The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey

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The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey(5)

The girl that was supposed to be helping Alejandro find a tuxedo; was eating him alive with her eyes. I sat on the couch, waiting for her to give him clothes. But I was sure that wouldn’t happen anytime soon. I had been sitting down for nearly ten minutes; all I have seen her do is glance at him then giggle. It was beginning to irate me.

The girl glanced at Alejandro, giggling she handed him a black tuxedo. He smiled kindly at her, walking into the dressing rooms.

“He is so dreamy.” She told me all lovey dovey.

I smiled at her sarcastically. “He is charming.” I gritted through my teeth.

Only if you truly knew how he was; you wouldn’t even want to look at him. It wasn’t new to me seeing girls drool over Alejandro. I said it before; he is dreamy, especially when he wears loose skinny jeans, a low V-neck, and a beanie. He wasn’t bad looking; it was just his reputation that made all the handsomeness go to waste.

He stepped out of the fitting room; showing off how he looked in the tuxedo. The girl sighs, loving how he looked. I lowered my head trying to hide my face expression to him. He looked like those old gangsters; with the long jacket and super loose pants.

That had to be the ugliest clothes I seen him wear in his life.

“I don’t like it.” He said, scrunching his eyebrows together.

I coughed, covering my laugh. “I agree. Let me go see what I can find.” I told him; getting up from the couch.

Scanning through all the tuxedos, I tried to imagine Alejandro in all of them. He needed something that showed his nice body but not too much of it; he clearly needed straight leg pants. Loose pants didn’t look so good on him; he needed something that looked adolescent like on him.

 I grabbed a pair of black straight leg pants from the rack; then I went to the shirt section selecting a lilac color. Beside the entrance of the store they had the jackets; a grabbed one randomly.

He wasn’t the picky type and I doubt he wouldn’t want to try on what I selected out for him. He had no options we either found him a different tuxedo or he was wearing the gangster looking one.

I walked inside the dressing room, trying to figure out what fitting room he was in.

“Where are you?” I called out for him. Someone grabbed on to my arm pulling me inside one of the rooms.

Alejandro stood in front of me half-naked; all he had on was his boxers. An evil smirk spread on his lips. “Admit it you like what you see.” He gave me a small turn, forcing me to see his entire body.

I rolled my eyes, handing him the clothes I selected for him. “I seen you in boxers before it’s nothing new.” I responded, sincerely.

Whenever I would spend the nights at Gabriela house; Alejandro would come over. Sometimes I would come home early and either Xavier or him would be in nothing but boxers. At first I would have eyegasms just seeing Alejandro but as time went by, the feeling went away.

He frowned. “So this doesn’t affect you at all?” He asked me, disappointed.

“NoPe.” I responded, popping the p.

He sighed, grabbing the pants and trying them on. I should’ve left when I saw him but on his pants but honestly I could care less what I saw. He turned around looking at me. I smiled.

“Now that looks good on you.” I told him folding my hands against my chest.

He nodded, agreeing with me. “Okay, I give you props grumpy,” He glanced at me, threw the mirror.

“You have a taste in fashion.”

“No duh! Do you think I just wake up in the morning and put on whatever I find?” I questioned him stupidly.

He turned around. “You know how to pick out clothes in the morning?” He mocked me.

“Fuck off! I saved your ass from looking like a gangster.” I scoffed.

He walked up to me, looking down at me. I lowered my phone down wondering what he was doing. Both of his hands landed on the sides of the chair. When he leaned close towards me, I backed away. What in the hell was he going to do?

“Can’t you just imagine taking off these clothes off?” He whispered, sexily in my ear.

My eyes met his and slowly a seductive smile formed on my lips. “Can you imagine how good it would feel as my hands run down your sexy body?” I questioned him, brushing my hand over his stomach.

His eyes filled with lust. “Don’t tease me.”

Grabbing tightly on his shirt, I brought him closer to me. “You would just love being on your knees huh?” I asked him, hiding my grin.

He looked at me dumbfounded. “Why would I be on my knees?”

I swung my knee to his crotch; he gasped, falling onto the floor. Stupid idiot! Who did he think I was? He just tried playing game twelve: Seducing the girl. When would he learn he couldn’t use any of the games with me?

I stood up, looking down on him. His face had turned a red color; he groaned grabbing on to his crotch.

“Next time you dare to seduce me make sure you’re wearing a cup.” I snapped at him.

“That was so uncalled for!” He exclaimed, trying to stand up.

I bend down, glaring angrily at him. “NO! That was called for; you just tried to play me.” I shrieked at him, pushing him down on the floor.

