The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey

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The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey(19)

“Come on baby turn on please!” I cried as I tried turning my car on for the firth time in a row.

The car made a screech before shutting off, god dam it! Just my damn luck. Today hadn’t been my day, besides getting detention afterschool I had to stay to fix a mess one of our newbie’s did. Even after giving them the guidelines, explaining what they had to do, they still screw up.

I got out the car slamming the car. “You stupid piece of crap! You’re a brand new truck, how in the hell do you break down!” I yelled, angrily.

The clouds roared over me, indicating they were getting ready to drop their water. With a sigh I grabbed the knob trying to open the door, turns out it was locked. I digged in my pockets looking for my keys but I couldn’t find them, sitting nicely in the ignition were my keys.

Fuck. My. Life.

Usually I had my phone in my back pocket but I had thrown it in my bag, which was in the car. I snarled slamming against the side of the car. I couldn’t drive home, I couldn’t call someone to pick me up, and I couldn’t take the bus. My house was at least thirty blocks and if I walked it would get to dangerous.

“You really like messing with me huh?” I said, talking to the sky. “I don’t want to see him! Not now and not ever! SO make my car door to open up magically!” I screamed.

The only responds I got was a thunder and the pouring rain crashing on me. I had no one to go to but Ale, his house was three blocks from the school. I could knock on his door ask to borrow his phone, run back to the school, and wait for Xavier. I nodded to myself, sounded like a plan.

Every ten steps I tried turning around and going back to my car, I really didn’t want to face Ale, at least not yet. All this week we haven’t seen each other, he has been at school it just he been avoiding me.

Okay Juliana, just tell him you need to use his cellphone because your car broke down. You don’t have to start a conversation nor stay. I pepped talked myself the entire way, forgetting that I was getting soaking wet. I took in a deep breathe and knocked on his door, at first I thought he was ignoring me because the lights of the house were on, and then I heard a noise coming from the backyard.

“Alejandro! Hey are you back there?” I screamed, making my way to the trampoline.

Squeak. Squeak. Squeak.

I opened the wooden gate to the backyard, on the trampoline Ale was jumping up in down as the rain came pouring down. I stood there watching him as he blocked the entire world. His eyes were closed and he kept jumping acknowledging my presence.

“Alejandro!” I spoke out.

He snapped his eyes open gazing at me.

“Hey, um, I don’t mean to bother you but my car broke down could I use your phone to call Xavier?” I asked him, embarrassedly.

He just stared at me, without saying a word. “Come jump with me.”

“What?” I demanded.

He smiled extending his hand outward. “Come. Jump with. Me,” He said again.

Was he okay? I know some people love the rain and they like jumping on trampolines but you would think he would go inside before he caught a cold.

“Thanks for the offer but I just want to use your phone.” I said, kindly.

He rolled his eyes at me. “I’m not going to bite you!” He responded, sitting down.

“I know you’re not but-“

“But what? You don’t want to see me? Or you just don’t want me right now?” He questioned me, mocking me.

I sighed, crossing my arms against my chest. He was starting to be his jerkself again, that only meant things were getting back to normal. I took his hand getting ontop of the trampoline.

“Happy?” I said, annoyed.

He shrugged. “Not really, jump.” He commanded.

I rolled my eyes jumping up and down with him, the rain hadn’t stopped and it only seemed to be getting harder. Ale made me close my hands and taking my hands into his we jumped together in the pouring rain.

Even with the cold rain coming down his hands were warm against mine, he gave my hands a light squeeze. I opened one eye looking at him, I felt sort of stupid jumping in a trampoline as if we were kids. When we both jump at the same time I went higher than he did, he slipped falling on the trampoline and I crashed right on top of him.

“Oh shit!” He yelps, groaning.

“I’m so sorry!” I said, trying to get up but kept failing miserably.

Out of nowhere we burst out laughing together; we both didn’t know why we did but it felt good to hear his laugh. I was sitting on top of him, just laughing at each other. The way we just fell on one another was just priceless, and how I kept trying to get up but slipping on the water was hilarious.

“I haven’t laughed like that in months.” I said, touching my stomach.

He nodded. “Tell me about it,” He muttered, closing his eyes.

I hit him in the forehead. “Hey I really do need to use your phone.” I told him, getting off the trampoline.

He jumped up walking beside me, before I could step inside his house he grabbed onto my arm.

“What are you doing?” I asked him, looking at his hand.

“I’m sorry.” I heard him say. “For getting mad at you for no reason, for making your life complicated, and I’m sorry for being a burden to you.” He blurted out.

Don’t apologize to me, because I had finally admitted you deserved to get played. Even if you weren’t a jerk as I thought you were; in the outside I wanted him to get played but deep inside my heart begged a differ.

I didn’t want to play him anymore, period. Honestly I didn’t want anything to do with him, even if the girls would get mad at me I didn’t want to get involve in his life anymore. It was fun pretended to be Controls girlfriend and he is an amazing guy, but the only reason I wanted to play Ale was because I couldn’t make myself happy.

I was turning myself bitter and who would want a girl like that? I know I wouldn’t, so why hurt someone else for the problems I have. Yeah he was a player and he is annoying, he probably deserves to get played, but I don’t want to be that girl. My name would be imprinted on Roosevelt High forever because I ran the whole game, and I will until I graduate.

There are a lot of Alejandro’s in Roosevelt High and just playing one of them isn’t going to make a difference. Somehow I’ll get my punishment for getting involved with him and life will find a way to pay him a lesson. It wasn’t my task to get even with him.

“I don’t like you. I have my reasons but I think from now on you do what you always did, and I’ll keep doing what am good at,” I said to him.

