The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey

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The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey(23)

My head pounded as I sat up from the ground, I pulled down my shirt, scanning around I realize we were still at the beach. Next to me Alejandro was passed out, he was missing his shirt and he had a busted lip. When I tried to move my entire body trembled. What the hell happened last night? I couldn’t remember anything. The last thing that came to me was when I did body shots with Ale, after that it’s a blur.

I shook Ale, making him wake up. He let out a groan, sitting up he rubbed his eyes. “God, my head is killing me!” He muttered.

“What happened last night?” I asked him, putting up my hair in a ponytail.

He shrugged. “Honestly I can’t remember crap.” He responded, standing up.

He looked around the beach and there were still people passed out all over the place, I was surprised the police wasn’t here throwing all of us in jail. I wondered where the girls were at; I hoped they would be fine.

“Julie.” I heard Ale say.

“What?” I demanded.

“We aren’t in the same beach we were last night,” He told me, freaking out.

I jumped up looking around, he was right; we weren’t at the same beach as last night. This one has the stage and bar at different locations than the other one, and Ale’s house wasn’t next to it either.

“Where are we then?”

“I don’t know.” He whispered.

I searched my pockets looking for my iPhone, I couldn’t remember if I had it with me last night. When I knew it wasn’t on me I sighed frustrated. Ale began digging in his shorts and pulled out his phone.

He called Xavier, but he didn’t answer, then we called Demi and she didn’t either. After calling Arianna, Gabriela, Control, and Olive and getting no answer we gave up. Ale suggested they could be at home still asleep.

“Why do I feel as if I have been drugged?” I questioned him, as we sat on the backseat of a taxi.

“I think we were. That’s the only bad things about these parties whatever they pour in the cup, we drink it. We don’t ask what in it or anything. So yeah we probably were drugged, it would explain why we can’t remember anything.” He informed me.

This had to be the second time I was drugged; first when I went to LightSpeed and now this. I just have the worst of luck. We arrived to the house to find the house a wreck; there were strangers asleep all over the place, and not to mention he reeked of sweat and sex.

“Demi! Gaby! Control!” I screamed through the house.

Ale walked behind me scanning the floor, figuring out if any of the guys passed out could be Xavier. I walked into my room to see Olive fast asleep on the couch, on the bed these two brunette chicks and guy.

I walked up to her shaking her. “Olive wake up.” I said.

She fluttered her eyes open. “Ugh, Julie?”

I backed away as her breathe hit my face. She smelled like hangover and throw-up. I helped her sit up giving her a few minutes to snap back into reality.

“Where is Demi, Arianna, Control, and Xavier?” I questioned her, concern filling my voice.

She shook her head. “I don’t know. You and Ale began doing body shots and Demi and Xavier started playing beer bong, and Arianna and I started dancing. We were getting drinks from all around I don’t know,”

This was great, we hasn’t even been here a day and we had lost everyone. We should’ve stayed together! That’s what we should have done, and I shouldn’t have listened to Ale.

I opened the closest door grabbing my bag, my iPhone was at the bottom and I had fifteen missed called from Gabriela. I dialed her back but her phone sent me straight to voice mail.

“What’s going on?” Olive asked me.

“I don’t want to panic yet but I think we might had lost the girls and the guys.” I whispered.

From downstairs we could hear Ale screaming at everyone to get out, and we did the same. After fifteen minutes the house was empty just leaving us three in there. We all stared at each other as we tried figuring out what we were going to do.

“So they aren’t at the house.” I spoke out.

“And they aren’t at the beach.” Olive added.

“So where in the fuck are they!” Ale exclaimed.

Its wasn’t the fact that we couldn’t find them that bothered us, it was the possibility that we had gotten drugged and anything could’ve happened last night. This was beginning to feel like that movie where they lose their friend and it turns out they had hid him in the roof. Sadly we don’t have anywhere to hide them at, and this wasn’t a movie.

“If they passed out somewhere they have to come home eventually,” I reassured them.

Ale chuckled. “Xavier and Control are missing if my brain isn’t brain playing me right now the last place I saw them was at the wet t-shirt contest.” He told me. “You give guys drugs and girls it isn’t going to end well.”

Olive ran her fingers through her hair. “What makes you think we got drugged?”

“Well the last time I checked Alcohol doesn’t make you not remember anything? Or do you have a better explanation?” He asked her.

“I don’t think we got drugged, I just think we got to shit face to remember anything.” She replied.

I jumped on the counter staring at both of them, it didn’t matter if we got drugged or not, we just needed to find the rest of our group. I dialed Demi hoping she would answer her phone. The door burst open and Enrique and Gabriela came in, they looked like crap. Enrique was missing his shirt, Gabriela hair was all over the place, she was missing a sandal, and not to mention they smelled like death.

