The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey

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The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey(30)

The autumn air hit my face as I made my way down the side walk. From the distance the last bell for dismal rang and in matter of minutes the school parking lot was flooded with kids. Some rushed towards their cars leaving school property as fast as they could. While others gathered around with their friends to chat.

Against her car, a girl with dark brown hair was getting mad at some guys who were wearing a black and grey jacket. They had to be pre-legends; they mocked her only causing her to slap them across their face. She marched away from them cursing them quietly.

Her shoulder brushed against mine making me stumble back. She gasped grabbing onto my arm so I wouldn't fall. "Oh shit! I'm sorry!" She apologized.

I shook my head, giving her a small smile. "Don't worry about it."

She stayed quiet for a moment looking at me as if she knew who I was. "Hey, by any chance could you be The Juliana Richerman?" She questioned me surprised.

I chuckled. "Yeah, that's me."

She put her hands on her hips, scoffing. "How could you stand these idiots?" She shrieked. "Ever since I stepped into those glass doors, I have seen things I never wanted to see!"

She amused me, she reminded me of myself. The exact same way she would throw those tantrums I would too. I kept thinking how someone could play this game, how could they live with themselves. Back then I would probably keep my mouth shut if I knew I would stand where I do now.

"Roosevelt High is special, but the entertainment is worth it." I smirked at her.

"Roosevelt High is mental, these students have serious issues." She spat annoyed.

"You'll get used to it." I said. "They all do,"

She looked at me, confused. "Story has it you left the states two years ago, why are you back?" She said curiously.

I shrugged. "I was curious,"

She ran her hand through her curly hair, sighing. She looked over her shoulder and her eyes stayed glued to the guy with dirty blonde hair. It was written all over her face that she had a crush on him. I watched as he pinned a girl against his car and began making out with her like nothing.

She rolled her eyes, playing it off cool. "Asshole." I heard her mutter.

I opened my jacket and pulled out a black book, throwing at her. She caught before it hit her face.

"What the-"She looked at her and slowly her eyes grew bigger. "This is the legendary play book."

"Sure is. Keep it!" I responded.

She stood there shocked before handing me the book back. "No thanks, I know it contains information but I don't want to get involve with this game. I know your story, everyone does." She stuttered.

My story, wasn't a story everyone knew clearly, they all knew what they wanted to hear. I fell in love with the guy who gave up his jersey, only to leave him. That's what they knew, they didn't care about the struggles I face, or the tears I cried. They didn't know anything.

I pushed the book back at her. "The only way you're ever going to get that guy is by getting into the game. Either way, if you don't want it throw it away." I responded. "It has no use to me anyway." I turned around walking away.

"Hey, wait!" She called after me.

I turned around looking straight at her. "Why didn't you stay with Alejandro?" She said quietly.

My stomach tied into a knot, it had been a long time since I heard his name. His bitter sweet name still managed to ache my chest. I wondered how he was doing, I hadn't seen nor talk to him since Mindy's funeral. Had he missed me at all?

"We weren't mean to be," I told her.

"But he loved you."

"He thought he did, but he didn't." I whispered. "If anyone ask you never saw me, okay?" I winked at her as I walked away.

"My name is Crissy!" She yelled her name out to me. "And thank you!"

I waved goodbye to her and made my way down the street. It felt weird being back here, I never thought I would step foot in this city, but I was wrong. Mom and dad got back together a few months ago and she flew back to the states, I stayed in Spain.

The wedding is tomorrow and she forced me to come back, at first I declined over and over, until I realized it was be fun to return. I wanted to see how everything change, how everyone was doing. At his point no one knew I was here, except mom and dad. I wanted to keep it that way.

First I wanted to refresh my mind on memories it had forgotten, and I wanted to be at peace for a while. I wasn't the girl I was two years ago, that girl died with the memories I left here, but still a part of that girl still hid somewhere in me. Even with the time that past it still hurts a little to be back.

