The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey

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The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey(15)

I glanced at myself in the mirror; my mom had packed my brown two-piece bathing suit. She had bought for me a couple months ago and I had even forgotten I had it. The top part was a strapless brown top that squished my boobs, but not too tight that it seemed I didn’t have none. My bottom was a regular bottom piece, it covered most of behind which was good. On top of the bathing suit I put on a white one shoulder shirt, it fit me up to my belly, and I put on faded shorts on.

Alejandro was in the kitchen packing some snacks and drinks. He had just changed his black basketball shorts to black swim trunks. He looks up at me and smiles, checking me out.

“Ready?” He asked me, closing up the bag.

“Yeah, do you want me to put the bags in the car?” I asked him.

He shook his head. “No I put them in the car already. I just needed to pack some food in case we get hungry.” He smiled, passing me by.

I followed him to garage, locking the door behind me. We both got in the car, letting silence dominate us. I sat there quietly trying my best to distract myself. Alejandro seemed to be in a daze because all he was doing was smiling like a retard.

“So where are you taking me?” I asked him, trying to make small talk.

“On the end of the island my mom has a rest house and behind it is the beach. Not many people go there,” He said, giving me a quick glance. “I thought you would like it there,” He shrugged.

“Oh so you’re taking me to your other house? Do you think you’re were going to score today player?” I scoffed, offended.

He rolled his eyes at me. “Oh yes you know me, I want to score with you tonight so badly.” He mocked me.

I giggled, it was the first time we actually teased one another. I look at him before looking out the window. When it was just Ale and I we seemed to be calmer than usual. He didn’t annoy me as much and I didn’t scream at him. We were actually getting along.

“How are you feeling with your cuts?” He asked me, pointing to the white small patch on my stomach.

The doctor had said the three small cuts he had made were just glued; the white patch that covered them protected them. The patch was supposed to make them heal without getting infected.

“Fine. My stomach feels sore but I guess that normal and the white patches are supposed to come off on their own.” I informed him, running my fingers over the insertion.

“Oh well just in case you feel pain or sick; I brought you your medicine,” He responded, not making eye contact with me.

I smiled feeling as my cheeks turned red. He had remembered about me while he was packing; he actually cared if I was doing fine or not. That was sweet of him. Slowly a lump formed inside my throat.

That was sweet of him? What the hell am I saying! First I day dream about making out with him and now I think he is sweet? What’s next am going to want to sleep with him?

Alejandro gives me an odd look. “You really need to learn to say things in your head and not out loud,” He smirked.

I said that out loud? Shit!

My face automatically turned red, Ale laugh dominated my ears. No wonder he was smiling weirdly at the house, I had spoken out loud! Way to go Juliana. With one of his hands, Ale grabbed onto mine exposing my red face.

“It’s okay you don’t need to feel embarrassed.” He reassured me.

“No this is embarrassing. Shit the things I say need to stay in my mind,” I muttered, sliding down on the seat.

“It’s nice to know you day dream about kissing me,” He smiled cheerily.

I groaned. “The only reason I day dreamed about you kissing me was because last night you did kiss me!” I shrieked angrily.

Ale stopped the car when the light turned red; he turned his head paying full attention to me. He leaned closer to me making me hit my head against the window.

“Stay calm before I actually kiss you for real this time,” His warm breathe hit my lips. His eyes wondered from my eyes to my lips.

I nodded. “Staying calm got it,” I postured myself again, dying silently from my embarrassment.

He leaned back into his seat and smiled. “Good.”


The car stopped in front of a two story red brick beach house, in front of the house was a white porch swing, and there was a small garden full of flowers. We stepped out the car inhaling the aroma of the sea. A small smile crossed my face, this was going to be relaxing.

After helping Alejandro take the bags out the car we went inside the house. The first floor was only the kitchen and the living room. A fire place stood on the big wall of the living room.

“You like it?” He asked me, looking down at me.

“Yeah, this house is so beautiful!” I exclaimed.

“It is. I haven’t been here for a while my mom comes here whenever she comes back from an exhausting trip.” He informed me, placing his hands in his shorts.

Carol was a business lady; my father and her worked in the same company. Their job insisted of them to travel around the USA a lot, so Ale didn’t see his mom as much as he should be. His dad owns a law office in downtown, so he is around to take care of him, although he didn’t need anyone to take care of him.

“It gets frustrating huh?” I muttered, getting lost in my own thoughts.

It’s frustrating having a parent never be home; the unbalance it causes at home its uncomfortable. I know not everyone has both their parents there; some lose their parents while others can’t seem to work it out. And throughout the years you get used to being just one parent around, but when you know you have a mom and a dad the feeling of not having them around it feels weird.

“To not have my mom around most of the time?” He questioned me. “At times, she went back to work when I was elven so she didn’t miss much of my childhood. At first it felt weird because I was used to having her around but as time went by I got used to it.” He responded, shrugging the question off.