“Oh thank god you’re here!” Enrique cried slamming the door close.

Gabriela passed us grabbing a cup and filling it with water. “I feel like a fish without water!” She whined, chugging it down.

“Where were you two?” I asked him, worriedly.

“We woke up at a club on the other side of the island. We tried looking for Demi and Control but we couldn’t find them.” He said, sighing.

“So Demi and Xavier were with you?” Ale questioned him.

He nodded. “Yeah last night after the body shots Demi, Xavier, Gabriela, and I went to the house, we found a bottle of Jack Daniels and after that it’s blur.”

Gabriela slammed the cup on the counter, groaning. “I don’t know what the hell happened last night but I feel like I’m going to die!” She yelled, rubbing her temples.

“You’re not the only one,” I whispered, putting my face in my hands.

We were in deep trouble, Arianna, Control, and Xavier were somewhere in the Island. They could be hurt, still drunk, who knows. Ale suggested for us to change and eat after that we would go and look for them.

After showering I put some white shorts and a purple tank top, I put on my sunglasses, and waited in the living room for everyone else. I tapped my phone waiting eagerly for a call or message from Control or Xavier.

Ale sat next to me, hitting me softly on my thigh. “Their fine, their phones must have died that’s why they haven’t called. We will find them.” He smiled at me.

“I hope so.” I muttered.


We had searched every club and beach in South Padre and hey were no place to be found. I tried calling them over and over but they weren’t answering, when we stepped out of the North Yale Club, this girl with black hair stopped me and Ale.

“Hey you’re that couple that was eating their faces off.” She exclaimed laughing at us.

Ale and I stared at one another confused. “What do you mean?” I asked her, giving her a look.

She rolled her eyes pulling out her phone. She showed us a video of Ale and I hardcore making out, I thought if the video went on any longer we would get naked.  

Ale stared at me shocked. Now, I began to freak out because who knows what the hell went down last night. My boyfriend and brother weren’t just missing; I might have slept with Ale.

“Hey did you see some other guys with us?” I asked her.

“A guy with black hair and a Blondie, they left with this mermaid girl.” She informed us.

“Mermaid girl?” Ale questioned her.

“Yeah, she looked like a mermaid, well her hair did.” She corrected herself.

“Where did they go?” I asked her desperately.

The girl stayed quiet for a moment trying to remember where they went. “They said something about Rock Bottoms. Honestly I don’t know what that is.” She responded, shrugging it off.

We nodded. “Thanks.” We both said, running down the street.

“Do you want to talk about what happened last night?” Ale asked me, quietly.

I shook my head. “Nope, I don’t remember it so it never happened.” I quickly said, running to Enrique.

“Gabriela Rock Bottoms, what is that?”

Gabriela looked at me for a moment. “If I’m not wrong I think it’s a strip club.”

Strip club? Yeah that sounded pretty right, it would be Xavier and Control to go to a strip club. They were so dead when we found them. Olive stared at her phone than at us.

“Do you guys remember doing this?” She asked us as she raised her phone to our view.

Arianna, Xavier, Control, and Olive were all shirtless, there was Ale squirting them with a water gun as if they were doing some game. Olive had that “Please tell me we didn’t do this” look on her face.

“I don’t remember that,” Ale whispered, scratching the back of his neck.

I squinted my eyes and saw a red mark on his lower right ab. I turned around pulling up his shirt; there was the big hickey on his right ab. Did I do that? Does this mean I actually slept with him?

“Don’t get scared I bet nothing happened.” He assured me.

“What if something happened?” I exclaimed losing my calm.

He shook his head. “Trust me I can be drugged and I’ll know when I had sex, it’s a guy thing,”

Enrique looked at us weirdly. “You didn’t give him that.” He pointed out.

I snapped my eyes up to his. “I didn’t?”

He nodded. “Arianna did, they were almost banging on the other side of the beach, but Arianna puked and ran off.”

A bit of relief overflowed me, but another part of me was beginning to get angry. If Arianna was about to sleep with Ale, there is a possibility that she could’ve slept with Control. She wouldn’t do that though, right? She would stay away from my boyfriend.

Gabriela sat down on the bench. “Guys seriously I don’t feel so good.” She cried, grabbing onto her stomach.

“Of course you don’t, you’re fucked up.” Olive responded stupidly.

We all chuckled to ourselves; it was weird when Olive cursed. It was hard to get used to hearing her talk like that. She had changed a lot after all that has happened.

“Enrique could there have been a chance someone drugged us?” I asked him.

“There is a possibility, I mean it’s spring break. No one just drinks anymore but I made sure all the drinks you were getting were from a just opened bottle.” He told me.

“But what happened to the bottle I brought from the bar?” I questioned them.

