The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey

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The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey(4)

“Have you lost your damn mind?!” I fussed at Alejandro, throwing the bucket full of water in the fire.

What the hell was wrong with him? Did he know what he just did; burning the jacket was like throwing away your dignity. That jacket was his pride and joy. And like nothing he threw it into the pit of fire.

I grabbed the toasted jacket, examining it. There was no way I would be able to restore this jacket. I shook it around; watching as it disintegrated. Alejandro snatched the jacket out of my hands, chuckling with amusement.

“Damn, I’m surprised I actually had the balls to throw it in there.” He said, looking at the jacket, happily.

“What’s wrong with you? Do you not know what the hell you just did?” I asked him, frustrated.

He shrugged. “I quit the game,” He responded, simply as if he didn’t care.

I looked at him stupidly. This had to be a joke, Alejandro; one of the school legends quit the game. Did he bump his head onto something?  No one in Roosevelt High has ever quit the game. The guy who helped start the game gave in his jacket, why?

“Are you high?” I asked him, giving him an odd look.

He gave me the “are you seriously asking me that” look. “Why would I be high, Juliana?” He sounded ticked off.

I threw my hands in the air. “I don’t know…maybe because you burned your jacket!”

He rolled his eyes; ignoring my over the top reaction. Maybe I was over-reacting or maybe I was confused why he would do it. All day today I have been wrong about him, well some parts I was wrong. But this had to be the most confusing moment of them all.

“I told you I’m going to win your heart Juliana.” He responded, firmly.

“Why! Do you not get I don’t like you?” I asked him, stupidly.

“You make me sick, I told you once and I will tell you again: I wouldn’t dare you even if my life depended on it!” I growled, annoyed.

He nodded, understanding what I was telling him. “I know you wouldn’t. Honestly, I wouldn’t either. But that’s why I’m determined to fight for you even if I don’t succeed, at least I’ll know I tired.” His brown eyes piercing through mine.

My heart skipped a beat from the sincerity in his voice. He honestly was going to try to win me over. I slapped myself, mentally. Get a hold of yourself here Juliana; look who you are talking about. Don’t forget rule number one: Once a player always a player. Just because he gave up his jacket doesn’t mean he’ll give up his ways.

He glanced down at my hand; the blood had soaked the bandage. He grabbed on to my hand, looking at it.

“Why did you go nuts all of a sudden today?” He asked me, quietly.

I pulled my hand away, putting it against my chest. Xavier had protected me so much that when I felt played; I couldn’t hold the anger I felt. Automatically, my body reacted to what it was feeling; without a realization to what I was doing I would end up hitting things.

The feeling of getting played; it irritated me completely. So when I saw Alejandro kissing that girl; I felt stupid for thinking he had changed just a little. Was I going to tell him the truth? No, because no guy has ever made me feel played before.

“Don’t even try. You don’t stand a chance.” I whispered, walking away from him.

Xavier stared at me as I walked in the kitchen. He must have heard everything that had happen out there because it didn’t ask what the entire commotion was about. He shakes his head, chuckling to himself.

“He will be the death of me,” I told Xavier, shaking my head.

“I doubt that. I’m surprised he actually burned the jacket. That’s like burning away your pride,” He exclaimed.

“I know. Maybe you should do that?” I smirked at him.

He laughed, sarcastically. “You’re funny.” He dropped the laugh, glaring at me.

I shrugged it off. “It was worth a try!”

The next morning it was weird; Alejandro woke up the same time just like the morning before. This time I didn’t bother following him; I didn’t care where he was going. I had nothing to prove to myself. But everything that happened yesterday haunted me.

I laid in bed; going through all the plays he could do. I analyzed what type of play he was doing here, but I couldn’t find the answer. That play didn’t exist in the play book. I sighed, grabbing onto the pillow beside me. I brought to my face, yelling from the top of my lungs.

After a while I got up and took a shower; I hardly took showers in the morning but I felt like a needed one. I hoped after taking a shower I would be able to think straight, and shrug off everything Alejandro was making me go through.

