The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey

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The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey(21)

Chapter Twenty-One:

When I walked into the school, I had no clue what I was going to do to Roy. At that moment my mind was a blur; my world was crashing down before my eyes and instead of trying to stop it, I was staying still. From across the hall I could see Roy and the boys.

As I marched up to him a small smirk plastered on his face. You slick little son of a bitch, how dare you hit my friend. How dare you mock me! I was a few steps away from when he spoke out.

“I knew I would see you soon.”

I launched my fist towards his face, causing everyone to stay silent. Pain sprung from my hand to my elbow, if I hadn’t broken my hand by then I would’ve punched him again. I sucked in the pain and glared at him. Blood ran from the corner of his lip, he looked at me angrily.

“You have some guts Juliana,” He snapped at me.

I laughed dryly. “You think that I would be afraid to touch you?” I asked him, stupidly.

He wiped off the blood before looking up at me. “If I was you I wouldn’t even show my face here because after everyone find out what you did, you’ll be dead.” He taunted me.

“Do you think I care about my social status? On the contrary you’re going to be doing me a favor,” I shot back at him.

I never cared where I stood in school, in the popular crowd, or in the loser crowd, I could care less. He could threaten me but he would be losing more than I would be. Yeah, I would be ruin, but that didn’t matter anymore.

He walked up to me putting his face close to mine. “I don’t think you would want Alejandro to be mad at you.” He whispered in my ear, almost teasing me.

I looked straight into his eyes and told him to come closer. “You know what your worst mistake was Roy?” I asked him, quietly. “You can be a player but you’re a dumbass.”

He snarled at me. “You have balls to be talking to me like that!” Roy screamed at my face.

I shook my head sadly at him. “Does screaming at girls make you feel powerful Roy?” I questioned him, putting my hand on my hip. “Does it make you feel like the boss? Let me tell you something, here in the United States HITTING a girl is against the law.” I screamed loud enough for everyone to hear.

Everyone gasped and gossip began spreading. “Tell everyone what my girls and I did, tell them why you have the chance, but when you’re in jail rioting like the monster you are, don’t forget my name, don’t forget your dumbass fucked with the wrong girl.” I told him, seriously.

I walked up to him taking off the number on his jacket. “You make this number and that jacket look like a disgrace Roy, so you won’t think I’m mean I’ll let you keep the jacket, so when you get out you won’t forget what you did.”

I took a hold of my other hand putting it against my chest, it was hurting, but the pain was worth it. Roy launched himself at me ready to attack me when Alejandro pushed him back.

“Don’t touch her,” Alejandro responded, seriously.

He looked back at me, making sure I was okay before paying back attention to Roy. “The police have already a reason to throw your ass in jail don’t give them another one.” He spoke out.

“Even after the shit she tried doing to you you’re going to defend her?” Roy exclaimed.

“Whatever she did is between her and I! You don’t go around hitting a girl! You don’t touch girls!” He yelled, angrily at him.

Alejandro knew I had played him; Roy had managed to tell him. He succeeded to ruin part of my life. Roy looked at me with his eyes filled with anger.

“I’m glad I beat up Olive, I would do it again if I could.” He said, smiling evilly at me.

I glanced at the ground then at him. “I would punch you again if I could, but I’ll let those two police officers over there.” I pointed to the men standing by the lockers, giving him dirty looks. “To take care of you.”

I turned around walking away as everyone kept their eyes on me. Taking in a deep breathe I held my head up high not letting anything take me down. Alejandro chased after me, stopping in front of me.

“Why?” He asked me, hurt filling his voice. “Why try to play me?”

“Why not try to play you? I felt like I had all the reasons too.” I told him, exhailing.

When I imagined telling him this I thought the feeling would be more tasteful, more fulfilling. My plan didn’t backfire; I didn’t fall in love with him. Feelings were still there but they weren’t developed in anyway. My plan just wasn’t thought out well and back then I chose all the wrong reasons to play him.

“When I thought you were sleeping with someone in the library and you were really sleeping I felt bad. I thought that maybe you weren’t the guy I thought, but when I walked into the hallway and saw you kissing Yavanna I felt played. I felt like you did it on purpose.” I told him, keeping my eyes locked on him.

“But I wasn’t!” He defended himself. “You kept being pushy and I got mad when you kept assuming things!”

I nodded. “You had the right too, when you slept with the girl in the dress shop and then called me a bitch. That’s when I had the last straw; I made a plan to play the pre-legends. I tried to play you.” I said, forth fully. “I wanted you to suffer like I thought you deserved too.”

He stayed quiet, just staring at me. “But you aren’t what I thought you were. You’re a player and I guess that’s something you can’t change but behind that player there’s a guy I denied to see.”

I gulped. “You’re the guy who gave up his jersey. You’re just the guy for me now.” I whispered.

I don’t think the game was over yet, but this part of it I was done with. For once I swallowed my pride and was honest with myself. I just wanted to start fresh even if it means leaving people behind.

“You played me alright,” He whispered, smiling sadly.

“I don’t want to say I’m sorry because I’m not.”

