The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey

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The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey(16)

I sighed taking Alejandro's hands off of me, taking a step to the side, I gave him a look. If I could like him again I would, but inside I knew it wouldn't be possible. Just to have him by my side I would drop the little game I'm playing and just let him like me, but I can't force myself to be with him. I can't do it, I don’t feel anything for him.

"For tonight can we not bring anything that has to do with you liking me?" I asked him, quietly rubbing my arm.

Alejandro nodded. "Sorry."

"Don't be, I'm finally having a good time and I don't want to ruin the feeling." I explained.

Alejandro wiped his hands with the cloth, nodding. "Understandable. How about I finish cooking here and you can start the fire place? The house gets cold easily and the heat contracts with the coldness," He responded, grabbing the vegetables and dough from the counter.

In his voice I could hear the disappointment and I didn't blame him to be. I was having a good time and I had even forgotten about him liking me, then he had to say it. Playing him was getting harder each day, because maybe just maybe I could be wrong about him.

I walked into the living room grabbing firewood from the container; placing some of the firewood in it I set a piece of paper on fire. I watched as the paper sizzled and how soon enough the wood was burning up. It made me think about the night Ale set his jacket on fire, it had to be the craziest thing he had done. Who would’ve thought he would actually give it up and try to be a different person.

"Do you want coke, water, wine, beer, or orange juice to drink?" Ale screamed from the kitchen.

"Orange juice!" I responded, keeping my eyes on the fire.

I heard him chuckle. "Are you sure? There's wine and it's not strong either," He tried to convince me to drink a little but I had to keep my head screwed on tight tonight. I didn't want something to happen I might regret later.

"Thanks but I'll pass tonight I have to take my medicine and I can't be intoxicated." I replied, laughing softly.

A few minutes later he came into the living room with a glass of orange juice. He hands it to me staring at the fireplace.

"You actually did it right," He said shocked.

I gave him a weird look while taking a sip of my orange juice. "What is that supposed to mean?" I asked him, raising a brow.

"Nothing I just thought maybe you wouldn’t know how to turn on a fireplace," He teased me.

"I'm not dumb you know?" I rolled my eyes.

He walked away from me laughing. "I never said you were!"


I stayed a while in the living room warming up, when I heard the stove ring I knew the food was ready. I grabbed my orange juice walking back into the kitchen. Ale had a knife cutting up the large pizza up, when he saw me come in he smiled, continuing to cut up the pizza.

"Damn player I have to give you props you know how to cook!" I said, taking a bite out of the pizza.

For a guy he sure knew how to cook, I thought his breakfest were amazing, but I was wrong. The pizza he had made was delicious, I had never tasted a pizza so rich and tasty before. He rolled his eyes as he took a big bite of his pizza.

"I fed myself I had to learn to cook!"

I swallowed down my food before speaking. "But I'm sure you didn't learn on your own. Mindy must have taught you too." I responded.

He cocked his head to the side, laughing. "Mindy burns water! Who in the hell burns water?'" He exclaimed.

He had a good point; Mindy was never a good cook. The few times she helped us out in the Cafe we out her to make coffee and let's just say not even the sink wanted to drink it. I could cook but I hardly did. If my mom was working late at the Cafe and Xavier was home then I would make food, but when I'm alone I usually eat a sandwich.

"So who taught you then?" I questioned him.

He took a sip of his coke before speaking. "My dad," He blurted out.

"Your dad knows how to cook too?"

"Yeah, in the house only he and I know how to cook. My mom sucks big time at cooking plus she never is at home so she never had a chance to practice," He said annoyed. “My dad was force to teach me how to cook so when he wasn't home Mindy nor I would starve."

"I guess we aren't different when it comes to our parents." I smiled, sadly. "My dad hasn't been home since lord knows when and my mom is always at the Cafe. Xavier's always out so it's only me and no one was there to teach me how to cook I had to learn on my own."

Now thinking about it, my teen life has been lonely. No wonder I am this way, secretly I was afraid to have someone get close to me, because I always feared that they would leave me. I threw away the paper plate and filled my glass up with orange juice.

"So you must get lonely then?" I heard Ale say suddenly.

I glanced up at him. "At times but I have gotten used to it. Everyone that's manage to step foot into my life has left at one point, so I just tune it out when that happens."

I wasn't sure why I was telling him this; these were the type of things I kept to myself. They were dark secrets, secrets that were better to be kept unknown.

"We are going to have to sleep in the living room unless you want to sleep in my room. The rest of the rooms are dirty my mom usually sleeps in my room. I can bring some covers and we can sleep on the couch or you can sleep in my room and I down here," He said, quietly.

"That's fine. I'll sleep on the couch too that way it'll be fair for both of us." I responded.


It had been hours since Ale passed out; I had pretended I had fallen asleep, but as soon as his hand dropped to the side of the couch, I sat up. I couldn't sleep my brain kept thinking about everything that had been happening. Just seeing Alejandro asleep on the couch my stomach felt queasy.

Grabbing my iPhone from the center table I called Gabriela.

"It's three in the morning why must you wake me up?" She whined.

I cleared my throat. "I'm about to drive myself crazy," I whispered, so I wouldn't wake up Alejandro.

From the other line I could hear Gabriela sit up from her bed. "Tell me something that isn't new?" She said, annoyed.

"No, I mean I'm literally driving myself crazy you need to come pick me up right now," I cried out.

"You're in South Padre why do you want to come home now?" She asked me, crazily.

"Because I'm in the same place as Ale and my mind is thinking thoughts it shouldn't" I semi-screamed, jumping out the couch.

I walked quickly to the restroom, locking the door behind me.

"What type of thoughts?"

"Thoughts as if you don't come and pick me right now I'm going to kiss him!" I blurted out.

