The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey

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The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey(6)

He dropped me off at the school without telling me a word. After telling him off we both got in the car and didn’t say a word to one other. We were both aggravated with each other, and the last thing we wanted to do was provoke another fight.

The entire ride back I had to fight back the tears. I knew one day someone would have the courage to tell me I’m a bitch, but I never thought it would come from Alejandro.

I pulled out my Iphone dialing Gabriela.

“What’s up?” She answered, after the second ring.

“Call the girls and meet me at the library,” I responded, walking towards the school.

She stayed quiet for a moment. “Why do I feel like you’re mad?” She questioned me.

I was mad…NO! I was furious. If Alejandro wanted to see the true bitch I could be than he would see it.

“Just call the girls and bring me the play book.” I snapped, pressing the end button.

Every time we had our secret meetings; they were always in school. Everything we always talked about how to be away from society, and it wasn’t because our conversations were important. If anyone from school heard our business by the next day the entire school would know about it.

Roosevelt High is an enormous school; over five thousand students attend. So if a secret you didn’t want anyone to know about happened to slip out, by the next morning the school would know about it.

Demi, Olive and Gabriela walked into the library; they all had a worried expression on their faces. When they saw me sitting on top on the table, thinking, they knew it was bad.

In Gabriela’s right hand she was carrying Starbucks drinks, while in the other hand she carried the book. They all stood in front of me, looking at me carefully.

“What’s wrong? Why did you call us here?” Gabriela asked me.

Demi scoffed. “By the face expression you have on; I can tell you’re planning something wicked.” She smirked, evilly.

I looked up at them, rubbing my hands together. “I want revenge,” I responded, angrily.

“Revenge on whom?” Olive asked me, curiously.

A small smirk curved on my lips. “The players’.” I whispered.

They stared at one another before looking back at me.

 “You want to get revenge on the players?” Gabriela asked me stupidly.

“I think you want revenge on Alejandro.” Demi responded, taking her drink from the cup holder.

“What did he do?” Olive said, rubbing her temples.

I stared into space, remembering what he made me go through today. After telling me I was a stuck up bitch; it hit me. All the guys thought about us that way; they all thought we were stuck up bitches they could play with.

“It doesn’t matter what he did,” I jumped off the table walking past them.

“I want to teach these guys a lesson,” I clenched my teeth together.

Gabriela shook her head, trying to figure out what was happening. She walked up to me, handing me my drink. She must have known we would spend a long time here because she even brought food.

“Let me get this clear; you want to play the players?” Gabriela questioned me.

“No, we are going to play the players,” I took a sip from my drink.

Demi pulled out a chair and sat down. “You my friend are very angry but what you want to do is crazy,”

It probably was but it was the perfect plan; who better could play the players than the coaches. We all knew that book like the back of our hands; there was no way in hell we would get played.

“I want to start my own game.” I spoke out, looking at them.

“You want to start your own game? Okay, hold up. What in the hell did he do to you?” Olive asked me, annoyed.

“He called me a “stuck up bitch” right after he fucked a girl in a store,” I shrieked, my lip began doing its normal routine.

Gabriela bites her lip. “Now it makes sense.” She sighed, pulling out a chair.

“Well then Julie what exactly do you want to do?”

“I want to start my own game. I want the girls from Roosevelt High to fight back.”

“It’s not that simple Julie. Half of these girls have banged the players; I would know,” Demi exclaimed.

True. That’s why we would do our revenge with only the coaches, and someone else I had in mind. I think after three years of handing out numbers and letterman’s, I reached my limit.

“That’s why we-the coaches- are playing them.” I told them.

Gabriela raised her hand. “Do you not know how many guys are in the game?” She asked as if I had lost my damn mind.

“Most of them are rookies; they haven’t even gotten to ten girls but the guys we want to take down are these guys.” I open the book showing them the list of Xavier’s friends.

