The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey

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The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey(12)

When he kissed me on my forehead my heart fluttered, I wasn’t sure why my heart was doing that, but I liked it. I wrapped my arms around his torso and hugged him tightly, inhaling the aroma of his axe cologne.

“I’m sorry.” I told him, looking up at him.

He looks down at me, smiling. “Its okay,” He responded.

I stepped back shaking my head. “No. I’m sorry for reacting the way I did at the hospital, I know it wasn’t the best way,” I said sincerely, messing with my fingers.

Ale chuckled. “Its okay I forgive you. Just next time tell me the truth instead of blowing up and getting mad at me.” He informed me, pulling me back into a hug.

Mindy walked up to us pulling us apart. “You two can hug and everything later but right now I’m about to get married and I would love to have my brother and best friend there,” She giggled, pulling us into the ceremony.

Ale stood next to Greg while I stood by Mindy. She took in a deep breath before telling the priest he could continue. Ale looks up at me smiling, flashing me his white teeth. So things weren’t completely perfect, I still had to play Ale even if it meant playing myself as well. Whatever he made me feel had to go away soon, they just had too. Now that we were in good terms I was hoping all these weird feelings would go away.

I stared at Mindy and how she reacted towards Greg touches, he placed his fingers between hers filling in the gaps. She smiles looking down before looking up at him; she loved Greg way before he knew. I remembered she said love happened in the strangest ways, but when it happens you’ll feel it. She explained your heart starts beating fast, your palms get sweaty, and your entire life flashes before your eyes when they touch you.

I could never say I felt something like that before; I never loved anyone. And the only guy I ever liked turn out to be the guy I’m trying to play. Thinking about how I liked Alejandro two years ago made me realized I had no feelings for him. In ninth grade every time I saw him I felt like time had stopped and the only person I could see was him. Now when I see him I don’t completely hate him like I used too, but I didn’t like him either, the feelings I had for him were neutral.

Greg whispered something to Mindy and soon enough she was crying. When I looked up I saw Alejandro looking at her, his eyes watered a little but he tried to play it cool. Mindy smiles looking down at her flowers before looking at the priest.

“I Mindy Rodriquez take Greg Hunson…”Her voice cracked. “To be my husband…through the good and the bad…for the rich or poor…until death to us apart,” She cried.

Mindy placed the ring in Greg and smiled widely. “By the power of Jesus Christ I pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss the bride.” The priest said.

Greg walked up to Mindy and cupped her face, before kissing her. Everyone clapped and cheers; I just stood there as my eyes filled with tears. One day I hope to find someone that makes me that happy. I hope he turns out to be everything I every wanted, and when the day comes for us to get married I want everyone to clap and cheer us on.

Alejandro stared at the ground not clapping nor cheering. I walk up to him tapping him on the shoulder, he looks up and he had tears rolling down his cheek.

“Why are you crying?” I asked him, concerned.

He quickly wipes away his tears. “These flowers have so much pollen.” He tried to make a shitty excuse.

I rolled my eyes, giggling. “Go hug her!” I pushed him into Mindy.

Mindy smirks at him before giving Ale a hug. They both started crying, but not of sadness but happiness. Mindy had always said Ale wanted her to marry someone that made her happy, and not anyone else. I remembered she said he told her that it didn’t matter if no one liked him as long as she did.

They pull apart and Mindy drags him towards me. “Now, it your turn,” She said handing me her boque of flowers.

I gave her a confused look. “What do you mean its my turn?”

“You and Ale should get married.” She smiled cheekily.

Ale and I gave each other a look; was she kidding? Ale and I were on good terms but it didn’t mean we liked each other; hell for Ale and I to get married it would take years maybe even centuries.

I laughed. “I think these should be giving to someone else. Ale and I aren’t the best couple,” I said, handing her the flowers.

“I think you two make the perfect couple.” She informed me.

“Mindy trust me we aren’t. We are different its hard for us to get along with one another.” Alejandro defended me.

Mindy rolled her eyes at us. “When I see you two I see nothing but love, maybe right now you don’t see it but soon you will. Until that happens keep my flowers as a reminder,” She didn’t give me time to respond, she walked away.

“Excuse her she is still a pain.” He laughed, sticking his hands in his pockets.

I shrugged, Mindy would always be Mindy, married or not she would still be her funny self. Arianna and Xavier walked up to his, standing around as the waiters fixed up the reception.

“Well that went good,” Xavier sighed. “I think its time for my daily dose of alcohol and girls,” He smiled at all us before walking up to a group of teen girls.

