out to the arriving hall, Arianna and Ale were standing by looking through the crowd. When they found us, Arianna ran towards me, giving me a big hug. To my surprise I hugged her back.

“I’m happy you could make it! Your mom had said you might not be able to make it.” She told me, locking arms with me.

“Oh yeah I was still feeling a lot of pain but now its calm, with the medicine it helps.” I responded, smiling at her.

When I walked up to Ale, he gave me a quick glance before talking again to Xavier. Hi to you too. My usual self would’ve went off on him and tell him he is a jerk for not saying hello, but I knew better he had all right to be mad at me.

Arianna hit Ale upside the head, getting herself a glare from him.

“What was that for?” He snapped at her.

“I know you see Juliana standing in front of you. You better say hello,” She demanded, giving him even a scarier glare.

Ale looked straight at me and for a moment he hesitated. He walked up to me and gave me a small hug.

“I’m glad you’re out the hospital,” He told me monotonously.

“Me too,” I whispered, looking down at the ground.

Arianna looked at both of us smiling; I couldn’t help but to laugh at myself. Arianna acted like the boss, I had never seen Ale obey a girl as quickly as he did. He sure liked her more than I thought.

Xavier and Arianna went off to grab our things while Ale walked me to the car. Arianna didn’t want me to stand for too long, she said she didn’t want me to get tired. She wasn’t as a bimbo as I thought; she was a nice person.

Ale opened the door for me letting me get in the front. He slammed the door shut, before going to the driver’s side. We sat there in silence not knowing what to say. This would be the perfect time to say sorry, but he seemed unpleased to be around me. Maybe it was better if I let things the way they were.

He was happier when I’m not around; he gave up his jacket for a reason and back then he thought it was for me, but he truly gave up that title for Arianna. He knew she would come back and he didn’t want her to see what he become, so he gave up the game for her.

Everything he was doing wasn’t for me but her, the girl actually liked.

“I think I should go to the backseat. Arianna should sit in the front,” I muttered, taking my seatbelt off.

“Your fine there, just stay still before you hurt yourself.” He responded, not looking at me.

I shook my head in disagreement. “Arianna should be next to her boyfriend. I don’t want to get the special treatment just because I got surgery.” I spoke to him calmly; I stepped out the car and sat on the back seat.

When Xavier and Arianna showed up they didn’t ask why I sat in the backseat; it seemed as if they knew why we weren’t next to one another. The drive to the house, Arianna and Xavier kept singing and laughing trying to lighten up the mood. I in the other hand just wanted to get to the house and sleep.

Alejandro’s house had to be one of the most amazing houses in the world. Just the front of the house was stunning; parts of the house were just made of glass while others were made out of bricks. From the outside you could see the decorations from the wedding, my mom and Carol walking back and forth placing things where they belonged.

“Damn dude, when you said the wedding was going to be at a house I didn’t think you met in a freaking mansion!” Xavier exclaimed.

Alejandro chuckled. “My parents gave the house to Mindy as her newlywed present. It belonged to my grandparents but when they couldn’t maintain it they passed it on to my parents,” He told us.

“Do you still remember all those times we would run around the back and pretend you were the burglar trying to steal the princesses?” Arianna asked him, laughing softly.

Ale nodded. “I would drop you to the ground and you would cry!” He mocked her.

She rolled her eyes at him. “ You were a jerk to me when we were younger!”

Ale wrapped her hand around her shoulder bringing her in for a hug. “But now I act like a prince!” He smiled at her.

She nodded. “You have no choice but to act like a prince with me; I can kick your ass now!”

I chuckled quietly, passing them. I didn’t want to be around them when they were acting all lovey-dovey. They deserved their alone time, without having someone watching them.

I stepped inside the house and laughed when I saw Greg Mindy’s fiancé trying to pin up the flowers along the staircase. I walked up to him taking the strip of glowers and nicely pinning them around the railing.

“Not even in your wedding can you put something right,” I teased him.

He chuckled, shuffling around my hair. “Shut up! I’m glad you could make it to the wedding!” He said, sincerely.

“Yeah me too!” I smiled, pushing him away from me.

My mom and Carol had always been closed friends; they went to college together, but when mom got married to my dad he took her away. She lived awhile in New York until she had me and she moved back to Florida.

A few days after arriving there she bumped into Carol to her surprise Carol and her family moved to Florida. Carol job transferred her there; at that time I didn’t know she was Alejandro’s mom. In fact I didn’t know Alejandro until I entered Roosevelt high. I met Mindy before Ale and we became closed friends. Mindy was a tall in shape girl, she had long brown hair, and she has a small scar on the side of her face. It wasn’t noticeable but if you looked at her for a while you could see it, she got it when she feel off her bike when she was small.

