The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey

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The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey(17)

When the doors of Roosevelt High opened and the tall sexy guy with emerald eyes walked in, all the girls dropped dead. A smirk formed on my lips as I notice every girl drool over him; his blonde hair was nicely over a beanie, he wore loose straight leg jeans, and a nice tight V-neck shirt that exposed his six-packs.

He walked up to me, taking a look behind him. “I feel like I can get raped here,” He said, winking at me.

“To bad you’re mine.” I said, slamming my lock shut.

Control chuckled, shrugging. “Yeah until our contract ends,” He responded. “Next time remind me not to owe you favors,”

Control and I were just close friends; I saved his ass when he screwed up big time on his job. He wasn’t a player or a little flirt, he was a decent guy. Like Xavier Control started his own business at Washington High, it wasn’t as big as ours, but his work came in handy every now and then. Control was the Break-UP Guy, he did exactly what his name says, he breaks up with guys for girls. When one of his operations backfired, I had to go and rescue him, ever since he owed me a favor.

“So besides tapping you what else am I supposed to do?” He teased me reclining against the lockers.

“Funny, but I thought you had heard me over the phone?” I responded, giving him a look.

He nodded, “I know I know, I’m supposed to be your boyfriend!” He said, grabbing me from my waist.

Control and I always hanged out, but we never actually tried to hook-up. So having him all up on me was kind of weird; I would just have to suck it up and get used to it. He picked up my chin giving me a small peck on my lips.

“I can get used to this.” He whispered, giving me a peck.

His emerald eyes twinkled brightly at me. “I’ll try to get used to it,” I said, smiling at him.

Demi and Gabriela walked up to us, giving us smirks. “You guys are actually making this believable.” Gabriela mocked us.

“Yeah, all up on each other and everything.” Demi added, wiggling her eyes at me.

After waking up Control and letting him know what I needed him to do, I explained to the girls what Control was going to do. At first they weren’t sure if it would work but it wouldn’t hurt trying. The next day we went back home and a couple hours later my mom, Xavier, and Ale were calling me. Apparently Ale had freaked out completely, he thought someone came inside the house and kidnapped me. I had to tell my mom Gabriela got sick and I had to go see her, that I couldn’t wait until we got home.

Control smiled. “Gabriela and Demi right?” He said to them.

They both nodded “It’s nice to finally meet the guy who has girl’s back.” Demi told him, coolly.

“There has to be someone out there to help you all out,” He winked at her.

I could have sworn Demi blushed, but she just turned around paying attention to Gabriela. Control was a charm; I wouldn’t blame them if they fall for him. He just didn’t look tasty, he actually tasted sweet.  Enrique came back putting his arm around Demi, he kissed her cheek before looking up at me confused.

“What’s going on here?” Enrique asked me, pointing to Control and I.

“Ah, sorry Enrique this is Control-Control Enrique.” I introduce them to each other.

Enrique and Control nodded at each other. “Is he your boyfriend?” Enrique asked me.

Control nodded. “Yeah, we’ve been together for six months,” He spoke for me, wrapping his arm tighter around my waist.

Enrique looked at me examining my face as if he didn’t believe what we were telling him. Demi wrapped her arms around, giving him light squeeze.

“We should go babe.” She said, sweetly.

Gabriela looked at me smiling evilly, I hadn’t asked much about the process they had achieved while I was gone, but looking at how Demi called Enrique babe, she wasn’t having much trouble. If Enrique was being easy to get at then the guys would be a piece of cake.

“Yeah, well you make her cry I break your face,” Enrique said seriously.

“Don’t worry dude all she ever does is scr-“I covered his mouth stopping him before he finished the sentence.

I felt my cheeks turning bright red. “Don’t worry he won’t make me cry,” I laughed, nervously.

Enrique nodded walking away with Demi beside him. I felt as Control licked my hand, I brought my hand back giving him a nasty look.

“GROSS!” I whined, wiping off his saliva on his shirt. “You think your funny but you’re supposed to make “us” look believable not make me look like a crazy horny girl!”

“Hey I don’t know how long I have to play this little game of yours so I must as well have fun with it!” He said, chuckling.

I rolled my eyes. “So Demi is dating Enrique now?” I asked Gabriela.

She nodded. “He asked her out the day you left to South Padre. At least she’s advancing faster than us.” She sighed, sullenly.

“What happened with you and William?”

“He is a total dufus, he aggravates me, and every time I see his face I want to put a paper bag over it!” She said, annoyed.

