The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey

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The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey(24)

“Juliana wake up!” Control screamed at me.

When air finally hit my legs, it was as if life had slammed back into me. I sat up puking up water that had managed to get in my lungs. My body was aching terribly from the impact and my throat was on fire. On the other side of me Arianna was snuggled up next to Ale as he soothed her.

I stood up throwing my fist in her face. “What the fuck is wrong with you!” I yelled angrily at her. “You’re a crazy bitch! Who throws off someone from a cliff?”

Arianna spit out blood from her busted lip. She looked at me than Ale, what the hell was wrong with her? Did she literally think I wanted Ale, she could have him. I ran my fingers threw my soaking wet hair, inhaling air.

My throat tightens as I felt that it was getting harder to breathe. “I’m sorry; I was still drunk I didn’t mean to do that.” She apologized to me.

I ignored her as I tried to swallow my own spit but I couldn’t. I put my hand on top of my chest inhaling but I couldn’t feel my lungs fill with air. Xavier ran up to me looking at me nervously.

“Shit now right now!” He screamed, putting his hands on each side of my cheek.

“What’s happening to her?” Ale yelled at Xavier as he scrabbled his way towards me.

“She’s having a asthma attack!” Xavier cried out.

It had been years that I had one of these, when I was smaller I would always have them, but as time went away they disappeared. When Arianna through me off the cliff she caught me off surprise and triggered one to happen.

Xavier dropped me to the ground making me fall on top of him. I never liked carrying around my inhaler so when these attacks would trigger Xavier had to calm me down. He wrapped his fingers around mine intertwining them, than he began whispering things in my ear.

“It’s okay, you can breathe. Just inhale.” He uttered to me.

My body tensed up and I dug my feet in the sand as I tried to breathe. Ale stared at me watching me in agony, Gabriela and Olivia were ready to call paramedics but Xavier told them to wait, I had to wait until it passed by until I could go to the emergency room.

When you are going through something like this it is undesirable, your throat begins to dry up and your lung cries for air, but even though we are breathing your body think it isn’t.

Xavier let go of my hands moving my hair to the side, he brought his hand up to my earlobe and began rubbing it. At times when he would rub my earlobe it would sooth me a little but right now not even that is working.

“Xavier we need to get her to a hospital!” Ale cried out to him.

“She’ll die before we get there,” He whispered.

I took in a deep breathe launching my nails into Xavier legs, I tried to fill my lungs with air. Ale fell on his needs in front of me, his eyes were filled with tears and he was shaken up.

“Come on you can breathe.” He reassured me. He took in a deep breathe wanting me to follow him.

I mocked him and I did everything he did, we began inhaling and exhaling at the same time, but even now when my lungs were getting a little bit of air I still couldn’t breathe right.

“Distract yourself! Think about your surroundings.” Gabriela said to me.

My surroundings? The last thing I could do was focus, they didn’t have a clue how bad this attack was. I never had something compared to it before. I stopped moving and let out a gasp.

“Shit.” I heard him say.

Xavier’s Point Of View:

Wrapping my arms around here I squeezed her tight. Julie began to gasps again when she felt like she couldn’t breathe again. Her attacks were never this bad before and I couldn’t do anything about it. Even if I called the paramedics they wouldn’t be here on time. I had to keep her calm until it passed.

“What’s wrong with her?” Control voice filled with panic.

“She’s getting a panic attack.” I said, wrapping my legs on top of hers.

“Julie you need to calm down, you aren’t going to die. You are breathing princess. You are breathing just calm down.” I whispered in her ear.

I felt as her body relaxes a little but not completely. She closed her eyes and concerted on her breathing. We had learned if she just relax and told herself she was breathing the attacks would go away, afterwards I would have to rush her to the emergency room.

Julie kicks her foot in the sand, tenses up, before passing out in my arm. I didn’t let her go because I know she still wasn’t done. Until her body relaxed I let her go. After fifteen minutes she calmed down and completely passed out in my arms.

“Is she dead?” Arianna questioned me frighten.

I shook my head. “She knocked out. They usually knock her out when she doesn’t take her inhaler.” I informed them, staring down at her.

“We better take her to the E.R.” Control said.

“I’ll go get the car,” Linda said, running towards the parking lot.

Alejandro hovered me just staring at Juliana’s worn out body. “Is she really going to be okay?” He asked me, almost begging me to say yes.

Honestly I thought she was, she always passed out when she a asthma attack. The doctors would say it would worn out her entire body causing her to sleep for hours. I just hoped that this time it was the same and she would be okay.

Ale picked her up carrying her back to the car. Arianna and I stared at one another, I didn’t hate her, but right now it was hard not to. She just pushed my sister off a cliff; caused her to have a asthma attack, and now she is pretending like she cares.

“Is she going to be alright?”

“You know you are a sad girl, fighting with Julie is one thing, but pushing her off a cliff? That’s crazy” I snickered. “Julie doesn’t want Alejandro she has someone she likes but you, you need help Arianna.”

“I didn’t mean to throw her off the cliff I don’t know what caught into me.” She cried out. “I never acted this way before.”

I gave her one last look before walking away from her, whatever she was going through she needed help, and throwing someone off a cliff was crazy. I almost felt sorry for her.