“I know the feeling.”

He gave my cheek a small squeeze. “Come on lets go to the beach!” He said, grabbing on to my hand.

When we crossed the wooden fence the title floor turned to pure white sand. The waves crashed against the sea line and the aroma of salt roamed the air. The sun was sunshine above us and the reflection caused the crystal clear water to sparkle.

“Wow, this is breath taking.” I told him, gazing into the sea.

“Yeah it is. People hardly come here I guess because beach houses are right behind it.” He said.

Alejandro walked back inside the house grabbing some towels and beach ball, while I sat on the sand smiling to myself. I know it’s weird to be hanging out with Ale, I could never imagine being around him, but he wasn’t as bad as I thought. Out of school he was much sweeter.

He back handing me the green beach towel. I laid it out on the sand and laid on top of it, enjoying the sun rays. Ale grabbed his Iphone snapping a picture of me.

“Hey player taking pictures of me cost money!” I yelled at him.

“You nearly broke my camera so I think this one is free!” He winked at me.

I rolled my eyes. “At least take a good picture of me!”

He sat next to me and flipped the camera so we could see each other. Ale smiled exposing his cheesy smile and I did the same. He snapped the picture; we burst into laughter when his eyes were closed and my smiled seemed fake.

“Geez player look at that sexy face!” I mocked him.

He pushed me slightly. “What’s up with you calling me Player? Is that my new nickname?”

I nodded. “I thought I would give you a nickname since you gave me one!”

He stood up snapping pictures of me while I nagged at him. “That seems fair Grumpy!” He laughed, taking a picture of me as I ran after him.

“Ale it’s not funny! I look horrible in all of them!” I shrieked, running after him.

He titled his phone to the side taking another picture of me.


I grabbed the beach ball and threw it at him; it hit him right in the face causing him to fall to the ground.

“Ops!” I whispered, running towards him. “Are you okay?”

Ale stayed on the ground groaning. “My own phone hit me!” He cried.

I placed my hands on my hips. “Good that’s what you get for taking pictures of me!”

“No I think that was a sign if I snapped another picture of you, you’re ugly face would break it!” He tried hiding his laughter.

I jumped on top of him hitting him on his chest. “Asshole!” I grabbed his head and smashed against the sand. His black hair filled with sand and eventually so was his face.

Grabbing the beach ball I began hitting him in the face; every time it bounces back I would slam it right into his face.

“Juliana that…hurts!” He said, spitting out sand.

“It’s supposed to! Now say you’re sorry!” I smirked at him evilly.

Ale covered his face with his hands blocking my spikes to his face. I tugged on his hear making him weep in pain. He glared at me, rubbing on the part of his head where I pulled his hair.

“You’re mean!” He sighed, pouting like a little child.

“Nope! You’re mean for calling me ugly!” I defended myself.

“You said you wanted me to be honest with you so I am! You’re ugly and it’s not your fault!” He sucked in a breath as if he already knew I would throw the beach ball at his face.

“You want to be honest now?!” I growled at him.

Ale’s hands landed on my hips and without trying he flipped us over. Until I felt his body on top of mine my brain began thinking. For nearly fifteen minutes I had been on top of him and he didn’t even bother taking me off.

“Besides you being ugly you’re heavy too! God Juliana who would’ve thought that small body weighed ten thousand pounds.” He stuck out his tongue.

I grabbed onto his pink slimy tongue, smiling evilly at him. “What were you saying about me being fat and ugly jerk?” I said, pulling on his tongue.

“Owth owth fhat hurts!” He complained.

“Say you’re sorry and I’ll let your tongue go!” I commanded.

“Sowwy!” He muttered.

With a big smile on my face I let go of his tongue. “I win!”

He shook his head; he stood up scooping me up in his arms. I looked up at him frighten, what the hell was he going to do? I tried to squirm my way free but he was strong.

“Alejandro Andrew Rodriquez put me down this insist!” I tried to sound motherly.

“No now it’s my turn to win!” He said, walking closer to the water.

“Okay you win now put me down!” I pleaded.

“You know how to swim right?”

I nodded. “Good.” I felt as he launched my body out into the water. I let out a scream waiting to hit the water. When I opened my eyes Alejandro stared at me dying of laughter, he hadn’t let go of me.

“Ale! You horrible you stupid-“He cradled me upward into the air letting me crash into he freezing water.

From the surface I could hear Alejandro laughing. I marched out of the water dripping wet. I smiled kindly at him.

“Want a hug?” I said, walking up to him.

He shook his head. “I’m good.”

I kept following him around. “To bad I want a hug!” I screamed at him, tackling him into the water.

Our body crashed into the water getting us wet quickly. Ale rouse a eyebrow at me shaking his head sadly at me. What? He deserved getting tackled; he just threw me in the water without letting me take off my shorts or shirt! We were even now.