Control laughed at her. “Either he is really ugly or you just dislike him,”

“He is a nice sweet guy but his player personality is just horrible!”  She exclaimed.

I gave her a tight hug. “Ignore him for a couple of days and talk to some guys he’ll loosen up.” I advise her.

“Thanks, I have to go, I have a major test for fifth period and I need to study.” She said, taking out her text book.

Mental Note: Have a nice talk with William!


For half the day Alejandro wasn’t seen anywhere, they weren’t supposed to arrive back until after lunch, so any minute now he would be in school. He would probably be looking for me for ditching him at home, but he deserved it.

 I was walking to the restroom when I felt someone take hold of my arm. I looked behind me to see Alejandro looking down at me angrily. I smiled at him innocently.

“Hey you’re back!” I giggled.

“Why did you leave?” He blurted out.

I sighed, taking my arm out of his grip. “I told you already Gabriela was sick and I wanted to come see her,” I responded.

He rolled his eyes. “Bullshit. She’s in the library not sick at all.” He said. “I’m not an idiot, why did you leave? If you didn’t want to be with me you could’ve told me you didn’t need to ditch me!” He yelled angrily at me.

I laughed dryly. “My reason to leave doesn’t need to concern you. If I left because Gabriela was sick or for another reason it shouldn’t be bothering you.” I spoke out, calmly.

Control stepped out of the guy’s restroom, looking straight at me. He didn’t come over to me as I thought he would. He just stood watching at Alejandro and I screamed back and forth at one another. Alejandro was upset that I had ditched him at South Parade and I was happy he was, because after this point all he would feel was unhappiness. I would show him the consequences of playing stupid with me.

“You see this is what I don’t understand about you! One day you’re going off on me then the next you seem to want me around you! What the fuck do you want?” He questioned me.

I want you to hurt.

To cry.

To learn your place.

To see that girls aren’t objects you can play around with.

“I want you to stop getting mad at the things I do. If I want to leave I can and you shouldn’t worry why I left,” I told him, calmly.

Alejandro raised his hand up to me getting ready to grab onto my arm, when Control went up to me. His emerald eyes had turned a dark blue and his jaws tighten with every breath he took in.

“If I were you I would back away from my girlfriend.” He said in a serious tone.

Ale looked at him confused. “Girlfriend?”

Control nodded. “Yeah, girlfriend. Don’t talk to her as if she doesn’t understand what youre saying. She already told you to stop worrying about her. She has someone who taking care of her.” He defended me.

Alejandro faced scrunched up in agony. “You really are something else Juliana.” He spat out. “You are complicated.” He whispered.

His words were supposed to hurt me, my heart was telling me they should, but they didn’t. They bounce right off of me, as if I had a force field blocking his words off. He could go run back to Arianna and sleep with her as much as he wanted; he just needed to learn that girls like me don’t play around with guys like him.

I looked straight at him, keeping myself postured. “I did warn you.”

Ale looked down at the floor then with a small smile he said “Damage me, Juliana I dare you,” He turned around making his way back to the cafeteria.

I am, just wait.

Control turned his head towards me. “You okay?” He asked me, worriedly.

“Perfect.” I whispered, staring at Ale as he sat down to Arianna.

Arianna placed her head on his shoulder, soothing him. She glanced up and gives me a quick glance. If she stayed away from him then I wouldn’t be force to do this, he would’ve been fine, but she had to show up, she just had to ruin my plans.

Control hugs me, kissing me on top of my head. “Juliana you have so much to learn about boys,” He muttered.

“Shut up and just help me do this,” I responded, inhaling his bittersweet aroma.


Days went by and things kept getting better and better. Ale began missing school sometimes even up too three days, and when he did return he seemed like he was in his own world. Every time he would catch Control and I holding hands or kissing he would run off, hitting lockers.

I was more focused in the game at school than ever because now I was one of the players trying to tackle down the poor weak defense. Now I began to understand why the guys loved playing this game, the feeling of playing someone was amazing. It almost felt as if I was living off his own pain.

It was Friday night and I was at home finishing my homework when Xavier storms in. “This needs to stop!” He exclaimed, angrily.

I sat up giving him a confused stare. “What are you talking about?”

Xavier ran his hand through his black hair. “I don’t know what happened in South Pardre but something triggered a little button in your brain that made you go mad.” He told me, keeping his eyes on me.

“Xavier I been doing what you taught me to do. I am keeping the game balance, the guys on check, and finding love.” I responded simply.

