The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey

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The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey(18)

I awoke with a hand wrapped tight behind my back, a weaving warm chest, and Controls hot breathe hitting my cheek. We had passed out on the couch, lying on top of one another. My eyes felt swollen and dry from all the crying I did last night, but I pushed back the thoughts of yesterday. I glanced down to see Controls legs tangle with mine, his perfect face stayed still as he slept. Instead of getting up and making him go to his room, I snuggled myself even more in his arms, and passed out again.

When I awoke again I was alone on the couch. In the kitchen you could hear the clash of pots and pans. Sitting up I rubbed my eyes, trying to make the tiredness go away. Control walked back in the living room with a tray of food in his hands.

"I'm glad you're up! I made break feast." He said, putting the tray on my lap.

He had made me oatmeal with honey, a slice of toasted bread with a small bowl of strawberry yogurt on the side, and a big glass of orange juice. I looked up at him smiling, he was sweet.

"Thanks." I whispered, taking a spoonful of oatmeal.

"I woke up at seven and I thought about waking you up, but I decided not to. School must be the last place you want to be at," He told me, eating his bowl of oatmeal.

I wasn't sure if school was the last place I wanted to be, maybe it was my house. If I went back I would have to deal with my mom and how I didn't show up last night. Then I would have to face Xavier, although last night he slapped me, I don't blame him. He brought me back to my senses; he was just trying to watch out for me. He could've responded a little better than he did, but I did slap him first. I deserved to get slapped back.

"This is really good!" I exclaimed, happily smiling at him.

Control chuckled, wiping off some oatmeal from the corner of my mouth. "I can tell. Slow down babe there is a whole pot full of it!"

My cheeks flushed. "Sorry. Honestly I can't remember the last time I ate," I said, solemnly.

"I have only seen you eat once this week and that was because I shoved a pizza in your mouth." He responded, giving me a look. "You do look skinner; you have to remember to eat!" He scolded me.

"I just forget too. Don't worry though I have you to feed me!" I shot back at him.

Control rolled his eyes, after finishing our food he took the tray back. He walked up to me looking down at me.

"What?" I demanded.

"Your eyes-their swollen." He said bending down looking at them.

"Duh, I cried like a baby." I pushed his face away from mine.

He shook his head; bring his face back to mine. He got closer giving a kiss to both of my eyes.

He smiled sheepishly at me. "There now they won't be swollen so much."

I rose my eyebrow at him. "You're such a dork!" I giggled.

He shrugged, "If being a dork makes you smile than I'll be the dorkest guy you know."

Control wasn't anything compared to Ale, he was more down to earth, more gentle, and whenever I didn't want to tell him something he wouldn't go off on me. We got along perfectly and threw out this whole time, I been wishing Ale could be like that. If he was calmer and his temper not from hell then he wouldn't have someone trying to hurt him.

"I'm going to fix you Julie." He blurted out.

I snapped my head up at him. "What are you talking about?" I asked him.

"I'm going to show you how to like someone without plotting to revenge yourself on them." He said amusingly.

"I don't revenge guys I like! I never actually liked someone to want to date them." I defended myself.

"You need to learn to let your feelings start speaking and your head" He pointed to my head, poking it. "Shutting up."

I stood up shaking my head. "Nope. My feelings are uncontrollable every time they run wild I don't know how to react." I said, walking to the kitchen.

Control followed me nagging how I just needed to give his plan a chance. Letting him teach me how to feel and not over think seemed unreal. I always over thought things especially when I didn't know what my feelings are trying to tell me.

"Okay fine. At least learn to loosen up a little," He pleaded.

"Now with that I can agree." I said, grabbing a bottle of water.

He smiled. "I thought so."


Control and I walked hand in hand by the park, enjoying a walk. He had said going for a walk would loosen me up a little, I begged a differ but he said he was now the teacher and I the student.

"Why are you frowning? Aren't you enjoying the walk?" He asked me.

"Ugh I feel like you’re trying to loosen me up before you dump me." I laughed, quietly.