I walked into my mom's café, giving her a glance. She was talking to the wedding planner on a last few arrangements she needed to be done. I stepped over the counter grabbing a coffee cup and filling it with green tea. I didn't know where I wanted to go next, I felt like I just needed to sit down and wait for something unexpected to happen.

I sat on the corner of the shop, drinking my tea. From the corner of my eye I saw Olive, Demi, and Gabriela walking towards here, they were all laughing about something. They hadn't changed one bit, they seemed more mature, but their complexion were the same.

The walked in screaming for mom, they rushed over to her giving her a hug. "We missed you!" They all said.

My mom laughed. "I missed you girls too, I'm happy you finally agreed to come pay me a visit!" She gave them a look.

They all laughed nervously. "Sorry, college has been a hassle, but our mom's only talk about the wedding so we are up to date!" Gabriela smiled.

Demi eyes snapped up and they stared right at me. A sly smirk appeared on my face and I raised my cup at her, sipping my tea. I didn't know if they still referred me to as their friend, or if they even remembered me. After I left to Spain they tried calling a millions of times, but I changed my number, and promised to forget about them.

Gabriela walked over to me, shaking her head. "You son of a bitch, you would show your face again," She laughed.

"It's nice to see you too, Gabriela." I laughed.

She rolled her eyes, before giving me a hug. "I should be mad at you but I'm not, because for the first time you seem happy."

I shrugged. "You could say that."

Demi and Olive walked over but they just stood there, giving me looks. "Girls." I whispered.

Demi's eyes filled with tears. "You are a jerk! You know that, you just forgot about us!" She cried out.

"I'm sorry," I whispered. "I needed sometime alone."

"And two years was enough?" Olive asked me, amused.

I shook my head. "Probably not but I have to start somewhere, correct?"

"You're still a smart-ass." Demi said annoyed.

"And you still scare me," I teased her.

She gave me a soft push, rolling her eyes. "I'm happy your back." She gave me a hug.

I wasn't sure if I was happy to be back, I was okay with it, but I don't know if I felt happy. Too many things happen here, but somehow those memories keep me sane. When I was dealing with everything in Spain, I put in my mind that I couldn't look back. The last thing I needed was to remember the past, but now thinking about it, remembering the past wasn't a bad idea.

"Does Xavier and the guys know you're here?" Demi asked me.

"No, and I ask you for it to stay that way," I responded clearly.

"Why? Are you planning to leave again?" Olive asked me, hiding the sadness in her voice.

Gabriela slammed her fist on the table causing us all to jump. "Hell no she isn't! This time we aren't letting you leave." She growled.

I stood up looking at them. "I'm not leaving, at least not for now, but I don't want them to know I'm here." I told them.

I didn't wait for them to say anything else, and began to walk away from them. Gabriela stood up from her chair, stopping me from leaving.

"He isn't here." She said suddenly. "He moved a few months ago with Arianna." She spoke out.

A small smile crept on my lips. "I didn't come back for him, and I could care less where he is now." I looked around me to see I had my mom and the girl's attention. "Alejandro is dead to me, the past is dead to me, and I came back to show my face to all of you. I'm not the Juliana you all knew, I'm stronger than she ever was,"

"We never wanted you to change Juliana." Demi said from across the room. "All we wanted was for you to be happy."

"And I'm happy, but as long as I am here his name isn't spoken around me." I made it clear to them.

I took my jacket from the chair and left the shop. In a way, I turned cold-hearted; I didn't care about anyone anymore. The only person I needed to keep happy was I and even if that meant being a bitch to everyone. They all cared about me but not enough to keep Alejandro away from me, so now I will.

My mom caught up to me pulling me back. "What's gotten into you?" She asked me sadly. "You aren't my daughter,"

"I'm your daughter mom, but this is what pain does to you," I responded.

"You love him Juliana; you love Alejandro so much that you broke your own heart denying it." She whispered, brushing my cheek with the back of her hand.

I shook my head in disagreement. "I came back mom and he didn't stop me from leaving, so what does that tell me? He didn't love me and I don't love him." I spat angrily.  "He had his chances mom! He said he was going to fight for me even if it meant putting blood and tears, but did he?" I questioned her.