I walked out of the fitting rooms; the girl looked at me worriedly. I smiled at her innocently. “Give him a couple of minutes.” I told her, before stepping out of the store.

After ten minutes he walked out of the store; at first he was limping but when he saw my gaze he stood straight up. I hoped he learned his lesson; if he wanted to win my heart he better learn the right way to do it.

He sat in the driver’s seat, distracting himself from the pain he felt. He took in a deep breathe.

“Still hurts?” I asked him.

He nodded. “Like hell.” He cried out.

I laughed. “Good. Learned your lesson?”

“Yeah. Next time I shall seduce you from across the room,” He chuckled.

I tried keeping my angry look but I couldn’t help it. I burst into laughter the way he said that. Just picturing him seducing me from across the room, caused me to laugh. He was just plain stupid.

He drove us to the dress boutique on the other side of downtown. When we arrived I stepped outside with Alejandro following behind me. Jocelyn stood behind the counter scribbling down orders.

She glanced up, her eyes automatically falling on Alejandro. Why wasn’t I surprised? She stood up, smiling at us.

“I came to try on the dress.” I told her.

Before speaking to me she gave Alejandro a seductive look. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to turn around and see what he was doing or just pretend I wasn’t seeing anything. She took me to the back of the store and handed me the dress.

“I fixed what you told me to fix.” She informed me.

I nodded; I turned around looking at Alejandro. He was now sitting down on the couch; he told me to go try on the dress. As I zipped up the dress; I couldn’t help but to think what Alejandro would think about it. We were both partners for the wedding; so we-I- wanted to look nice. The dress was long, it had a deep V-neck, and in the middle it had a beautiful design.

When I stepped outside, Jocelyn and Alejandro were laughing with one another. His smile drops when he sees me. I wasn’t sure it that was supposed to be a good thing or a bad one.

“Does it look that bad?” I mumbled, biting onto my lower lip.

“No. You look stunning,” He complimented me.

“You don’t think this part is too exposed?” I questioned him, circling my cleavage.

He chuckled. “I think it’s find you look beautiful.”

Beautiful? Players didn’t use the word: Beautiful. It didn’t exist in their vocabulary; the same way as the word love. He was truly showing off his real side. I could get used to it. Didn’t mean I would fall for him but I could use to the compliments.

“Thanks.” I smiled at him, walking back inside.

While changing I notice how silent it had become suddenly. I put back on my shirt as fast as I could, tripping over my purse. Alejandro wouldn’t have the courage to bang a girl while I was here. I frowned; he would have the guts to do it.

Grabbing my bag and the dress from the floor, I stepped outside. The store was completely empty. I gazed around the store hoping maybe Alejandro had wondered around, while I changed. I launched myself on the couch, throwing my head back. When will people understand that I’m never wrong? Guys won’t change their ways. Alejandro won’t change what he is.

“You’re an asshole.” I whispered, quietly.                




Dear Jesus! I dropped my head on the couch covering my ears; he had no dignity! How could you bang girls everywhere; that’s not even sanitary! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to cry from the torture I was in or get angry that he was banging a girl at a store!

“Oh-Oh-damn!” I heard Jocelyn scream from the room.

This bitch! He literally was fucking her brains out! For the next hour-thirty-minutes I had to cover my ears. I was surprised they could go at it this long. I was shocked; wasn’t it supposed to be a tap it and dump it! Not a: Let me tap it until I can’t tap it anymore!

I would’ve left if I had the car keys; I would’ve even taken the dress without paying it. But these clever teens locked the front door; so I was stuck in here. I was stuck in the store, forced to listen to the disgusting event that was happening. The door swung open; Alejandro came out fixing his beanie, while Jocelyn messed around with her hair.

“You ready?” He asked me as if nothing happened.

I threw the dress on the counter; Jocelyn looked at me embarrassedly. I gave her a nasty look; just wait until you find out you have a sexual transmitted disease then I’ll laugh at you!

“It’s already paid for.” She responded, giving Alejandro a quick glance.

I smiled sarcastically. “I bet it is.” I growled, grabbing onto the dress.

Jocelyn ran up to me opening the door. I stepped outside without saying another word. I felt disgusted knowing what he did. How could I be near someone like that? It’s one thing playing a game; it was another thing being addicted to sex.

These guys were like prostitutes; instead of getting paid with money they got paid with numbers. Didn’t they even think how it would affect their lives when they finished high school? What if they catch a sexual transmitted disease? Would they even care?

“You been quiet though the entire ride. What’s up?” Alejandro asked me, giving me a quick glance, before looking back on the road.

“Nothing, should something be bothering me?” I questioned him, looking out the window.

He shrugged. “You tell me.” He simply said.