“But what if I don’t want to go back to the old me? What if my life get go on without you in it?” He asked me.

“I have Control and he is a amazing guy, and you have Arianna, that girl likes you more than you know. I just think it’s better to go back to when you were one of the players and I was just one of the girls trying to get away.” I responded sincerely.

Things could never be the same, we both knew that, I knew that, but it wouldn’t hurt trying to make everything the way it was. I would help the girls play the rest of the guys but Ale he was just going to get crossed out of the list. He was no longer considered a Player for me.

“You gave up your jersey for me and it hangs in my closest if you ever want it back. You just choose the wrong girl to fall for,” I said, looking at him straight in the eyes.

He smiled and shook his head. “I have chosen wrong girls before but you Juliana you’re not the wrong girl. It’s the wrong time and moment to like you but you’re the one.” He smiled.

My stomach turned into a knot, no one had ever told me something like that before. They never actually said to me I was the one, he really was blind. Didn’t he see the girl I was?

“Take it from me don’t waste your time. You need to have patience and understanding to be with me.” I said, laughing quietly.

He nodded. “You’re stubborn but I like that. You stand up for yourself but you’re right I won’t waste my time because I know one day when you’re ready you’ll look for me,” He told me.

“When I’m ready?” I asked him, confused.

He nodded. “When you’re ready you’ll know. I can take you home if you like,” He offered.

I wondered what he was telling me was true, when I felt ready was I going to look for him? What was I getting ready for? Ale was confusing sometimes but I guess that’s what made him interesting in the first place.

Even after we fight, we still see each other and pretend as it never happened. Why? Don’t ask me because I don’t know the answer, our relationship with one another was complicated, but somehow it managed to work.

“Yeah that sounds good.” I told him, walking to the front.

The entire ride to my house we were quiet, I didn’t know what to say. Did this mean we wouldn’t speak to one another until it was the right moment? All these questions filled my mind making me question where are relationship stood.

Ale drove up to my driveway and let me get out. “Thanks Ill see you around.” I said, getting off.

He nodded. “Take care,” He said to me.

“You two.” I spoke out, giving him a smile before closing the door.


“You just came and you have to leave again!” My mom screamed from the kitchen.

I slammed the door behind me, not knowing what was happening. She usually got upset when dad showed up home, only to be leaving the next day. Something crashed against the wall, causing me to jump.

Xavier ran out of his room and looked down at me. “What the hell was that?” He asked me.

I shrugged. “I don’t know.” I said, running inside the kitchen.

On the floor were a glass plate shattered into pieces, on one side of the kitchen my mom stood crying her eyes out, while on the other side my dad stood in his business suit. He had bags under his eyes and he looked skinner than he already was.

“What’s going on?” Xavier said, putting me behind him.

When our parents fought were never got into it, it usually got violet and my dad would leave the house. My mom frustrated herself, she said my dad needed to be home taking care of us, not somewhere else.

True he did but he had a job and from what I knew my dad was still maintaining us. He would give us whatever we wanted.

“Nothing son just go back upstairs.” My dad responded, giving us a wearily smile.

“No what’s going on? It’s one thing to be fighting it’s another to be throwing plates across the room.” Xavier began raising his voice.

My mom wiped her tears away straighten her posture. “Kids just go upstairs this is between your father and I.” She said, maturely.

I stepped aside looking at them. “Mom just calm down. I’m happy dad is home why can’t you?” I questioned her.

She laughed dryly. “Home? He is only spending the damn night and then he is off again! He is fucking forgetting he has a family!” My mother shot daggers at him.

My dad but his fingers between the bridge of his nose. “I haven’t forgotten about anything! What do you want me to do? To quit my job? We can’t survive with the café!” He yelled back at her.

“You act like your boss won’t give you a damn break! It’s a company they have many employers to do their job!”

Xavier looks down at me, worriedly. “Go upstairs and change before you catch a cold.” He said to me.

I shook my head, why should I go when this is a family matter. No wonder Xavier and I were screwed up, because we had a unstable family. I had abandonment issues and Xavier had attachment problems. Why? Because our parents were the same as us.

“Elly please let’s talk about this as adults. The kids are here.” He tried compromising with my dad.

My mom shook her head. “Let the kids see what type of father they have!”

Xavier grabbed a glass cup throwing it against the wall, making the room go silent. “I had enough of this! It’s always the same shit with you two! Why aren’t you home, I’m too busy!” He screamed, at them.

“Don’t you ever fucking think about us? Do you ever say “hey maybe I can miss this meeting just to spend some time with my kids!” “Hey I should stop screaming like a crazy bitch because maybe my kids get frighten!” He cried out.

He weaved calming himself down. I put my arm on his shoulder making him look down at me. Xavier never liked getting into our parents fights, he said it frighten him. He said he was scared one day they would say they didn’t want to be together. Now I understood why he was so scared, our parents wasted more time arguing than playing attention to one another.

“Calm down.” I whispered to him.

He looked at mom and dad bawling his hands into a fist. “I’m leaving. I’m spending the night at Alejandro’s.” He said stepping out the door.

We waited to hear the door slam shut and when it did the house stayed silent. I took in a deep breathe.

“I thought parents were supposed to show a good example to their children not to prove to us who was the worst parent, because right now both of you are,” I said, looking at both of them dead in the eyes.

“You two make me sick.” I whispered, running up the stairs.

I slammed the door closed and leaned against it, fighting back the tears. My life was getting worse every day and every time I feared I could no longer be that strong girl. For the first time I dropped to the ground and screamed my lungs out, wishing everything would just go back to normal.


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