Gabriela stayed quiet for a moment. "I'm leaving my house right now, I'll be there as soon as I can and think about the time you walked into the people getting it on!" Gabriela scolded me, hanging up.

So I was over handling the situation but I was freaking out only to a certain extend could I handle pressure. I had over passed my limit on handling it; Gabriela usually knew how to keep me on my feet, and right now I was nowhere near on the ground.

I stepped out of the restroom quietly, checking on Ale. He lay in the same position I had left him, snoring lightly. I tip-toed up the stairs to his room as quietly as I could.  It wasn’t raining as hard as before and I could probably leave with what I was wearing, but I wanted to grab the black sweats I saw earlier.

Grabbing the sweats on put them on fixing them by rolling them up, on the end of the rack there was this white and black varsity jacket. I took it putting it on; it didn’t fit as big as I thought. It almost seemed as if it belonged to a girl.

For almost two hours I paced back and forth waiting patiently for Gabriela. It didn’t take long to get here but I figured with the rain it would take a little bit longer. She had text me saying she landed and all she needed was the address.

I took in a deep breathe calming myself down; I felt bad for leaving Ale without saying a word to him. Right now the way I was feeling I didn’t want to be near him or my family. I needed time to correct myself, to put myself back on track.

“Hello.” I answered.

“I’m outside,” Gabriela said.

I hanged up the phone walking down the stairs. This time I didn’t even check on Alejandro, it would be easier for me to leave. Closing the door slowly I rushed towards her car. When I got inside I saw Denise, and Olive looking at me, with bags under their eyes.

“What are you doing here?” I asked them, confused.

“Well when you called me we had all went on a triple date and they decided to stay at my house. Plus when you call for me you call for all of us,” She responded, driving away from the house.

They nodded. “Plus when I heard you say you wanted to kiss Ale I wanted to personally slam the crap out of you!” Demi shrieked, angrily.

“Yeah, what the hell is wrong with you?” Gabriela asked me. “We planned to play the guys not to fall for them!”

I ran my fingers through my hair. “I’m not falling for him! He kissed me last night,” I told them, coughing.

They all stared at me, shocked. “And what the hell did you do? Kiss him back?” Demi shouted.

I shook my head; I began explaining to them everything that had happened these couple of days. At first I was freaking out but as I let everything off my chest, I felt like I could breathe. Gabriela had driven us to the main city renting out a hotel room.  She had said no airplanes were allowed to leave until ten in the morning.

We were all sitting on the couches in the room quietly, while Gabriela and Demi walked back and forth. They had said I was in deep shit; I had no clue why they said that but it frighten me. Olive typed away on her computer doing her own thing.

“Have you forgotten who he is?” Gabriela questioned me.

“No I know who he is.” I responded, firmly.

“And you know he sleeps around with girls.” Demi added.

“I know. I know.” I repeated, placing my head on the cushion.

Olive stood up facing the computer towards me.  “Then get your head back in the game. It seems as if you forgot who you are dealing with here. When it comes to Xavier and Alejandro they’re the trickiest guys to work with,” Olive spoke out.

“Ale might not chase after girls at first but the moment he sets a trap and the girls falls that’s when you’re screwed. At this point you don’t know if he is being honest or playing around.” She continued.

Olive was never the type of girl to get into our crisis but she seemed different, she was more mature. She talked to me firmly never stuttering or looking away from me, but looking close enough I realize she wanted revenge more than I did.

She makes me look at the computer; on the screen there were list of the girls he had slept with. “That’s the real him. That’s how many girls he has banged for a game, for a jacket and all you’re going to be is another number for him.”

I stayed quiet, they were right I was just another girl and number for him. Even if we did share our little moments it doesn’t change the fact he has done the same thing to twenty-two other girls. Gabriela walked up to me handing me a vanilla envelope.

“What’s this?” I asked them, opening it.

“Well while you were in the hospital Demi and Olive went to spy on Arianna and him just to see what type of relationship they had and well just look at the pictures.” Her voice trailed off.

Each picture Ale and Arianna were cuddled closely with one another. They were laughing and fooling around as if they were a couple. As I went by each video I dropped them to the floor, when I got to the last few pictures Ale and Arianna were making out.  My blood started boiling but I kept looking at each picture. The last picture was where he was shirtless and so was she; whatever they were I was being the one fooled.

“After that well you-“

“Yeah I know what happens after this.” I said, standing up.

“Now do you see he hasn’t changed? You need to get your head screwed on, sweetie that boy doesn’t know what liking someone is,” Demi said, touching my shoulder.

I glanced down at the picture shredding it into pieces. You like me huh? Right Arianna gave you what you wanted now you need something new! With the back of my hand I wiped away the few tears that managed to escape.

“I don’t want anything to do with him.” I spoke out, taking off the jacket.

“So then what are we going to do? Are you just going to cut off the game?” Olive shrieked at me.

“No. I found a way to hurt him,”

“Which is?” Gabriela said, moving her hand for me to go on.

“Liking another guy.” I said, sighing.

His intention could be false or not, he could like me for real or he could just pretend like he does, but I was going to play him either way. When a girl see’s the guy she likes with another girl they get hurt and upset, so if I were to find a guy and use him then Ale would hurt.

“You don’t know how to like anyone remember?” Demi said, stupidly.

“True but now a days you can find everything,” I half-smiled.

Demi laughed evilly. “This is going to be good.”

I walked away from them pulling out my phone; these were the times when having a brother as a player paid perfectly.

“This better be good Juliana for waking me up at this fucking hour!” Control responded, grumpily.

“Oh shut the hell up. I need of your assistance and pronto.” I said, clenching my jaw tightly.


Lets just say things are about to get ugly!!;D

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