 I didn’t want to see him anymore so I walked past him, just hoping he wouldn’t try to follow me. Xavier and Linda were standing by my car, they were leaning against it.

“You called the police?” Xavier asked me, surprise.

I nodded. “I was going to hit him with a baseball bat but I think I would’ve killed him if I did.” I muttered opening the door.

“You broke your hand huh?” Linda said as she stepped in the passenger’s seat.

“Yeah, you think you could take me to the hospital now?” I asked them, tiredly.

Alejandro stood on the middle of the parking lot, looking at the car. He was going to be okay, things were going to be okay. At least that’s what I was hoping for.


One Month Later:

We all sat on the wooden picnic table as Xavier placed the burgers in the middle. It had been a month since the accident, since Ale and I stopped speaking. Roy was sent to prison for a year and he wasn’t happy when his daddy couldn’t bail him out.

Olive was doing fine and she took her experience to help herself improve, she got out the team after that. We still hanged out though, she says she doesn’t blame me for what happened to her, and she says things like this happen.

“Hey babe you’re not going to eat?” Control asked me from across the pool.

I shook my head taking pictures of them as they ate. Control and I didn’t pretend to break-up on the contrary we kind of started real dating. It’s weird because now he is my real boyfriend; which I think would’ve never happened.

It was spring break and we had decided to get everyone together and get in the pool. Xavier had invited Alejandro and Arianna but they hadn’t showed up. I wasn’t surprised but I thought Ale would come just because he and Xavier are still cool.

“Damn it I forgot the ketchup!” I heard Xaiver whine.

I stood up walking past them. “I got it!” I shouted, walking inside the house.

Xavier had started cooking when he realized Linda wasn’t the type of girls that liked to make food for guys. She was pretty cool, her and Xaiver aren’t together yet, but I have a feeling they soon will be.

On the counter the bottle of ketchup stood, when I was going to back outside the door bell rang. I placed back the ketchup bottle running to answer to the door. Alejandro stood at my door, looking down at the floor.

“Hey.” He said, quietly.

“Hi, come in.” I said, opening the door wide open for him.

He shook his head. “Thanks but I just came here to talk to you.” He said to me.

Slowly my stomach turned into a knot; why would he want to talk to me now? We didn’t have anything to speak of, I told him the truth and things were supposed to end like that.

“Um, sure” I said, stepping outside.

From the distance you could tell the gray clouds making their way towards us, it was going to rain soon. Alejandro stared at me before walking forward with me following behind.

“So what did you want to talk about?” I asked him, as we walked side by side.

“I missed talking to you.” He blurted out. “Life’s been boring without you around.”

I snapped my head up looking at him. “I made your life interesting?” I questioned him, confused.

He laughed. “You made it wonderful actually; you gave me reasons to actually wake up every day.”

“Really?” I said not believing me what he was telling me.

He nodded. “You made things much unboring. Why? Because your Juliana and Juliana’s aren’t normal.” He teased me.

I laughed, slightly pushing him. “Shut up! I’m normal.”

Quickly silence lingered and we were just walking. I glanced at him and notice how he had changed. He looked more tone and his six pack could be seen even with baggy shirts. He didn’t have as much bags as the last time I saw him, but I could tell he still didn’t sleep well.

“Why do you still talk to me even after what I tried doing?” I questioned him.

“Because your Juliana and at the end of the day I still like you, even if you did try to play me I wouldn’t care.” He said, looking down at me.

Did he really care about me this much? Could a person like me have such a big impact on someone like him? I know my life wasn’t a cliché movie where the player and the coach fall in love; it was more wicked and crazier than that. But he had feelings for me and at one point I did too.

He said the day I realize what the game really is about that I would come back to him. Until this point I find no reason for that game, I see no lesson it teaches, but does that mean I can’t be around him?

I stopped walking. “Alejandro find someone who sees the real you. Don’t involve yourself more with me.” I told him, truthfully. “I can’t like you neither less can I ever love you.” I whispered.

“That’s why I came today, I came to let you decide Juliana” He spoke out.


“If you don’t want nothing to do with me than I’ll walk away and I’ll never bother you, but if you want me to stay than just tell me and I will.”

I stood still looking at him. He was making decide if I wanted him to stay or go, I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t decide for him, he needed to do what he felt was best. If he left or stayed I don’t think it would make a difference.

“Do what you want don’t make me choose.” I whispered.

“I’ll go Julie.” He said.

A part of me wanted to launch at him and say “no don’t go stay” but then another part of me said that it was the best thing for him. I looked up but by then Alejandro was already half way down the street.

Every time a came to watching him go, my heart it broke a little. I never understood why, it never clicked that maybe all this time my heart and mind were giving me the answers I preferred to ignore.

My body reacted on its own because when I snapped into reality I was chasing after him. No this time I wasn’t going to ignore this, I wasn’t going to walk away like all the other times.

“Alejandro!” I screamed after him.

He turned around stopping completely. I launched myself towards him, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“I don’t want you to go, not this time!” I whispered, looking at him. “Stay and don’t leave”

I smashed my lips onto his just giving my heart the final comfort it was asking for. Giving it the guy it was longing to have…


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