I straighten my long black hair; pining back a part of my left side. Afterwards, I changed into ripped faded skinny jeans and a shoulder drop top. I wasn’t the type of girls that had the sexiest body in school; and I didn’t care. I wasn’t too fat nor too skinny. I liked the way I am.

Walking into the kitchen, Xavier had a plate of scrambled eyes and oatmeal waiting for me. I looked at him stunned. He never made breakfast, not even for himself. He smiled at me.

“Where is the jacket at?” I sighed, annoyed.

“In the living room why?” He said to me, confused.

“Because, you don’t make breakfast for anyone and then you’re smiling as if you were happy. You got some last night,” I explained to him.

He rolled his eyes, stuffing his mouth with oatmeal. “Shit. I didn’t make any of this. You know me too well; Alejandro did.” He smirked, evilly at me.

I flicked him off, grabbing his French toast. He whined as I stuffed it entirely into my mouth. That should teach him a lesson not to make fun of me.

“Come on! I was looking forward to eating that!” He cried out.

“Good. Now you’ll keep looking forward too!” I snarled at him, drinking his orange juice.

“Admit it; it’s pretty sweet what he did. Give the kid props!” He tried compromising with me.

“Aren’t you supposed to be telling me not to fall for his tricks?” I asked him, confused.

Who understood him; as his sister didn’t he feel like what Alejandro was doing was a little bit odd. None of the guys have ever tried to hit on me for the fact my brother was the legendary player. They had no chance to get with me; but out of all the guys Alejandro had to be the one to try.

“I find it odd what he is doing; but no one would give up their jacket for a girl,” He said, throwing the plates in the dishwasher.

“So what are you trying to tell me?” I questioned him, folding my arms against my chest.

He looked up at me. “No player would quit the game for a girl. Its’ in the book; I would know.” He smartly responded.

“What am I supposed to do then?”

“What you always been doing,” Xavier grabbed his backpack from the counter.

I glared at him, closely. “What exactly have I been doing?”

“Not falling from his tricks.” He smiled, kissing my forehead. “Don’t stress about it.”

The moment I walked into the school; my friend tackled me down. The entire school seemed to be out of track. Everyone was gossiping and I had no clue of what.

“Is it true?” Gabriela asked me, sitting me down on the patio, outside of the school.

“What is true?” I asked her, confused.

Demi growled. “That Alejandro quit the game?” She responded, eagerly.

How did people find out that he quit the game? No one knew about except Xavier and I; could’ve Alejandro told someone. No, he wouldn’t do that; he isn’t that stupid. He wouldn’t want to be the main gossip in school.

“How did you guys find out about it?” I said, fixing my posture.

“Because it’s the only thing everyone is talking about,” Olive responded, dropping her bag on the table.

“So is it true?” Gabriela asked me again.

“Does it matter?” I responded, annoyed.

Just when I thought I would relax a little; I come to school to deal with the same thing. I swear he was out to destroy me completely. That stupid idiot! This was how he was going to win my heart? It was more this was how he was going to make me hate him even more!

“Ugh..Yeah! Alejandro just made history! No guy has ever quit the game! That only means one thing.” Demi exclaimed.

“And that is?” I gestured my hand for them to go on.

“That he is ready to settle down,” Gabriela said, surprised.

I laughed, Alejandro ready to settle down? Oh god; this had to be the most stupid reason these girls could come up with. He wasn’t ready to settle down; he was ready to do what no other guy was capable of doing…trying to win my heart.

“Don’t forget once a player always a player,” I reminded them.

They all nodded. “But he doesn’t have a jacket hanging over his head; he doesn’t have a number tatted on his arm, but for him to give up the jacket and his title he has to have a girl in mind.” Olive said, applying on powder.

I rubbed my temple; I was getting a headache from all this. I could care less the famous legend gave up his title. I don’t give a fuck! He had no chance in winning my heart; I hate him. So why couldn’t everyone just drop it already?

