The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey

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The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey(28)

The metal doors opened and rushing through them I tried my best to stay calm. The entire plane ride here I begged God not to take Mindy away, she didn’t deserve to die. My legs wobbled as I approached Cindy; her eyes were swollen from all the crying she had done.

She didn’t even tell me anything she just grabbed onto my arm and lead me to the room. Alejandro stepped out of the room with tears in his eyes, our gaze met with one another before I rushed into the room.

Mindy lay on the bed with machines connected on her from all over the place. My heart pounded loudly against my chest when I saw that she was literally dying. Her once tan skin was pale, and she had bruises all over her face. Through the thick white blanket a small blood stain passed through it.

Her brown eyes snapped at me, a small smile appeared on her face and she motioned me to come closer to her. I hesitated I was afraid if I walked any closer to her she would break, I was scared she would die.

“I was waiting for you.” Her voice came out raspy.

“W-what happened?” I asked her, holding back the tears.

She took in a deep breathe, looking up in the ceiling. “Greg and I were going back home from a party when a girl passed the stop sign. The car flipped over and we crashed into a construction zone.” She whispered.

“But you’re going to be okay, right?” I begged her.

“Come here,” She ordered me.

I walked slowly up to her, looking down at her my eyes filled with tears once again. Mindy was the sister I never had, she was always there for me when I needed her. When I moved to Spain she even came and visit my mom and I, she said she would never forget about me. And I believed her.

She placed her warm hand on top of mine giving it a small squeeze. “Don’t cry.” She muttered. “Things happen for a reason,” She assured me.

I rolled my eyes at her. “Falling off a bike, breaking up with your boyfriend are things that happen for a reason. People dying aren’t just things that happen for a reason,” I corrected.

“Everything that life put us through is for a reason,” She said again. “But I didn’t wait for you to get here just to see you sad. I want you to listen to me.” She gasped.

She took in another breathe, proceeding on with what she was saying. “I can’t leave this earth without you seeing that you’re in love with my brother.” She said, smiling at me.

Even when she was dying Mindy wanted everyone to be happy, why was she worried about me and Alejandro. We would be okay as long as she was fine; instead of worrying about what happened between us she needed to get better. For once she needed to think about herself.

I chuckled. “Mindy you need to just worry about-“

“I can’t leave without you promising me that you will give Ale a chance,” She said again.

I shook my head. “Mindy I can’t do that, he is in love with Arianna,” I tried to make her understand, but she wouldn’t listen.

“Listen to me, I have never seen him more in love with someone since the day I saw him with you.” She responded honestly.

It didn’t matter at this point; I didn’t want to see him anymore. It was already difficult to forget him, if I stirred up more problems things would only get worse. She needed to understand that Ale and I were done; we could never be something because we never were.

“I came here to tell you that you can’t leave! You have to keep fighting,” I cried out to her.

She shook her head. “I’m going to die anyway Julie, let me at least die in peace,” She begged me.

How could she say she was dying she easily? She was so calm and stern about it, that it terrified me. Mindy must be scared to be dying, she must want something to keep her distracted, and because I know I wouldn’t be able to react the same she was.

“You have so much to live for Mindy, and I know you are strong to keep fighting for your life!” I convinced her.

“Greg died.” She spat out. “He died before my eyes and the last thing he told me was “He loves me” there is no way I can live without him.” She whispered.

I watched as her eyes filled with tears. She didn’t want to live anymore if Greg wouldn’t be around, she would miss him to bad. That was the true meaning of love, even if you know they loved you to the very end you wouldn’t be able to live without them.

I couldn’t help but to remember how I felt without Ale. The emptiness, the urge to want to run to the phone, and call him. Could I have liked him all along that I have fallen in love with him?

“Greg would want you to live for him. You can’t give up.” I placed my forehead on hers.

She placed her other hand on my cheek and smiled. “Promise me you will love him.” She pleaded.

“I can’t do that.” I told her sadly. “My heart won’t let me,”

“It’s not your heart that won’t let you anymore, it’s your head.” She uttered under her breathe.

A machine went off behind me and underneath me Mindy body tensed up. She squeezed my hand keeping her eyes on me. She was dying right in front of me, when I tried to call for help to she wouldn’t let me.

“Promise me. Please,” She stuttered. “A-ale he-he will n-need y-you more th-than ever.”

I shook my head sobbing. “I won’t hurt him anymore, I can’t.”

“Please!” She cried out.