We were going to take Julie to the hospital but Ale called Mindy, she called Greg who worked at a local clinic and he checked her out. He said it would be better for Julie to carry around an inhaler because this attack was more severe. He told us to keep a close watch on her and not to leave her alone.

It was already nine-thirty and everyone decided to stay in, after the little drama incident they said it was better to wait until Julie woken up. I was sitting on the couch trying to keep myself awake when the bathroom door opened.

The smell of beer and throw up filled up the room, groaning from the restroom came out Demi. Her hair was a total mess and she was missing a hell. She looked at Julie than at me. We had forgotten about Julie, even Enrique forgot to mention where she was at.

“What did I miss?” She slurred her words.

“A lot. Are you okay?” I asked her, going up to her.

She reclined her head on my shoulder sighing. “I feel like utter shit,” She whimpered.

I moved my head away from her. “And you smell gross. Have you been asleep in the restroom this whole time?” I questioned her.

She nodded. “I was so damn tired and the beds were all used up so I past out on the bathtub,” She informed me. “I feel like Kesha waking up in tubs and shit.” She said, walking out the room.

I followed her taking her to Enrique. He was laying down watching t.v. his eyes snapped up and they almost popped off when they saw Demi.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt?” He asked her all these types of questions.

Demi pushed him away. “I was asleep in the bathtub Enrique! I wasn’t kidnapped by drug dealers or anything!” She screamed, going inside the bathroom.

I chuckled quietly. “Dude even when she is hangover she is bossy!”

Enrique nodded. “She’s something else. How is Julie?”

I sighed. “She is still passed out but Greg said she should be waking up soon.” I responded, kicking the invisible dirt.

Enrique tapped my shoulder. “You shouldn’t feel bad Xavier you took care of her the best way you could,” He assured me.

I could’ve helped her more if I just put my heart into it. I could’ve prevented her from having panic attack, but I didn’t try harder. What if something bad had happen to her? What if I was wrong and when I thought she passed out she really died? Just thinking about all the bad things that could’ve happen it frightens me.

“Are we going to leave early then?” He asked me sadly.

I shook my head. “No she probably won’t want to, but this time we have to make sure nothing bad goes down.” I told him.

Juliana’s Point Of View:

I dragged my feet on the wooden floor as I made my way downstairs, they sun had woken me up and I had waken sore. My mind tried reminded me about what happened yesterday, but I ignored it. Whatever happened yesterday I wanted to stay there. I was tired of dealing with things like this.

On the kitchen table Ale was sitting down drinking a cup of coffee, he looks up and smiles at me. “Hey how are you feeling?” He asked me.

“I’m exhausted.” I whispered, grabbing the carton of orange juice.

After having asthma attacks it would take me days to recover from it. It almost seemed as my body liked feeling worn out, because feeling this way didn’t bother me as much as it needed too.

I scanned the kitchen wondering where everyone else was at. When I got up from my bed no one was in my room, nor the rest of the rooms. Ale placed down the magazine gazing at me.

“They all went for breakfast.” Ale said as if he was reading my mind.

“And why didn’t you go with them?” I questioned him, pulling out a chair.

He stood up walking behind me. “Because you couldn’t be left alone so I volunteer to stay.” He said, setting down a plate of waffles. “And because I thought you would wake up starving.”

I smiled up at him. “You made me waffles?”

He nodded. “I didn’t know what else to make you, I want to apologies for what Arianna did yesterday. She’s really screwed up in the head and plus drinking isn’t her thing.” I heard him say.

I probably should be seeking out my revenge on Arianna, but I didn’t care anymore. She could think what she wanted, she could say what she felt like, but as long as I knew I didn’t want Ale I didn’t have to worry about her.

“It’s okay, I shouldn’t have punched her either.” I muttered taking a bite of my waffle.

“It was a pretty good hit though.” He chuckled quietly.

I laughed. “My fist hurt too!”

Ale sighed sitting down next to me. I placed my head on his shoulder resting for a minute. Why when I was with Ale nothing seemed to matter to me? The world seemed to stop and all I could feel was his presence. Even after everything we been through he has made a huge impact on my life.

“I like her.” Ale whispered suddenly.

“Who?” I asked him, making small circles on the back of his hand.

“Arianna. I like her,” He said again.

My chest tighten and I felt a slight tug inside my heart. He liked her? Why did he change his mind so quickly? He just had said he didn’t want to be with anyone and now he likes her?

“Then tell her,” I told him, quietly.

His brown eyes stared right at me and he smiled shyly. “Tell me that you don’t like me though.” He pleaded me.

“Why?” I whispered.

“Because I want to let go of you but I cant.” He responded, gluing his eyes to my lips.

“Then don’t let go of me,” A slight plead escaped from my mouth.

He chuckled. “I want to like her; she’ll be the way to forget you.” He told me firmly. “She’ll be my escape from liking you even more.”

He got up from the chair walking away from me. I followed him grabbing onto his hand, he needed to see me say I didn’t like him. Even if I hate seeing him with Arianna he needed to be happy.

“I don’t like you.” I spat out.

“I don’t like you and you can like her even love her,”

He looked down at my hand then at me. “I can’t love her.”

“Why not? Yes you can!” I said angrily.

“No, because I think I love you already.” I heard him say.


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