He couldn’t give up his ways for just one day, especially for Mindy. Xavier really needed to come to his senses, he needed to see the girl he liked/love matter more than sleeping with girls.

“By any chance might you know who Xavier likes?” I asked Ale.

“Xavier likes someone? Um no, I didn’t even know he liked someone,” He said, confused.

“So he hasn’t talked about a girl?”

He gave me his “you seriously didn’t ask me that question” face. “ He talks about millions of girls. What player doesn’t?” He spat, stupidly.

I growled at him. “I’m just asking geez,”

Arianna wrapped her arm around Ale torso; he grabbed onto her pulling her in giving her a kiss on the top of her head. He never cleared up if he was dating Arianna or not, but either way it wouldn’t matter. The sensation I got crept back, I walked away, stepping back inside.

My mom and Carol were in the kitchen talking a sip of champagne. My mom gazed at me and smiled tiredly.

“Everything came out perfect didn’t it sweetie?” She said.

“Yeah mom it did. Mom did dad said if he was going to show up tonight?” I asked her, eagerly.

Before I was released from the hospital my dad called me; he said he would try to make it to the wedding. That was if a meeting didn’t come up; he was always working but sometimes I felt like he loved his job more than us. I miss him but I know my mom misses him more. I grew up without a father so the feeling of not having a father presence around was okay with me. My mom in the other hand she seemed not to like it much. Whenever my dad came back from his business trips they usually fought, hopefully he would show up tonight.

“He called, he said he would try.” She responded, chugging down the champagne.

I walked out of the kitchen and sat on the stairs, there wasn’t anything I could do. At least now I could die of boredom in piece; I didn’t have to worry about Ale being mad at me or anything.

Ale gazez down at me. “Why are you doing here alone?” He asked me.

“Im just waiting for the reception to start,” I responded, simply.

“Well you look bored.”

“I am,” I laughed.

He rolled his eyes and pulled me up. “Come on,” He said, pulling me to the back of the house.

“Where are we going?” I asked him, trying to keep my pace with him.

“I’m going to unbore you,” He smirked sexily at me.

“What!” I exclaimed.

He dragged me to where Mindy and Greg were taking pictures. Mindy runs up to me slamming herself into me, dropping me to the ground.

“You just disappear on me! You have to take pictures!” She scolded me.

I groaned. “So you had to tackle me down?” I teased her.

“No but I’m freaking happy today!” She screamed, picking me up.

I fixed my dress nodding at her. “ I can tell.” I mumbled.

Mindy forced Alejandro and I to take pictures together; it turns our Mindy had tricked Ale to believing I had to take pictures with her. But instead she was making us take pictures; she said it was her way of reminding us in the future how we were “meant to be”.

Ale stood beside me placing his hands on my hips. “I don’t like this at all,” I whispered, quietly.

“Trust me I don’t either but we shall get even with Mindy!” He said, quietly, faking a smile.

Greg mocked us sticking his tongue out and laughing every time Mindy bossed us to pose differently. Wasn’t this supposed to be her day? Instead of making us pose for the camera why wasn’t she posing instead?

“Come on! Laugh for real guys you both look like youre smelling a dirty diaper!” She shrieked, annoyed.

Ale and I groaned. “If we laugh naturally promise this will be our last picture?” I asked her.

“No, I promise you that itll be the last time I scream you. You either smile naturally or I’ll make you smile!” She yelled at me.

“Bossy!” I muttered.

Ale rolled his eyes. “She’s exactly like you,” He whispered.

“What do you mean exactly like me? I’m less bossy than she is!” I defended myself.

Ale shook his head. “No you’re more a pain in my ass then she is.” He chuckled.

“Ha-ha-ha if you had an ass!” I laughed.

He made a poker face and we both busted into laughter. We both knew were joking around but we couldn’t help to him the serious faces. Mindy began clapping and ordering the photographer to take the pictures.


The day passed away and everyone began drinking and enjoying the wedding. Arianna had finished half a bottle of tequila, while Xavier cheered her on. Ale had danced for a while with Mindy and I sat alone at the table, watching everyone enjoy themselves.

I didn’t expect to enjoy myself as much as I did. Yeah I wasn’t drinking nor dancing but sitting down and being able to enjoy the atmosphere it was incredible.

“May the newly couple please go up to the dance floor and encourage all these beautiful people to all grab their girlfriend, wife, friend and take them to the dance floor.” The DJ spoke. “This song is for all of you.”