Mindy screamed when she saw me. “You came!” She wrapped her arms around me, giving me a tight hug.

“Careful Mindy I steal have my stomach is still sore!” I cried out, pushing her away from me.

She pouted. “I’m sorry! I’m just happy that you’re here! I thought you wouldn’t come because what happened between you and Ale,” She blurted out.

“What? How do you know what happened between Ale and I?” I demanded.

She gave me a sly smile. “Everyone knows what happened.”

“And when you mean everyone you mean everyone?” I chocked out.

Greg nodded. “You over reacted really badly.” He teased me.

“How did you find out?”

“I mean who wouldn’t find out? Ale is always around you and when you went to the hospital he was freaking out. Then suddenly he comes home really upset!” Mindy informed me.

He came home upset? I thought he was going to go pick up Arianna and take her somewhere? Why would he lie to me and pretend that Arianna had called him. Could it be that he knew how I was feeling during that moment.

“I thought he was going to go pick up Arianna?” I mumbled.

Mindy shook her head. “No I called him to ask if he could pick me up and take me to the store. But I forgot he was with you so I asked him it was okay if he left you alone for a bit.”

He lied to me, he knew how I was feeling and instead of confronting me about it, he decides to walk away from it. What type of person would do that! God, why was he so damn complicated.


I sighed, he just loved pushing my buttons. I watched him as he played around with Arianna; he pushed her on the ground getting on top of her. She kept laughing while Ale made funny faces at her. I looked away before that feeling came back to me.

“Julie you should talk to him. I know he would understand if you told him why you acted that way,” Mindy suggested.

“No, I think its better how things are. That way he wont bother me a lot. Anyway it looks like he isn’t having trouble ignoring me,” I responded, walking upstairs.

Even if I were to ask for forgiveness, what difference would it make. He clearly didn’t try to defend himself and say she wasn’t his girlfriend when I said she was. I couldn’t play Ale even if I wanted too, he was already taken.

My mom sat on the floor as she placed some white rosses on the glass vases. She had filled them up with beads and hide tied a lilac bowe around the vase.

“Hey honey!” She said, looking up at me.

“Hey, need help?” I asked her, hoping she would say yes.

“I’m fine right now honey, why don’t you go to the room at the end of the hall and rest?” She said, smiling at me.

I nodded, my mom always got excited when someone was getting married. She would take over the planning and basically do a wedding she could never have. It wasn’t because William didn’t give her the wedding she wanted; she made the wedding of her dreams come true. But whenever someone close to us was getting married she would get all excited.

I walked into the guest room, it wasn’t anything special. It had its king bed in the middle of the room, the bathroom on the right side, and the closest on the left. I plopped on the bed sighing. I should’ve stayed home; being here wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be.

For the rest of the day I stayed in the room, hearing as everyone else went insane. At one point Greg broke a box of table decorations that Mindy and mom almost died. Ale and Arianna voices were heard all over the house, they kept laughing. I wrapped the pillow around my ears and pretended I couldn’t hear them.

“Hey are feeling okay?” Xavier asked me, walking inside.

“I feel fine just tired,” I responded, sitting up on the bed.

He walked up to me giving me his look. “You should talk to him, so you wont be up here torturing yourself from the boredom.”

“I like feeling bored,” I lied.

He rolled his eyes. “Yeah and I like girls with brains!” He responded, sarcastically.

I giggled. “You do like a girl with brains or do I have to remind you how you go into Linda’s pants?” I mocked him.

Xavier threw the pillow at me. “Jerk! I’m leaving before you keep teasing me,” He whined, running out the room.

I jumped out the bed, following him. “Hey you started!” I laughed, walking down the stairs.

Xavier looked up from the bottom floor and stuck his tongue out at me. “I gave you advice you are just trying to keep yourself entertain!”

He was right, I was. I needed something to do so I wouldn’t be thinking about Ale or the stupid game. Xavier was the perfect distraction; he understood my sarcasm and he wouldn’t get mad about it.

“And believe me it’s un-boring me,” I laughed.

“Yeah, Ill be right back!” I heard Ale’s laugh.

I looked across from me and he came out of the room, his hair was all messy. From the crack of the door I could see Arianna’s feet and the messy bed she was laying on. He looked at me shutting the door quickly.

“Are you okay? Do you need your medicine?” He asked me.

