The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey

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The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey(14)

Juliana Point Of View:

My lips felt as if they were on fire; they felt warm against mine. I brought my hands up pushing him off of me; i glared angrily at him. How dare he kiss me? I walked up to him slapping across the face.

"How dare you! You don’t barge in my room and forcefully kiss me!" I yelled at his face.

"That was the only way for you to listen to me!" He screamed, rubbing his cheek. "I like you. I really mean it,"

Stop saying those words! Just shut up!

Didn’t he understand these types of things don’t happen? Players don’t like anyone, especially a girl like me. I knew he wanted to play me and he still does; he got caught and he couldn’t find a way to get himself out of it.

"Get out!" I snapped, pointing towards the door.

Ale puts my hand down gazing down at me. "Stop doing this. I'm being serious I like you," He confessed, sincerity dominating his voice.

"You can’t like me." I said poking him in the chest. "If people find out you kissed me then a war will go off in school," I informed him.

Alejandro didn’t know the callous he would do if people realize players could actually like someone. It would unbalance the entire game system, and just thinking how the game book would be unbalance caused me to freak out.

It took four years for everything to be this way just to have Alejandro Rodriquez come and set it off. Not even I knew what would happen; how people would react to it. If Alejandro giving up his jacket caused a stir up now imagine people finding out we kissed...NO! imagine they found out he liked me.

No, he couldn’t like me! I wouldn’t let him.

"Since when do I care what people do?" He asked me, stupidly.

I sighed. "You can’t like me, that's the point."

He crossed his hand against his chest. "And why can’t I? You liked me!" He snapped getting annoyed with me.

I bawled my fist, trying to pretending he didn’t say that. Yeah, once i did like him and it was the best feeling, but now having him like me it wasn’t right. It didn’t feel right. When a guy confesses their true feelings to you; the girl is supposed to feel happy, but I didn’t. It made me get nervous and it made me over think things.

Why would he like me? From all the girls out there why did he have to fall for me? He had a nice girl who truly liked him. All I wanted was my revenge, my stand to make him feel miserable, but with him making my job complicated wasn’t helping.

"I forbid you to like me!" I snarled, glaring at him.

He laughed dryly. "You can't forbid me from liking you. These are MY feelings not yours,"

I shuffled my hair around like a mad women. "Shit! You can’t like me because I don’t like you! Stop wasting your time on me!" I shouted angrily.

"You like me. That's why it’s hard for you to accept the fact I like you, because you never thought I would like you back." He whispered, coming closer to me.

I gulped, stepping back. I didn’t like him, he just didn’t have to expose his true feelings to me. He could’ve kept them to himself like normal people do. Yeah, i can’t accept the fact he likes me, because he has no reason to like me.

"Look straight at me and tell me you don’t feel absolutely nothing for me." He said, pinning me against the wall. "If you tell me without looking away then I'll leave you alone,"

I took in a deep breathe getting ready to tell him, but something made me stop. My stomach twisted into a knot and all I could think about were the times I would get mad when he wasn’t around. How he gave up his jersey for me; how he promised he would make me fall for him even if it took him blood and tears.

"Why me?" I whispered, looking down at the ground. "Why choose me to fall for?"

"Because you’re not afraid to tell me the truth. You're my grumpy and no one else’s," His cold breath hit my face.

I glanced up at him, staying silent. "You can't like me."

"I can and I will," He argued back.

"It’s not an order, it's a warning." I said, quietly.

"Why a warning?" He questioned me.

"Make the player fall head over heels for you. Then BAM! Crush his heart into millions of pieces.” Demi's advice rung in my ears.

I was the one who came up with the idea to play the players, but it was Demi's idea to play Ale. And as much as I wanted too, deep inside I worried I couldn’t. I was too nice and kind to hurt anyone, to hurt someone who doesn’t realize how much pain they make others have.

The player had fallen head over heels for me. And I still stood in the same spot as before, I despise him. He turned me bitter; at seventeen I was a bitter girl. All I could think about was how I wanted Alejandro to suffer and how I wanted to get out the game that made forget I still had feelings. Feelings that I had no clue what they were telling me.

"You keep liking me and the word gets out the social system and game will come crashing down. Giving up your jacket would be a lost cause," I informed him.

He nodded. "True but I don’t care about the social system and the game. I know how it works I did think of it."

"So if you thought of it didn’t you ever think maybe one of the players would fall for someone?" I asked him, concern.

He chuckled, shaking his head at me. "You truly don’t know the game. It's more than just sleeping with girls and the legendary title. The game has a concept, it has a lesson."

"And that lesson is try not to catch a STD before eighteen?" I scoffed.

"No, I guess you still need more time." He said, walking away from me.

"Time? Time for what?" I said.

"When you realize why Xavier and I made this game you'll believe me and you'll understand, but you’re right. While you can’t understand what the game is about I can't like you." He said, walking back to Arianna's room.

I stood there confused than ever.


When I walked up the stairs I was planning to pass out the moment my head touched the pillow, but ever since Ale's and I "kiss" and his confused words, I hadn’t had much sleep. Tiredness had left my body and all I could do was think about what he said.

How could I not know the game, I was the freaking coach. Before these guys understood what they had to do; I had ten ways to make a girl fall for them. This game had no concept, no meaning. The only meaning you can get from it is, guys like whoring around.

Either way the game didn’t have a lesson; you call giving guys jackets that had how many girls they slept with a lesson? What could fourteen to eighteen year old guys learn from that? That they can get it in with girls better than they thought?

Alejandro is an idiot, he doesn’t know what he wants.