He stopped walking looking at me seriously. "Really? You're mean!" He whined. "I take you on a nice walk, hold your hand, and even compliment you and you tell me you feel as if I am those guys who are about to dump their girlfriends!" He yelled, acting offended.

He chuckled. "I thought this would be good for you! Geez women I can't even act nice with you." He snarled.

I walked up to him wrapping my arm with his. Putting my head on his shoulder we kept walking. Control and I weren't going out in real life, we did act we were, and sometimes it felt like we were acting like a real couple but he wasn't the type to date girls. He always said he wanted to wait for the right girl to walk along his path and sweet him off his feet, girly right?

From a distance there was a couple they were laughing and playing around with each other. The guy was hovered over her tickling her sides, while the girl tried squirming away. I couldn't help but to smile, they were cute together. Without realizing when we approached closer to them my smile faded away.

The girl had managed to take the guy off of her and when she moved her hair away from her face, she looked up. Arianna stood still looking at me.
Control tighten his grip on my hand, telling me just to ignore them, because where ever she was so was Ale.

Ale stood up standing right next to him, for a moment time stopped and it felt as if we were all getting ready to enter a battlefield. When Ale usually saw me with Control he would run away, not saying a word, but today he came toward us.

"Hey grumpy." He smiled at me. "Hey Control."

We both looked at him confused, but it was mostly me. Why was he talking to me? We weren't supposed to speak to one another, then why do it now?

"Hi." I whispered, looking at Arianna.

She gave me a small nasty glare, before hooking her arm with his.

"Sorry. He didn't mean to disturb you too." Arianna said rudely.

I state quiet not responding. "It's cool. He wasn't he just came over to say hi." Control said, smiling at her.

She didn't look at him she kept her attention at me. Shooting daggers at me every time our eyes met. My blood boiled slowly, but it was boiling. Eventually if it finished boiling and Arianna still was giving me ugly stares things were about to get bad.

"Chill Ari! We were about to catch a movie want to come?" Ale invited us.

I quickly shook my head. "Thanks but we can't. Control and I are going to the fireworks tonight in Dester County." I lied.

Ale nodded. "Hm well next time then," He said, happily.

I wondered if maybe he was drugged. Arianna could be giving him pills to make him feel calmer, that's why he is talking to me as if nothing between has happen. I know Ale and he doesn't let anything go, unless it is cleared up.

"Let's go Ale." Arianna tugged on his shirt.

"You should go." I told him, looking away from him.

Ale nodded, following Arianna. Control and I stood there for a moment figuring out what just happen. Either way I couldn't help but to some guilt.

"What do you feel?" Control asked me.

"Lastima. (Sorrow) I feel sorry him." I whispered without thinking.


"Because he seems like he has gone mad," I responded, looking at Ale as he walked away.

"Isn't that what you wanted? For him to rot in his own despair?"

I shrugged. I wanted to teach him a lesson not for him to lose his mind. Was I really blocking myself so much that I ha forgotten how feeling sorry for someone felt? This is what I wanted to see him suffer but why does the accomplishment feel so bitter, so ungrateful.

"Do I look like that?" I asked him, sincerely.

"Dazed? Out of it?" He said, keeping his eye on Ale. "Sometimes when you get lost in the other mad world of yours."

I took my eyes off of Ale focusing on the ground. He deserved it. This was his punishment for playing me. I repeated that over and over again until I finally pretended it was true.

Alejandro's Point Of View

Her puny body shook undermine as she reached her climax, without another word, I got off of her walking to the restroom. I couldn't remember how I even ended up in the room with her, shit I don't even remember half of the day.

This was how my life turned, ever since Juliana decided to screw me over with her blonde boyfriend. My days now consisted of only banging girls, I didn't do it because I was in the mood, I did it because that was the only way I could pretend nothing bad had happened. It was the only way her face wouldn't appear in my mind.

After my shower the girl I had just slept with had left, leaving a note: Thanks for a great time see you tomorrow;). I crumpled it up throwing it into the waste basket, making it fall with the rest of the notes girls left me.

"God this reeks of sex and slut." Arianna said, spraying air fresher.