I shook my head, gulping. “Ugh, no I just got tired of laying down. It’s hard not doing anything,” I whispered.

He nodded. “Yeah then you are always use to running things,” He told me.

I bite the inside of my cheek holding back my words. He was trying to provoke me, he wanted me to go off on him again, but I wouldn’t. I was going to learn to keep my calm with him.

“Yeah, I am.” I spit out.

Ale sighed. “You should go back to your bedroom and take a shower. I’ll make you some soup and warm tea so you can sleep well,” He said, walking down the stairs.

“Hey!” I shrieked.

He stopped walking and looked up at me. “Yeah? Do you not want me to make you soup and warm tea?” He asked me in a serious tone.

“I was going to say thank you,” I whispered, before walking back to my room.


I took a quick shower so I could have time to fix myself. I didn’t want to look ugly when Ale came to my room. I wanted him to see me and say “Damn why am I even mad at her?”

My mom had packed me a pair of black shorts and a purple tank top to sleep in. I wrapped my hair in a bun and straighten slightly my bangs, before stepping into the bedroom.

On the nightstand was a try with the soup and the warm tea, next to it there was a small note. You were taking a shower but enjoy and sleep. Why didn’t he wait for me? I stepped onto the dark hall and underneath Arianna’s door the light was on. You could hear her laughing quietly and Ale’s laugh echoing after hers.

That’s why, he was too eager to go back to Arianna’s room and spend time with her. I grabbed my bun and pulled it apart, running the tips of my fingers through my hair.

“Thank you for the food,” I whispered, walking sadly back to my room.

I stared at the tray and debated whether or not I wanted to eat it. I wasn’t hungry but I couldn’t let food go to waste. Sitting down on the floor I grabbed the bowl of chicken lemon soup and ate it slowly.

Ale didn’t want anything to do with me; he had found someone better than me. And it was hurting like hell; how could he have promise me with blood and tears he would fight for me. Was that promise broken already?

I placed the bowl back on the trap and shoved it away from me. The irritating feeling had emerged again, causing me to loose my appetite. Why do you do this to me? You’re beginning to make me feel as if I got played Ale!

“Why do I feel like this? Why do I keep having this aching pain right in my heart?” I asked myself.

That night I took the covers from the bed and slept on the floor. I didn’t want to crawl back into bed; I felt too sad. I just wanted to stay on the ground and pretend nothing was bothering me. As if Ale and I had never fought.


“Julie wake up.” I felt someone shaking me.

I opened my eyes, looking up to the person that was waking me up. “What time is it?” My voice came out husky.

“Eight-thirty, the ceremony starts at one but mom wanted you to have time to get ready.” He said, helping me sit up.

I rubbed my eyes, trying to wake myself up. Last night seemed to be the longest in my life; I didn’t know how long I stayed up or what time I fell asleep.

“Why did you sleep on the floor? Were you in pain?” He asked me, worriedly.

“No, I just passed out on the floor,” I mumbled, standing up.

Xavier nodded. “Well get in the shower and start getting ready,” He said to me, giving me a quick look before stepping out my room.

Instead of going straight to the shower I plopped down on the bed falling back asleep. Before I knew it I had someone waking me up again.

“Juliana! Hey wake up!” I heard Arianna say.

“What’s going on?” I said, sitting up.

Arianna has curled her red hair and tied half of it up, she had applied very little make-up, but even like that she looked beautiful.

“Why are you still asleep! Its already elven-thirty!” She shrieked.

That woke me up completely, I could’ve have slept another three hours. I looked at her mortified; there was no way I could get myself ready before one.

“Shit, I dozed off again,” I said, getting up.

“It’s okay you just went through surgery but I thought you would be ready by now,” She responded.

I paced back and forth, what could I do? The best option I had was not to go to the ceremony but if I didn’t go Mindy would be upset. Juliana from all the times you could sleep late you choose now!

“There is no way in hell I can be ready before one.” I muttered in defeat.

Arianna grabbed my arm and pulled me out into the hallway to her room. She plopped me on the chair, handing me her make up.

“Do you make-up and I’ll do your hair. I promise you I’ll have you ready before one,” She smiled, grabbing the curling iron.

Arianna faced me towards the wall so I wouldn’t be able to see what she was doing to my hair. A part of me was afraid she would do my hair ugly just to get back at me, but then another part of me trusted her. She didn’t seem to be like the snobby kind of girls, she was really nice all I had to do was give her a chance.

I did my make-up naturally, applying a white base and champagne color on the edge of my eye. I curled my eyelashes and put mascara on, and then I grabbed the eyes liner and put some on the bottom. Before putting on a pink lip-gloss.