My eyes watered and as hard as I tried to fight the tears back I couldn't. "He fell in love with Arianna, and since that moment he dead to me. Understand that mom? He is dead. D e a d."

She took hold of my wrist and shook me. "Stop. Just stop denying that for once someone made you love them! It's okay to hurt but you have turned yourself bitter!"

I pushed her slightly away from me. "Don't make me regret coming back, mom. Cause I will leave again" I threaten her.

"Leave then Juliana, I don't want to see you like this." She spat, leaving me there.


I went back to the house, I wanted to be angry at her, but I couldn't. She was right, I had turned bitter. It wasn't my intention too, but it just happened on its own. Without warning I changed completely, and I ended up liking who I became.

I learned I wasn't as fragile as I believed, and I could do what I wanted. I was no longer a puppet on a string, instead everyone else became one and I was the one who controlled them.

"So it's true," I heard Xavier say from behind me.

I turned around and he stood by the stair case glaring at me. "You turned into a player," He laughed. "Why aren't I surprised?"

"I did learn from the best," I teased him.

"When I heard your name all over Cash University I thought it was a joke they wanted to play on me, than I began seeing the girls and their jackets, and now I see the queen of it all." He walked around me, making me turn with him.

"Do I disappoint you?" I asked him. "I did what you always wanted me to do, not to be an idiot and fall for players."

He shook his head solemnly. "I'm disappointed in myself, because I turned you like that. I'm responsible for protecting you way too much." He told me.

The harder I tried not to break down in front of him, the harder it was to keep up with my own thoughts. As much as I wanted to be the badass, and show them all I did way better than they thought I would, the more I realize I became a disappointment in myself.

"Even with this, you haven't learned the true concept of the game." He whispered in my ear.

"What concept, the concept of turning guys into manwhores?" I scoffed.

"No, the concept of the game is Juliana-"He stopped talking. His brown eyes looked up at me, and he smiled. "You aren't lost yet. Figure it out your smart."

He hadn't changes; he still knew how to confuse me. Him and his poetic riddles always caught the best of me, that's how I knew he still cared about me. He placed his hands on my shoulder and took off the jacket.

"Just listen Julie, just for once don't run away." His voice ranged in my ears.

My eyes snapped opened and my mom was next to me. "You past out on the booth Hun," She said.

I sat up and I was at the corner of the café, had I passed out and never realized it. "Mom, where are the girls?" I asked her confused.

She pointed to the table where she and the planner were at. They had passed out on the table helping my mom finish some decorations. I stood up looking at the leather jacket that was on the chair.

I shook my head. "Mom I didn't move from here?" I questioned her.

She shook her head. "No, you and the girls caught up on things and then you all wanted to help me finish the table decorations" She said quietly. "You said you were tired and passed out at the booth."

I gulped. "So you and I didn't get into a fight?"

"No, are you okay baby?" She touched my cheek then my forehead checking if I had a fever.

I nodded, taking her hand away from me. "I was having a nightmare," I semi-lied.

She sighed. "I'm sorry that I force you to come here, I know you don't want to be here." She said solemnly.

"No mom, I want to be here. I just need to fix something's." I told her running out the door.

"Juliana where are you going?" She yelled at me.

I turned around and smiled. "I'm going to stop running mom!"


Xavier looked at me crazily as I told him about my dream; I wanted him to tell me that whatever I dreamed wasn't true. I needed to make sure it was all in my head. He rubbed his eyes giving me glances.

"So it's true, you are a player." He asked me.

"Yeah, but I was doing it out of anger. I just want you to know I'm not running away anymore!" I said quickly.

He took hold of my shoulders, sitting me on the bed. "Juliana what are you smoking?" He questioned me. "Does mom know you are here? I thought you weren't coming to the wedding!" He yelled at me.

"Yes, mom knows I'm here! I just want you to know I know what the concept of the game is!"