A soft slow song came on; Mindy and Greg grabbed on to one another and started dancing. One by one couples went up to the dance floor and began dancing. Xavier took a hold of Arianna and began dancing with her, she seemed a little out of it but she still kept dancing with him.

“Do you want to dance with me?” Alejandro asked me, handing me his hand.

I looked at him and smiled. “I was hoping you would ask,” I responded, taking a hold of it.

We walked up to the dance floor; he wrapped his arms around my waist and I wrapped my hands around his neck. We stared at one another as our body moved together with the music. Something weird happen in that moment; everyone around us dancing disappeared.

“Have I told you that you look beautiful?” He said, looking straight at me.

“No but you don’t have to compliment me.” I responded, looking away from him.

Alejandro smiled. “I know but I do it because you really do look beautiful, you are beautiful.” He whispered on my ears.

My cheeks flushed, I placed my head on his shoulder, closing my eyes. The music kept playing and we kept dancing alone as if no one was around. I wished everyday it could be like this, just Alejandro and I and no one else.

Ale departed away from me. “The music stopped two minutes ago.” He interrupted my thoughts.

I snapped back into reality and realized they had changed the music to country. Ale chuckled wrapping his arms around my shoulder; I must have gotten so lost in the moment I never realize they changed the song.

“Sorry I didn’t even realize they changed it.” I said, hiding my embarrassment.

“Don’t worry about it!” He responded taking me over to Xavier and Arianna.

For the rest of the night we danced and drank the night away, we had all forgotten about the discussion this morning. Although my dad didn’t show up my mom had a nice time. By the time everyone left it was already four in the morning.

I walked up the stairs undoing my hair, I just wanted to jump into the bed and fall asleep. I was tired and sore, I had lost all day without taking my painkillers that the pain I was feeling was severe. But because I had some tequila shots and I couldn’t take my medicine until tomorrow.

As I walked past Arianna room I noticed the lights were on, she had went up to her room before anyone else did. She said she wasn’t feeling good; an hour later Ale went upstairs two. Ever since then neither of them went downstairs.

I took off the jewelry Arianna had let me borrow and walked in her room. She wasn’t in her bed but I could see the lights on in her restroom. Her bed was a mess and her clothes were on the floor. I placed the jewelry on the nightstand and walked towards the restroom.

“Arianna I left your jewelry on the nightstand thank-“ I stopped talking when I stepped inside the restroom.

Arianna was sitting down on the counter with a towel wrapped her around her body. Right in front of her with a shirt was Alejandro, they both had their lips locked to one another. I stood there a moment having no idea what to say.

“I-I-“ I ran out the restroom.

“Juliana wait!” Alejandro screamed after me.

An aching pain filled my heart; Alejandro was basically devouring her mouth completely. You need to calm down Juliana. They are together, this is what couples do, and they kiss. I tried calming myself down but it wasn’t working; the pain only seemed to grow stronger.

I ran into my room slamming the door shut. “Julie open the door!” Alejandro banged on the door.

I took in a deep breath. “I’m tired I need to sleep!” I tried to keep my voice steady.

“Juliana don’t do this to me, open the door please!” He begged me.

I sat on the bed tapping my chest, hoping it would calm down the ache. Why was I feeling all these emotions, why couldn’t I control what I wanted to feel? Just stop it please. Just let me be calm for once. Open the door and keep your cool.

I shook my head. “ I cant. I cant!” I whispered, Alejandro kept banging on my door pleading for me to open the door.

“Julie let me explain please!” He pleaded.

I cleared my throat. “It’s okay there isn’t anything to explain.” I said. “She’s your girlfriend I understand.”

He jiggled around the door knob until he opened it, he came in slamming the door behind him. He was still shirtless and he has a aggravated look on. I sat on the bed trying my best to stay calm.

“Let me explain-“

“You don’t need to I understand,” I whispered. “She’s your girlfriend, I just don’t want to be mad at-“

Alejandro pushed me down on the bed getting on top of me. He put his hands on each side of my face, and put his knee between my legs. I stared at him, panicking.

“I’m tired of you thinking she is my girlfriend! I’m tired of us fighting, I fucking like you. And if I don’t kiss you right now I’m going to go crazy!” He blurted out, leaning down closing the gap between us.


And that is how im going to leave this chapter;) Haha! Now the next chapter shall finally be Alejandros pov!

I want to say that I am surprised how many people love this book! If you think things are getting better wait there are more twist and turns into this book. Mini Spoiler lol

Anyway thank you for all of you who have commented fanned voted it means  a lot to me. I enjoy reading your comments it makes my day!

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