“There.” I heard Arianna said. She twisted my chair around and the only thing I could do was drop my jaw.

She had curled my hair before pinning it up to the side; to finish the hair-do she did a small bump. She smiled at me, feeling accomplished with her work.

“I don’t know what to say, I love it!” I exclaimed giving her a big hug. “Thank you”

By then it was already twelve-thirty, from the hall I could see the backyard. Guest had already arrived and they were sitting in the ceremony area. While Greg stood by the altar rocking back and forth from the nervousness he was feeling.

Carol and my mom had done a amazing job decorated the backyard. They didn’t over do it, the ceremony was composed as simple as it could be. The chairs were covered with lilac fabric while a white rose stood out beside it. The altar was filled with small lilac flowers and patio was built around it.

I rushed back into my room throwing my clothes all over the place. I grabbed my dress and slipped it on, I grabbed my silver high heels. From my room I could hear my mom screaming saying it was almost time for the ceremony. The bridesmaid had to get in positions with their partners; that was my cue. I had to me downstairs already and sadly I was having trouble zipping up my dress.

“Come on baby not now! Don’t act this way!” I cried, trying to zip up my dress.

Someone hand falls on top of mine, they take my hand off the zipper before zipping up my dress for me.

“It seems like you needed help,” Ale said, I tried turning around to look at him but he wrapped his arms behind me.

“W-what are you doing,” I stuttered.

He placed his chin on my shoulder, planting a small kiss on it. I felt as my body shook, I broke free from his hug. I looked at him crazily what has gotten into him suddenly.

“Aren’t you supposed to be downstairs with Arianna?” I questioned him.

“No, the last time I checked you were my partner.” He responded, sticking his hands in his pocket.

I gulped as I realize he looked handsome in his suit. The memories from the store came back to me, the way he tried to seduce me and even when he banged the girl. Ale could be everything a sweetheart, a god, a player, but what he was most was the only person who made me feel alive.

“Oh well you can tell Arianna she can go with you. I’ll go with Xavier.” I said, walking down the stairs

“Hey wait.” He called after me, grabbing on to my arm.

He turned me around so I could face him. “We need to talk,” He spoke out.

“I don’t think right now is the right moment for that.” I said as I could the music playing.

When I tried freeing myself from Ale’s grip he only tighten his grip. Why did he want to talk about things right now? His sister was about to get married and he was going to miss it.

“Ale Mindy is about to walk in and Xavier and Arianna are waiting for us,” I snarled at him.

“Why do you keep thinking I have something with Arianna?” He asked me, confused.

I groaned in frustration. Jesus Christ who make him confront me now? At this very moment you want me to plead for forgiveness? I yanked my arm free from his grip and walked up to Xavier.

“We can have this discussion after the ceremony not right now.” I promised him.

“No I want to have this discussion now.” He walked up to me pulling me away from Xavier.

Xavier looked at me then at Arianna, as an older brother you would think he would try to help me out, but instead he grabbed Arianna and pulled her in to he ceremony.

“Alejandro right now isn’t the time nor place.” I tried to make him understand.

“You have a lot of things to explain to me, starting off why you think Arianna is my girlfriend,” He snapped.

I bawled my fist not knowing to punch him or walk away. Why could he drop it until the ceremony finished? Right now Mindy was by Greg and I could see my mom and Carol freaking out, wondering where we were.

“Your sister is getting married right now and your missing that,” I informed him. “Don’t miss her ceremony because you have questions that need answering.”

I didn’t wait for him to speak; I started to make my way towards the ceremony. I took in a deep breath composing myself; I needed to walk in there with a calm face. No one had to suspect I had just came out from a complicated situation.

“Just answer me why you think she's my girlfriend?” He begged me.

I stopped walking and sighed. “Because you act like she is and you didn’t correct me when I referred her to as your girl.” I said, not turning around.

“Is that why you over-reacted at the hospital?” He asked me.

“No, I just didn’t want you giving her your full attention.” I mumbled, feeling stupid with what I was telling him.

I heard him laughing. “Why are you laughing?” I snapped at him.

“Because your so damn naïve!” He said to me.

“You see this is why I go off on you! Because you don’t take me seriously! I’m over here being honest and you laugh at me! You stupid son of a-“ He walked up to me, covering my mouth.

“Shut up Juliana.” He said, slamming me into his arms.

“The only girl that can have my full attention is you. Even when I’m mad you, you have it.” He said, kissing me on my forehead. “Because the only girl I want is you and no one else.”


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