He stopped pacing back and forth and gave me his full attention. "You know why I invented the game?" He said curiously.

I nodded. "You did it to let the guys find the girl they are willing to fight for. It's not about who sleeps with the most girls but who finds the girl they actually want to have,"

If I knew these two years ago, it would've made a big difference. I would've known Ale was telling the truth and I wouldn't have been so stubborn, I could have had him by now. I could have avoided all these years full of pain.

My mind was going crazy, this spark of happiness over powered me, and all I wanted to do was fine Alejandro. I wanted to apologize for not believing him, he was right all along. He never tried to hurt me.

"You think Alejandro is home?" I blurt out.

Xavier closed his eyes and sighed. "Juliana, Alejandro left the city a few months ago. Him and Arianna moved and went to live together."

I frowned. "Oh, so he did leave."

He nodded. "But its okay if you don't tell him anything, you finally know that it isn't your fault. You were just scared." He placed his arm around my shoulder.

Even if I didn't have him, I wanted to apologize. I needed closure from all of this mess, before I could truly move on. He was the last open door that needed to be close, for good.

"Do you know if he is coming to the wedding?" I look at him almost begging him to say yes.

"Honestly, I don't know. I haven't had a chance to talk to him." He responded truthfully.

I stood up nodding. "Okay, well I just have to live with it!" I said proudly.

Grabbing a steel trash can and gas, I set fire to the can. Almost three years ago I was screaming at Alejandro to not dare burn his jacket, but now here I was burning mine. In Spain I started my own game and it had no concept, I just did it to revenge myself. But truly it only caused me more harm than intended.

"You jacket are about to meet your doom." I chuckled to myself.

I hung the jacket over the fire, debating if I really wanted to throw it in there. I wanted the satisfaction, more than anything, but I wanted to hold on to something that reminded me of Alejandro. The jacket was built from material left from his jacket, so I could somehow feel him near me.

"I wouldn't do that if I was you?" I heard someone say.

I didn't turn around, I couldn't. "And why is that?" I stuttered.

"Do you not know what would happen?" They teased me.

I shook my head. "What would happen?" I whispered, breathing heavily.

The person stood behind me and their breath hit my neck, causing goose bumps to travel all over the place.

"You would be out of the game." They whispered.

I grabbed on tightly onto the jacket, taking in a deep breathe, and I let it go. "I don't care about any game anymore." I turned around and right in front of me Alejandro stood.

His brown eyes stared at me, delighted. He was wearing a hoodie and straight jeans, making him look handsome than usual. I imagined my heart to be beating rapidly against my chest, but it beat normally.

"What are you doing here?"

"Your mom is getting married tomorrow, I couldn't miss that." He smiled, placing his hands in his pocket. "Care to tell me why you are here?" He raised an eyebrow at me.

"I'm tired of running away." I blurted out normally.

He cocked his head to the side. "Did you just say you are tired of running?" He scoffed. "Gasp, that's a shocker."

I rolled my eyes at him. "I am serious." I whispered.

"I am sorry for running away." I started playing with my fingers. "I was-" I feel as he slams my body against the tree. His hands remained on my hips and his eyes turned bitch black.

"I hate you." He shrieked angrily. "I hate you so fucking much!" He spat in my face.

"Then why come look for me!" I yelled angrily at him. "Why come to my house?"

He put his body against mine and he placed his cold hand son my warm cheeks. "I hate you so much, because I love you to the point it hurts!" He growled crashing his lips on mine.

I gripped tightly on his shirt, deepening the kiss. It was this moment that I waited years for. The moment where I wanted to feel his lips on mine again, where I wanted to hold him and never let him go.

He drifted apart from me, stepping back. We were both panting heavily. "I hate you."

I began to laugh. "I love you Alejandro Rodriquez and I shall fight for you, even if I have to die trying."


                                                The end.


That's it my lovely readers, the moment I been dreading has finally arrived. But the experience on writing this was worth it. I want to say, thank you to everyone who have voted, fanned, supported me to the very end. I thank you all for giving my book a chance!






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