"I like you." I mimicked him.

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah you sure know how to convince me!" I groaned tossing around my bed.

Why couldn’t this bed me comfortable for me; ever since I gotten here the last place I want to be is in my bed. I sighed, getting up. I walked in the dark hallway and made my way towards Xavier’s room; he was fast asleep in his bed.

I pushed his shoulder softly. "Linda I'm serious." He muttered, tossing the other way.

Linda? Did I hear right? I shrugged what he had said off; I was half-asleep and everything that he muttered went to one ear and came out through the other. I shook him again, this time a little bit harder. He groaned sitting up.

"What's wrong?" He asked, huskily.

"I can't sleep." I whispered, looking at him.

He sighed taking a look at the clock. It was already six-thirty in the morning and I hadn’t even gotten an hour of sleep. He rubbed his eyes before grabbing the covers and pulling them open.

"Come on," He said, laying back down.

Before you go off and start thinking badly, Xavier and I always done this. It's like we knew something was bothering us but we weren’t ready to talk about. Whether it was Xavier or me when we went into each other’s room, announcing we couldn’t sleep, we would just open the other side of the bed and tell each other to lay down.

I remembered the first time I slept in the same bed with Xavier; at first it felt awkward, but I felt alone. Extremely alone that I didn’t want to be left alone, instead of going to my mom's room, I went to his. I was eight at the time.

I crawled next to him, pulling the covers over me. Xavier exhaled turning the other way, but he seemed to notice that I didn’t want his back facing me. I wanted Xavier to hug me and protect me and tell me that everything was going to be fine.

He turned the other way and wrapped his arm around me. "You had told me you didn’t want me to protect you, so why do you want me to protect you now?" He said, yawning.

"Right now, I just need some support and I know mom nor dad would give me that, so you're my only option," I responded.

He chuckled. "Go to sleep Julie, goodnight." He said, falling back into his sleep.

"Goodnight Xavier," I whispered, burying my face in the pillow.


I awoke to an empty bed and an empty house, turns out everyone wanted to go to the beach so they left, without me. I walked into the kitchen grabbing the kettle from the stove, filling it with water. After that I went to the fridge and took out the eggs and bread. I wasn’t starving but the small growling noise my stomach was doing begged a differ.

Today I didn’t want to think about anything; everything that happened last night was going to stay in the past. I sighed, why did he have to kiss me? Why did he confess hid true feelings? Alejandro could’ve kept it a secret, a secret no one needed to know. He didn’t understand that those types of confessions screw me over big time; I begin to have a battle with my heart.

I placed down the eggs and bread, walking over to the humming kettle. I poured two spoons of powder lemon tea and a spoon of sugar, before adding the water. On the second thought I wasn’t feeling hungry anymore. I reclined on the counter taking a sip of my tea.

The burning sensation of the hot tea reminded me of the moment Alejandro’s lips touched mine. They seemed to be on fire then when I pushed him away a cold feeling replaced his warm lips. I closed my eyes shaking my head; this had to stop.

I felt someone hover over me and when I opened my eyes, Alejandro stood in front of me. He was still shirtless and wearing his basketball shorts; he gives me a small smile before taking the cup of tea out of my hand.

“What are you doing?” I asked him, looking at him crazily.

He placed his index finger on my lip hushing me. He pinned me tighter against the counter. My heart raced a thousand miles an hour, I tried ordering my body to push him away, but it didn’t want to listen to me. My body was aching for Ale touch.

He places his warm hands on each side of my face; his brown eyes stared at me. He bends down closing the gap between us; I tried to back my head away from him but his grip was tight.

When his pink lips touched mine, I gave up. My entire body relaxed and I couldn’t concentrate on what was happening. When he tried to back away from me I grabbed onto his head and kissed him hungrily.

“Julie! Hey!” I heard someone say.

I snapped my eyes open to see Alejandro standing in front of me. He was wearing a white V-neck shirt and his black basketball shorts. My chest popped in and out, as I tried to explain what the hell just happen.

I was day dreaming about kissing him?

“Yeah what’s up?” I choked out.

“Well you seem like any moment now you would fall. Were you asleep?” He asked me, teasing me.

I nodded. “Yeah, I’m still tired.” I said, quickly taking another sip of my tea.

Alejandro chuckled. “Gotcha. I thought I was the only one here until I saw you half-asleep.” He said, grabbing the kettle and pouring himself a cup of tea.

I didn’t turn around to face him, I was still shocked with what I was day dreaming about.

“Yeah me too.” I said, quietly.

Alejandro gazed at me, giving me a wink. “I’m sorry about last night I shouldn’t have kissed you and expose my true feelings to you at the same time. I forgot you can’t take a lot of things at once,” He responded, looking down at his tea.

Apparently I do want you to kiss me; because that’s all I can think about. Those full pink hot lips on mine, your hands on my face. The aching feeling I get at the pit of my stomach, it turns out I want all of that.

He looks up at me, a huge smiling forming on his lips.

“What?” I demanded.

“Want to go to the beach?” He asked me, raising a brow at me.

“Where my mom and everyone else are at?”  I questioned him.

He shook his head. “I know someplace better than that. I think you’ll like it,” He said, taking another gulp of his tea.

I stayed quiet for a moment; I could go with him or stay here and bore myself to death. But then I can go with him and keep my mind at ease. I put down the cup and smiled.

“Sure. Let me just put on my bathing suit and we can go.” I said, passing him.

He kept looking at me with his weird smile. I looked at him one more time before rushing up the stairs. Little did I know what I was thinking I said it out loud.


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