I stayed quiet for a moment; if I opened my mouth I was pretty sure a fight would start. But l could care less; it wasn’t like we never fought.

“Why?” I blurted out.

“Why what? He responded, stopping the car at the red light.

“Why give up your jacket when you can’t even give up the sex?” I muttered, disgustedly.

He stayed quiet, I wasn’t sure why. I would love to think he needed time to find a good excuse, but instead of lying he told me the truth.

“It takes a while to get used to it. I’m used to having girls drop on their knees for me, it’s hard to turn them down,” His voice sounded sincere.

I scoffed. “You act as if the girl was grabbing onto you and force you to do her.” I responded, annoyed.

He gave me his annoyed look. “You act like you never done anything bad,” He snapped at me.

The truth was I haven’t; the worst thing I ever done was sneak out the house. But what Xavier and all the guys were doing it wasn’t bad, it was disgusting. It was revolting just to think how they could bang three to five girls a day.

“Don’t compare me to you. We are two different people!” I defended myself. “You’re a disgusting pig and I know how to behave myself,”

All of a sudden he turned the car into an empty parking lot. I had seen Alejandro angry many times before but I had never seen him angry at me before. He glared at me, as if what I just said hurt him completely.

“You’re wrong there; you and I are more similar than you think we are,” He told me, angrily.

“I’m might be disgusting like you say I am but what are you? You’re the one who makes everything happen. Shit, you even tell us how to improve our skills!” He exclaimed at me.

He got me there, without me none of the things they did would be happening. I could’ve dropped the job a long time ago; I could’ve told Xavier what he was doing to these girls was cruel. Instead of doing that; I wanted to see how they easily fell for them. I enjoyed watching them suffer after they got dump; soon the feeling changed.

I came to see what these guys were actually doing was wrong. Maybe what I’m doing isn’t right; maybe I’m the one to blame for all the crying girls in Roosevelt High. But they were more to blame then I was. I gave them pointers; I told them what they needed to fix. Something I never gave them was the ability to do it.

“What you see now, the guy in front of you became this way because of you. You made me this way.” His voice echoed in my ear.

I shook my head. “I didn’t shove a jacket in your face and told you “Go fuck as many girls as you can” did I?” I yelled at him.

My hands bawled up in anger. “I wasn’t there when Xavier and you thought of this game! You’re the creator and the manwhore that you see in the mirror that’s who YOU created, not me.”

I unbuckled my seat-belt, stepping out the car. I didn’t want to see him right now; he had just tried to dump this entire game on me. I was just an accomplice; a stupid girl who didn’t know what she got herself into.

Alejandro came to the side of the truck, looking at me. “Why do you keep comparing me to that stupid jacket?!” He screamed at me, hurt filling his voice.

I glared at him. “I don’t know maybe because twenty minutes ago you were fucking a girl at a store?” I snapped at him.

I tried to walk away from him, but he grabbed onto my arm slamming me onto the side of the truck. He pinned me down not letting me move one bit. I gasped from the impact. How could he be angry at me, when it was him he started all of this. Since when did my opinion of how I looked at him bothered him so much?

“You classify me from a jacket. You don’t see the real me.”

I laughed dryly. “There isn’t a real you. I bet you don’t even know who you are.”

 “Who are you to say who I am? You don’t know anything about me!” He raged.

“The guy standing in front of me is the real you.” I told him, honestly.

Was he that blind that he didn’t see who he truly was? He gave up his jacket and I give him props that, but didn’t he realize what he was giving up when he burned that jacket? I knew he wasn’t going to be able to quit; he had been doing this for two years.

I pushed him off of me; making him stumble back. “I don’t know anything about you? You’re Alejandro Rodriquez: You’re the Valet Victorian; class president, you have slept with twenty girls-twenty-one-, and you’re a player.” I told him, staring straight into his eyes.

He chuckles to himself. “Do you know who you are?” He asked me.

I smiled. “I’m nothing compared to what you are,” I spat, venomously.

“You’re Juliana Richerman: The stuck up bitch no one likes.” He smirked, angrily.

Before I could say something back; my body reacted. My hand slammed against his face. I took in a deep breath as the tears rolled down my face. He would be the one to spit something like that in face.

He grabbed onto his cheek. “Truth hurts huh?” He questioned me.

I wiped away my tears, trying my best to fight the rest back. “I rather be a bitch no one likes then a whore that every girl wants.” I chocked on my words.

“Maybe we aren’t as different as you say we are. Maybe I’m more revolting than you are but you know something that differences us?” I cried out.

“I can accept who I am. I’m a bitch because people like you made me this way.” I screamed at him.


Well that got kind of dirty didn’t itO_O

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