Machines began going off and the harder I tried to run to get help, she would hold me back. For a fragile person she had the strength to keep my in place. Through the widow I could see Cindy and the crew; they were all sitting there in silence.

“Cindy! Help!” I screamed for her, but she didn’t hear me. “Cindy! Call the doctor!”

“Promise me, you won’t leave him anymore!” Her voice cracked.

“Mindy don’t die on me!” I shrieked at her.

Her brown eyes stared at me. “Promise me!” She cried out.

“Please don’t go!” I sobbed. “Please.”

“Promise me!” She whispered.

I closed my eyes nodding. “I promise Mindy, I promise I won’t leave him!”

She inhaled loudly, and all the machines went flat. The heart monitor went from beats to a straight line. Warm tears rolled down my cheeks and all I could do was look down at her.

“Wake up Mindy!” I whispered, touching her cheek.

“Please wake up!” I screamed, angrily. “You can’t just make me promise you something and leave me!”

I dropped to my knees, crying. This is a nightmare, it had to be, all of this was just a big crazy nightmare. I was at home with mom and dad, Xavier will wake me up any moment, I know it.

But no one ever woke me up; I sat there for a few seconds sinking in the fact Mindy had died. At that moment a fuse in my brain popped, my body became numb, and my surrounded just blacked out.

I stepped out of the room and everyone stared at me. Linda rushed over to me shaking my shoulders, but I pushed her out of my way and I kept walking.

“Julie!” I heard Xavier screamed out my name.

“Come back!”

From the distant of the halls I heard Cindy’s shrieks as she realized her baby had died. Her only daughter had passed away in front of me, and I couldn’t do anything to stop it.

I reclined my back against the cool wall and watched as nurses and doctors rushed towards her room. Alejandro tall presence walked past me, he had a calm reaction, I watched closely as he exist the hospital.

I followed him, and when he makes it to the entrance of it, he lets out a scream. His screams echoed in my ear breaking me further apart. I took hold of him and hugged him tightly. He dropped himself the ground bringing me down with him. He screamed against my chest over and over again.

“It’s okay.” I whispered. “Everything is going to be okay.” I ran my hand other his black hair, soothing him.

He takes a hold of my waist and digs his fingertips in it, making me cry in pain. I took his hands off of me taking a hold of them with my own hands.

“Tell me it’s not true!” He yelled angrily. “Tell me she isn’t dead!”

I nodded. “She’s gone Ale,” I responded, firmly. “She died.”

He shook his head in denial. “This is all a sick joke, I know it.” He cried.

“No, it isn’t. She died. She’s dead.” I made him understand me.

He stood up, hovering over me. He wiped his tears off his face and shook his head. He couldn’t accept the fact she was gone, and I didn’t blame him. If Xavier died and someone told me I wouldn’t believe it either.

“No, she didn’t!” He sobbed.

He ran out of the entrance of the hospital into the parking lot. When I tried to go after him, Arianna grabbed onto my arm. Her eyes were red and swollen, and she looked exhausted.

“You shouldn’t be here.” She told me. “You have no right to be here.”

“Excuse me?” I asked her.

“Why did you come? You are only going to make things difficult for him!” She yelled angrily at me.

I pushed her away from me. What the hell got into her? I hadn’t even said a word to her, in fact I didn’t even know she was here. All of a sudden she wants to act like I have no right to be with my second family? She didn’t have the right to be here, she was nothing to them.

“Mindy was a sister to me and she was asking for me! I don’t know what the hell got up your ass but stay the hell away from me!” I threaten her.

She gripped tight on my arm pulling me close to her. “Stay away from Ale. He doesn’t want you, and doesn’t need you. That’s why he has me!”

I threw her off of me, making her stumble to the ground. “Your fucking crazy!” I told her, running into the parking lot.

When I found Ale’s truck, it was already leaving the parking lot. He couldn’t be driving like this, he wasn’t thinking straight.  He could get into an accident, or even worse he could kill someone.

Xavier, Linda, Gabriela, Demi, and Olive ran towards me. They had been crying but now it had been replaced by fear, the same way I was feeling.

“What happened?” Xavier asked me.

“He is upset and he left!” I informed them.

“He can’t be driving like that, he can get hurt!” Olive added.

Demi took out her phone and dialed Enrique, she told him the news, and then told him he needed to go find Ale. Everything was happening so fast that I felt like my chest was tightening.

Not right now, please don’t let me have an attack right now.