Throughout Ale’s outburst of angerment and my fake affair with Control, Xavier hasn’t said anything about it. He pretends as he doesn’t see, hear, or know anything, but I knew when he got tired of not saying anything, he would go off.

“Don’t act like a smart ass with me Julie! Have you seen how you been acting lately?” He questioned me, worriedly. “You’re not you!”

I crossed my hands against my chest, sighing. “No. I’m just not dealing with people’s bullshit anymore.” I spat back at him.

Xavier shook his head at me. “Stop and think what you’re planning in your little head! Stop and realize that hurting someone else is transforming you into a heartless bitch!” He shouted.

I jumped out of my bed slapping him across the face. “You respect me! You don’t fucking talk to me like the stupid girls you fuck with!” I shrieked in his face.

Xavier looked at me and without warning he slapped me back. My body crashes on the floor making a stinging pain crawl through my body. Xavier stood over me, glaring down at me. My eyes watered and my heart thudded, what the hell was going on?

Never had Xavier laid a hand on me, nor had he ever screamed at me like how he was doing. Why was what I was doing wrong, but what they did was fine! I was taking a stand to give them a taste of their own medicine and all they could do was bash me about it.

All of a sudden I become the bad person? Guys were making me understand that girls couldn’t take a stand for themselves, that they still thought we were weak, idiotic humans. Revenge wasn’t the best thing I could do, eventually it would backfire, but while it lasted I wanted to taste every tear of pain Ale shed.

“Get out of my room.” I commanded Xavier.

“I want to feel sorry for you Juliana I really do but I can’t. Das Lastima (You make me feel sorry for you).” He told me.

“And you make me feel disgusted by you, the feeling is mutual. Now leave!” I said, picking myself up.

Xavier looked at me and without another word he stormed off. I grabbed the book that was lying on my bed throwing it into the hallway. Das Lastima? I make you feel sorry for me! I’m your damn creation, you made me this way!

Grabbing my bag from the nightstand I left the house.

“Juliana where are you going!” My mom screamed out for me but I ignored her, driving away.

 I was angry, everyone else could do what they wanted but I couldn’t. I was tired of everyone seeing me as this fragile girl; I was nothing but the opposite. I was a bitter cold girl and the only thing that satisfied me was seeing the person that tired playing me hurt.

My head was thudding as millions of thoughts rushed through my mind. I felt like I needed to stop he car and scream my lungs out, I needed fresh air.

I put my phone on speaker and dialed Control.

“Ugh, why do you keep doing this to me?” He cried groaning.

“C-c-ontrol! I need you!” I cried to him.

He shuffled around his bed sitting up. “Hey what’s wrong? Where are you?” He asked me, concern.

“I’m driving but I don’t know what to do.” I muttered, wiping my tears away with my freehand.

“Okay, just come to my house okay. Just calm down,” He said as calm as he could.

Keep calm? The last thing I want to do is be calm; the Juliana that has been squirming around inside me is commanding me to scream, to punch walls, to just drink everything away.

Das Lastima. Heartless Bitch! Xavier’s word rung in my head over and over as if my mind wanted to keep it on repeat. When I pulled in Controls driveway he was waiting for me outside. I got off the car running into his arms, he held me tight as I cried.

“You need to calm down.” He soothed me.

“What did I do wrong? He said to stand up for myself and that’s what I am doing!” I cried, in his chest.

He scooped me up into his arms and took me inside his house. Control shut the door behind us caring me to the living room. I stayed in his arms just crying away, I wasn’t turning into a heartless person, it seemed that way but it wasn’t true.

“Julie I understand why you want your revenge and I understand why you’re like this but the question is do you?” He said, brushing my hair with his hand.

I nodded. “Ale tried to play me and I don’t like people that play me, that are why he needs to see how it feels.” I explained to him.

He looked down at me and sighed. “You can’t stand seeing him happy Julie.” He whispered. “You can’t see him happy because you won’t let yourself be happy.” He kissed me on my forehead, leaving his warm lips on there for a long time.

All I ever wanted was to be happy, I wanted to find someone who liked me, and I wanted to date them for a very long time. Every time I saw couples it was the only thing I wanted, to have someone holding me, kissing me, being there for me when no one else was. But how can I do that when the guy I don’t like wants me, and the only reason he wants me is because he wants to play me.  

Ignoring Alejandro didn’t work and not getting myself involve with him was too late. I was going to finish what I started and when it was all set and done, I’m going to leave Roosevelt High leaving my name imprinted in their stupid legacy forever.


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