I chuckled looking at her amused. "This needs to stop. You having sex with girls all the time isn't healthy! You can catch a STD!" She scolded me, taking off the dirty sheets from my bed.

"You act as if they didn't invented condoms." I said, mocking her.

She rolled my eyes bawling up the sheets before throwing them on the floor. During the time I been trying to get over Julie, Arianna has been by my side. She tries her best to cheer me up, to help me move on, and although I know she is hurting because she likes me, I can't find the mentality and heart to care.

"Open your mouth!" Arianna ordered me.

I gave her an odd look before opening my mouth. She peppered sprayed my mouth, supposedly "disaffecting" my mouth.

I coughed spitting out salvia. "Gross!"

"You need to make sure you don't catch anything!" She screamed, spraying me again.

I covered my mouth, forcing the taste to disappear. "I don't kiss the girls! I just take off clothes and do what to do." I cried, sticking my tongue.

Arianna shook her head. "Still! You don't remember half the stuff you do! Especially when you black out. You know you should just let me have a talk to her." She gritted her teeth.

Arianna didn't dislike Juliana completely; she just didn't like what I was going through. She said I didn't deserve it, but I did. This was my punishment for messing around with girls and taking away something they should be holding close. The girl Gods finally had enough with me and they wanted me to suffer.

"Then you go talk to her? What the hell is wrong with you!" She yelled, talking about what happened earlier.

"I was trying to be friendly." I whispered, trying to forget how she was curled up next to Control.

I wasn't jealous that Control had her, he was a lucky guy. What made me lose my temper was the way she acted with me, I try to do something nice for her and she goes off on me. At first when she compared me to my jacket she didn't have the right too because I wasn't like that at all. But now with all the girls I sleep with she can tell me manwhore, and I'll agree.

Arianna sighed walking up to me. "She's utterly stupid. She doesn't know the Ale I do." She said, smiling at me.

"I'm not what you think I am Arianna." I responded, grabbing the baseball from my shelf.

"What do you mean?"

I shrugged throwing the ball around. "I deserved to get screwed over. I deserve to suffer because I did the same to twenty-two other girls" I responded remembering all the girls I had slept with.

Arianna looked at me funny. "What do you mean you did the same to twenty-two other girls?" She questioned me.

"I played twenty-two girls. I seduced them, slept with them, then dumped them." I explained to her.

When Arianna returned back to school I never told her I was in the game the guys are. Nor did I ever tell her I am one of the legends there, I decided to keep it a secret from her, but eventually she would find out and when she did I didn't want her to be mad at me.

"What do you mean Alejandro Andrew?" She raised her voice.

I sighed rubbing the back of my neck. "I played twenty-two girls; I made them think I liked them, shagged them, then disposed of them."

She glared at me disgustedly. "And you’re proud of that? Is that why you fuck every girl that drops to her knees?" She yelled angrily.

When you enter the game you never think about what it might do to your life. I thought of it for a reason, it was meant to teach a lesson to all guys, some of them would figure it out, while others would never find the answer. After its all set and done and you tell someone else what you did, it sounds disgusting. It makes you wonder how you were able to pull down pants and do girls; how you were able to wear a disgusting jacket with the number of girls you slept with.

"I'm not saying it with pride or anything. Yeah I used to bang girls that dropped on their knees, but who wouldn't? I wanted to change." I spoke out.

"And why didn't you?" She asked me.

"I did, I gave up my ways and I told Juliana I was going to win her heart." I stayed quiet for a moment laughing. "But she just saw me as a manwhore. At first I just liked messing with her, I liked how she would always get mad. And how her brown eyes twinkled every time I teased her. Things were bad I'll admit but they seemed to calm down until you showed up. Ever since she acts different." I told her everything she needed to know about Juliana and me.

She took in a deep breathe, giving me a look. "Did you ever try playing her?" She questioned me.

I shook my head. "I never did and I never will. I don't want to play anymore girls Arianna; I'm done playing this game." I whispered.

A little less dramatic chapter for you(: Don’t get frustrated yet, Julie and Ale are going through some confusing moments;D Eventually.. everything well get better…lets hope!

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