Enrique Watson

Roy Anderson

William Lee

Alejandro Rodriquez

Xavier Richerman

These were our targets; these were the guys that needed to be taken down first. I know it wasn’t right for me to backstab Xavier like that, but it’s my turn to look out for him. He always told me he didn’t want me to get played; now I want to make sure he won’t fall into his own trap.

 “You want to take down the soon to be legends?” Olive remarked, nodding her head. “I think I just want to keep handing jackets out to the new players.”

I gazed at her, sighing. “Have you dated anyone since you gotten here?” I asked her.

“No.” She responded, sadly.

“And why is that?” I crossed my arms against my chest.

She slouched looking away from me. “Because every guy in school is basically in the game,”

“Exactly, honestly I want to meet a guy at school that I don’t have to worry about if his in the game or not,” I looked at them all, showing them how sincere I was being.

Demi stretched out and shrugged. “I could care-less, we aren’t as different as they are anyway.” She told me. “We basically maintain this entire game; if it wasn’t for us it would have fallen apart a long time ago.”

We all stayed quiet for a moment, she had made my point. Demi hit her head smiling sarcastically at me.

“Okay. Who am I getting and how is this working.” Demi gave in.

They all stared at me waiting for me to answer. I took in a deep breath before speaking.

“We make them fall in love with us. The moment they say “I love you” you dumped them,” I informed them.

“Have you even thought about this clearly? These are pre-legends! They won’t fall for us easily!” Gabriela shouted at me.

Of course they wouldn’t, but they were running out of girls to mess around with. In the game; they guy could only fuck the girl once. The pre-legends have slept around with fifteen to seventeen girls. They normally started with the popular girls; then the cheerleaders, then the average group.

That’s why when you’re classify as a legend; you show it off with honor. The pre-legends had many other girls they could easily fool around with, but they want to be known. The best way for that to happen was to play the coaches.

If we show interest in them then they would show interest back at us. They know it won’t be easy to seduce us but eventually we would fall…correct? Wrong, we would pretend we have fallen.

“What if they say “I love you” and don’t mean it?” Olive asked me, smartly.

“Then they would say they fucked us and automatically we would be played.”

Gabriela stepped in. “You act like you don’t know the rules. On page three paragraph six: For a girl to count as played you either have bang her OR for them to say “I love you,” She reminded us.

I nodded. “So we have to keep our legs closed and better not say “I love you”.” I scolded them.

“I have one more question?” Olive raised her hand.

We all looked at her, waiting for her to ask her question. “How can we play Alejandro if he burned his jacket?”

I smiled evilly at them. “Don’t worry about him. He’s mine.” I spat, venomously.


That night Alejandro didn’t come home and he didn’t show up to school either. By lunch time Xavier was getting worried; I in the other hand could care less where he was. I was liking not having him around, I felt more relaxed.

Xavier grabbed onto my arm pulling me out of the lunch line. “Have you talked to Alejandro?” He asked me, concerned.

“No.” I simply said, walking back towards Gabriela.

Xavier pulled me back again, glaring at me. “What happened yesterday? It’s not like him not to come home or not to show up to school,” He responded.

I shrugged, how was I supposed to know where he was at? He dropped me off and school and he left. He’s probably with some girl; Xavier was just making a big deal out of it.

“We got into a fight, he dropped me off at school and he left. I don’t know where eh is at, I thought he was going home.” I explained to him.

Xavier sighed, scratching the back of his neck. “Juliana can you help me find him?” He pleaded me.

“No! I’m actually trying to enjoy a day without him,” I responded, walking away from him.

Gabriela stared at me as I got back in line. Alejandro probably was still mad and he didn’t want to see my face. If I knew he would be here at school today I probably wouldn’t have showed up either.

But what if he was so mad that he drove off quickly; got into a car crash and died? My heart skipped a beat as crazy thoughts invaded my brain. He’s smart enough to not drive like a manic right? Even if he was in a car crash they would’ve called his mom. Carol would’ve called Xavier and Xavier would’ve told me.