“We should split up and find him.” Gabriela suggested.

“I’ll go with Linda and Demi.” I said, quickly following them.

“If we find him we will call you!” Xavier screamed at us.

I raised my thumb in the air and got in the car. In the car we were all silent, but I was quieter. From the outside I looked calm and steady, but in reality I was freaking out. Mindy died and Ale zoomed off upset, it couldn’t get any worse than this.

“You’re taking everything calmly.” Linda said suddenly.

“I’m not. I’m about to have a mental breakdown.” I whispered, closing my eyes.

“We will find him, Julie.” I heard Demi say. “He has to be here somewhere.


Alejandro’s Point Of View:

Cars honked at me as I passed red lights one after another one. Secretly I wanted someone to crash into me and hopefully I would die too. I couldn’t sink in the fact Mindy died, before Julie came she promised me she would keep fighting. She said she wouldn’t leave me alone, but she lied.

She didn’t fight for her life, instead she convince me to promise her I wouldn’t do anything stupid if she did die. She always knew how to confuse me, she was a mind tricker.


“Promise me you’ll love her.” Mindy whispered to me.

How could I promise her something that I was doing already? She didn’t want me to lose hope with Julie, she kept telling me to hold onto o her. Eventually she would open her eyes and see that she loves me.

Truth is I know Julie can’t; she won’t ever let herself cause something like that to happen. She isn’t the type of girl to love anyone, because she is afraid to let them down. But I didn’t care if she let me down, as long as she loved me the same way I loved her, she could’ve let me down a millions of times.

“You really need to stop getting into Julie’s and I business.” I teased her.

She laughed quietly, but it turned into coughing. I jumped up giving her some water. “Thanks, but I want to make sure you two will be together.”

“I just want you to be okay.” I responded ignoring what she said.

“I will be okay.” She smiled, showing me her teeth.

The car accident had been horrible, a steel metal tube past through her stomach, damaging an organ. Doctors said they were surprised she survived, people who usually suffer great impact died on the scene, but she didn’t. Greg had a glass stabbed in his main artery in his neck, and he bleed to death even before the paramedics got there.

“You have to be strong for mom.” She said to me. “She is going to need you now than ever. You have to promise me you’ll not do something stupid.”

“I promise I won’t” I kissed her on her forehead and she asked me to recline more down and she gave me a peck on the cheek.

“I love you Ale.” She whispered.


“I love you too, Mindy.” My eyes filled with tears again and this time when the light turned red, I stepped on the brake.

Why! Why did you take her away from me? You could’ve taken everyone away but her; she meant the world to me. She was my world! You’ve taken away everything I once cared about, and I don’t understand why!

I banged my head against the wheel, wishing that a lightening would hit me and make everything stop.


Julie’s Point of View:

We spent hours looking for him, we looked from every corner of the city and we couldn’t find him. Cindy said he would show up eventually, he needed to be alone, but either way I could hear the concern in her voice. It was hard for her to deal with her daughter’s death and then her sounds disappearance.

My dad suggested for us –mom and i- to stay at the house. I thought mom would deny but she accepted the offer. She said she was too tired to look for a hotel, and that being home with Xavier would be a good thing. He wasn’t taking everything well.

I sat on my bed, wondering where he could be. We had to have missed a place; there was somewhere he needed to use to hide at. Ale wouldn’t just disappear from the earth’s surface like that, he was somewhere but where.

His house.

We checked everywhere except there, we never thought he would go home, but that would be the only place he would want to be at. Mindy had left her room the same way since the day she moved out.

Cindy had stayed at the hospital filling paper work, and his dad was doing arrangement for the funeral, so no one would be home to disturb him. Grabbing the keys from the coffee table I left the house without telling anyone.

I prayed to god he would be there and he would be safe. I couldn’t imagine what he was capable of doing in the state he was in. I rushed into his house and zoomed up the stairs.

“Ale where are you?” I yelled out for him.

No response.

“Ale!” I screamed again, opening his door to his rom.

It was empty, his bed was undone but the room smelled like no one had entered it in a while. I ran across the hall to Mindy’s room, taking in a deep breathe I opened the door.

There laying on the bed was Alejandro, he was sleeping peacefully with Mindy’s college jacket in his hand. I sighed in relief, he was safe. I checked for a pulse and made sure he was breathing.

I sat on the edge of the bed, caressing his cheek. “I’m sorry I left you alone, but I promise for now I’ll be by your side.” I whispered, kissing him on his cheek.


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