“We finished that really fast; it was the first bottle we finished.” Ale said to me. “Why?”

“Well what if that chick was drugging all of us in the party?” I said, confused.

“Okay, we got drugged but we can’t do anything about it. The Brightside of this is tonight we won’t drink anything we don’t see someone pour,” Enrique rolled his eyes.

Tonight? If we did find Control, Xavier, and Arianna there was no way in hell we would party again. If we did everyone was going to stay sober. We walked a couple of blocks to a strip club, we walked in hoping to find them.

Girls were pole dancing all around, giving old creeps a show. I went to the bar and the same chick that was at the beach last night was the bartender.

“Hey nice to see you again.” She giggled.

“Yeah how nice.” I muttered. “Have you seen the guys that were with us last night?” I asked her.

She shook her head. “I can’t say I did. I was bartering all night.”

I looked at her for a minute, could she have possibly drugged everyone. Why would she? She didn’t look like a bad person; she must be trying to pay off college because her school I.D was still on her.

“Did you drugged the party last night?” I questioned her.

She giggled. “Well it was a drug out beach party, so basically everything in the drinks contains all sorts of drugs.” She sounded smart.

“You gave out drinks that contained drugs to teens? You weren’t afraid they would overdose?”

She shook her head. “Each bottle had a minimum dose, plus it wasn’t something illegal. It was codeine, that’s why you all felt relax last night.”  She moved her hands around laughing.

I slammed my hands on the counter. “Because of you my friends and brother are missing!” I yelled angrily. “Before you hand out drugged beverages asked them if they know what type of party it is!”

Ale and Enrique ran up to me holding me back. “Calm down it isn’t her fault she was just doing her job!” Enrique soothed me.

“Her job? There isn’t a type of job were you give out drugged beverages!” I exclaimed.

Ale covered my mouth with his had before gave myself even more attention.

“Hey you’re mermaid girl’s boyfriend!” The girls responded.

Ale shook his head “I’m her best friend.

“Oh well that would explain why she came over to the bar crying.” She said, tapping her chin with her index finger.  “And why she wanted to go to Bottom Rock.”

I licked Ale’s hand, making him take his hand off of me. “This isn’t Bottom Rock?”

She disagreed with me. “Bottom Rock is a cliff people go over there to jump off the cliff. It’s fun but super dangerous,”

When she said “Dangerous” I zoned out. My boyfriend and brother were drugged and drunk and they went to jump off a cliff. A freaking cliff! I was sure they were dead already, just imagining how my mom would react when she figured out her son died!

“W-wh-where is it at?” I stuttered.

“South side of the beach.” She gave us the directions to get there before making the guards kick us out.

The ride to the cliff felt like an eternity, this scenario repeated over and over in my head. I could see Control and Xavier jumping off a cliff laughing and giggling and then slamming into the water, dying in impact.

Could they all be stupid enough to jump? Would I be stupid enough to jump in that kind of state? Of course I would, you aren’t thinking at that time, all you want is to drink even more and have fun. But the videos and teachers are right drinking and doing drugs aren’t fun when it has to do with you and your family.

We arrived to the cliff and we all ran up to it. On the side of it, Xavier, Control, and Arianna were all giggling to one another. In their hand they had a bottle of Casadores. They didn’t pass out, they had been drinking all this time.

“Xavier! Control!” I cried out, running towards them.

They stood up walking against one another so they wouldn’t fall, I wrapped my arms around them both.

“You guys scared the crap out of me!” I scolded them.

“We feel so screwed up!” Xavier responded, digging his head in my shoulder.

“You aren’t drunk?” I asked them.

Control shook his head. “Some girls jumped off the cliff and they gave us their beers, we were dying of thirst.” He explained.

I watched as Ale walked up to Arianna, he took hold of her shoulders and picked her up. She was furious at him because she began punching him in the chest, then she tried kicking him. I ran to them taking her off of him.

“Hey what’s your problem!” I yelled at her angrily.

She glared at me. “My problem is that even after you screw him over he still wants you! And I been trying to make him love me since we were teenagers!” Arianna cried.

I looked at her solenly. “You’re tired and drunk Arianna calm down!” I spoke to her softly.

“NO! That video of you and him making out is all over the place. You know I love him andyou still do this to me?” She shriked as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Arianna we were all drunk and maybe you still don’t know but the type of beach party we went to was really fucked up! Plus I don’t even remember making out with him,” I tried to calm her down but she would only get madder.

I had patience with people and with her it was any different. I understood why she was mad and why she disliked me, the feeling was mutual but I wasn’t a threat. I wouldn’t go and steal Alejandro from her, I had my boyfriend.

“You just need to calm down,” I told her.

She grabbed on to me and before I could react, she threw us both off the cliff.


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