All of a sudden the entire school got silent; Alejandro walked by with his hands in his pocket. He normally had his black letterman on but today he had a grey jacket. He glanced up meeting my gaze.

He looked away; a small smile crept on his lips. He fixed his black beanie and walked over to Xavier. They seemed not to mind that he no longer participated in their game.

“At least you won’t have to worry about him anymore.” Gabriela told me, distracting me from my thoughts.

“Why is that?” I asked her.

“Because now the entire girl population is going to want to date him.” She smirked at me.

I looked all around; all the girls were applying make-up, fixing their hair, and hoping they would get a chance to be with him. I knew this had to bring sometime of calming but it didn’t. The moment these girls knew he was only interested in me; I would be hunt down and killed.

I dropped my shoulders; someone kill me now! The bell rang; instead of getting up with everyone else I stayed. Slamming my head against the table, I groaned. Now I had to focus, I was now part of the game. If I couldn’t beat the player; I would have to at least try to think as one.

Right now this is what he wants. He wants to see me squirming around in agony. I can’t give in this easily. Sitting up I throw myself back, scared. Alejandro stood up quickly when my body hit the ground.

“Shit.” I whispered, groaning in pain.

I had landed on my back; pain crawled down to my butt. It send a tingling sensation to my fingertips.

Alejandro hovered over me. “Are you okay?” He asked me, extending his hand out to me.

I slapped it away. “What the hell are you doing here?” I responded, angrily.

I remained on the ground, looking up at him. “Well I was going to class when your mother texted me.” He looked around, before he looked down at me again.

“She said you and I had to go pick out my tuxedo. Oh and you had to go get your bridesmaid dress.” He informed me, smiling at me evilly.

Thanks mom. Really, thank you for trying to hook me up with Alejandro!

“You can at least help me up, asshole!” I yelled at him.

He grabbed on to my arm yanking me up. I dusted off the dirt off my clothes, mugging Alejandro the whole time. He stood there smiling at me, innocently.

“Are we taking my car or yours?” I questioned him, walking past him.

“We can take mines. Afterwards I’ll take you back so you can pick up your car.” He told me, walking behind me.


I walked as fast as I could past the halls, avoiding Alejandro to walk close to me. I could hear his footsteps behind me; some girls glanced out the classrooms. They drooled as Alejandro passed by.

When we made it out of the school parking lot; i relaxed a bit. He past me, bumping his shoulder against mine.

“Calm down. You act as if you don’t enjoy being around me.” He mocked me, looking back at me.

“I don’t. You have become a pain in my ass!” I scolded him, running up to him.

He opened his black F150 truck; I looked at him. He rolled his eyes pushing me inside the truck. My lip began doing its normal routine but I bit it before he had a chance to see how he was annoying me. He got in the car, automatically starting the engine.

“God, cheer up grumpy pants! At least pretend you’re happy to go shopping with me.” He said, forcing me to smile.

I slapped his hands away, smiling sarcastically at him. “Happy?”

“Not really.” I could see the smirk he was hiding away from me.

I was ready to go off on him then something clicked in my mind. Everything that the girls had said flashed back. The day at the café came back to me as well. The only way to beat a player was by beating him on his own game.

I had no feelings towards Alejandro; clearly he didn’t understand that. So it must think I still have hidden feelings for him. If he was serious about winning my heart then he would put an effort in it. If that was the case; if I pretended to fall for his “moves” then he would fall for me even more. He would end up fooling himself than me. And when the right moment came I would tell him the truth.

A huge smirk plastered on my face just imagining the face he would put when he figured out he got played. Fine Alejandro, you want to play me then do it. Let the game begin.

“Why are you smiling all of a sudden?” He asked me, giving me a quickly glance.

“For no reason; you know how weird I am.” I responded, looking out the window.

This was going to be good…

So the song on the side I think it will be Alejandro and Juliana's Theme song agree?

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