“You should play football!” He said, rubbing his chest.


“Because you tackle like a man!” He whined.

For the rest of the day we played around in the water and in the sand. We kept tackling into one another, hitting each other with the beach ball, and there was even a point where I was going to throw his phone into the water.

Alejandro wrapped his arms around my waist, picking me up. “Caught you!” He said in my ear.

My ponytail had fallen off so my hair was all over my face. I chuckled squirming around his body. “You win! I can tackle like a man but you run like a real man!”

He turned me around giving me his “You didn’t just call me a real man” look. “Baby I been a man!” He said in a girly voice.

I laughed until my stomach couldn’t take it anymore. When I calmed down Alejandro was looking down at me; his hands were still on my hips. I gulped as the air dense.

He brought his head down slowly closing the gap between us. Normally I would’ve backed away but this entire time all I could think about was my day dream. I didn’t need to like him to kiss him.

Our lips were inches apart when his bottom lips touched mine, the sky thunder making both of us jump. I ran my hand through my hair composing myself from our little “moment”.

“That’s not a good sign! We better go inside.” He quickly said, walking away from me.

I stood there looking at him confused. Why did it just feel like he just realize he was about to kiss me? I walked over to him picking up our towels, while he grabbed the bag and beach ball.

When we entered the house that’s when it started raining cats and dogs. Alejandro placed down the things in the living room and walked inside the kitchen. He pulled out his phone and started calling someone.

A few minutes later he came back in to the living room. “I called my mom and she says there is a storm coming. It’s not safe for us to go back right now but if you want we can go. It might take us a longer time to get home though.” He said, scratching his neck.

“That’s fine. It’s better to stay here we are much safer. Tomorrow when the sky clears up we can go back.” I smiled at him.

I wasn’t pleased that I had to stay here with Alejandro alone. It wasn’t because I thought he was going to try and play a move on me, but I never stayed in a house before alone with a guy.

“You’re shaking!” Ale said, touching my shoulder.

“Yeah it’s cold.” I said, rubbing my arms.

“You can go up to my room and shower. In the closest there are clothes pick something you like.” He said, walking to the closest under the stairs.

“Oh okay.” I said.

He hands me some towels and watches me as I go upstairs. It wasn’t hard to find his room it was the only door that had “Free Bitches Get Down Better” It must had been the phase he went through before he turned into a player.

His room wasn’t messy as I expected to be, on the contrary it was neat and clean. He had a king size bed in the middle of his room, a desk top on the other side, and posters of bands. His closest and restroom were together so if he did happen to come in he wouldn’t see half-naked.

I stripped down setting the wet clothes inside the sink; the shower was already on and the stream filled the room. I walked in the shower feeling the hot water hitting my back. My favorite part about going to the beach is taking a shower afterwards; it feels as if you hadn’t showered in warm water for months.

After getting out the shower I walked into his closest. He had a couple of shirts and pants around. I grabbed a grey V-neck shirt; when I placed it on me it came a little above my knees. I tried putting on his sweats and shorts but his waist was bigger than mines.

“You okay?” I heard Ale say.

I turned around nodding.  He had just showered, his hair was wet and he was shirtless. He hovered over me grabbing some boxers from the top cabinet.

“Here, you can just roll them up.” He told me.

“Thanks.” I whispered, putting them on.


We walked back into the kitchen and he began taking out ingredients; Ale had said he was going to cook something good. I watched as he chopped up the green pepper and the pepperoni. He didn’t put a shirt on so every time he moved his arm he flexed his chest.

“Take a picture it last longer,” He said, cutting up the last piece of peperoni.

I rolled my eyed. “Maybe next time. Can I help make the dough?” I asked him, grabbing the flour and putting it on a bowl.

“Yeah just pour the ingredients that are on the counter,” He said, washing the red pepper.

Its seemed like a dream; what was happening.  It felt like I had fallen asleep after the accident with Alejandro; I would probably wake up and be on Xavier’s bed. It’s hard to believe I spend the day with Alejandro and now I would spend a night with him.

I mixed the ingredients around with my hand causing some of the flour to go all over the place. Alejandro walked behind me putting his hands with mine. I looked up at him, gulping nervously.

“Mind if I show you how to do it?” He asked me, nicely.

“Go-go ahead.” I stuttered.

His body reclined a little more into mine making me feel his muscles on my back. While he led my hands to mix well the dough all I could do was concentrate how his body was on mine.

“Sometimes it gets hard to mix it because the dough get thick,” He said right in my ear.

I took in a deep breathe. “R-really I didn’t know that,”

He placed his head on my shoulder still working the dough out. My heart began reaching and this weird feeling crept into my stomach. Ale stopped moving his hands and catching me out of guard he kissed my shoulder.

“It’s hard to pretend as if I don’t like you.” He whispered solemnly.


So I thought I would make this into a sweet chapter(:

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