“Shit.” I muttered, banging my head against the window.

“Let me guess your conscious kicking in?” She asked me, tapping my back.

I groaned in frustration. “Why do I worry about him if I don’t care about him?” I ran my fingers through my hair.

She chuckled, lightly. “Because you’re Juliana; you would worry even if your worst enemy was in trouble,” She reassured me.

She was right, I was too kind. He was old enough to take care of himself; I didn’t have to be breaking my head worrying about him. I nodded, exhaling. Gabriela and I grabbed a sub and walked down to the cash register.

“You think he is okay?” I asked her, while I paid the lunch lady.

Gabriela sighed. “Yes, his eighteen the worst shit he can get himself into is he got his ass thrown into jail,” She scolded me.

I shook off the feeling; if he had managed to thrown his stupid ass into jail then that was his problems not mine. We sat down with Olive; who seemed to be freaking out for an odd reason.

“Are you okay?” I asked her, touching her shoulder.

She looked up to me; she was sweating and her hands kept shaking. “I-I got asked out on a d-date,” She chocked on her own words.

I smiled, cheerfully. “That’s great! Is that why you are freaking out?” I questioned her.

She slammed her head against the table. “It’s with Roy Anderson.” She blurted out.

Now I understood why she was freaking out. Roy Anderson was on our list; he was one of the pre-legends. He wasn’t a total flirt like Alejandro but you had to be careful with him. You usually couldn’t tell when he was being serious or not; that’s what caused girls to drop to their knees for him.

I sat next to Olive, calming her down. Olive was the sweet quiet girl type; the less attention she had on her the better. So am guessing when Roy asked her out on a date she freaked out completely.

“It’s going to be okay! This isn’t something you should be freaking out about,” I tried to explained to her.

She brought her head up, glaring at me. “I can’t do this. I don’t even know how to maintain a conversation with a guy how am I supposed to play him?” She raged, throwing her hands in the air.

“Olive calm down! I won’t set you out into the warzone without making sure you’re ready.” I assured her.

Olive nodded, taking my sub away from my tray. Demi walked up us with a huge smile on her face. We watched as she slammed a telephone number on the table.

“Guess who number I just scored?” She teased me, wiggling her eyebrows.

“Who’s?” We all said together.

“Enrique Watson,” She smiled, devilishly.

I grabbed the paper from the table examining it; she had managed to get his number. Enrique Watson was a tough cookie to crack; he was the bad boy’s leader. He didn’t just give number away to girls, he gave them to girls he had kept an eye on them for a while.  

Demi was the perfect girl to go after him; she had that bad girl vibe. This would drive Enrique crazy. I just had to make sure she didn’t fall over heels for him that was the only bad thing about him. Every girl that he has ever played had either fallen head over heels for him or fell in love with him.

“How did you do it?” Gabriela asked her, taking a bite out of her sub.

She shrugged. “I just told him he was pretty cute and we should hang out.” She simply said.

My mouth dropped open, “You just asked him for his number and he just gave it to you, without hesitation?” I demanded, not believing what she was telling me.

She nodded. “And he invited me to the Senior Banquet this Saturday,” She responded, glancing at her nails.

Gabriela and I looked at each other; could it be that the guys had their own plan? Why would they give in that quickly? Something was up and I had to find out what it was.

“Olive did Roy invite you to the Senior Banquet too?” I said, giving her a look.

“Yeah,” She muttered under her breathe.

I stood up grabbing my purse from the table; they had something planned I could sense it. I rushed out the cafeteria; I had no clue what I was going to do but in the play book there had to be a play where they team up.

The halls were quiet then usual; when I arrived to my locker, a smell of flowers hit my nose. I looked around trying to see if maybe some girls left the door to the patio open, but the door was closed. My mind had to be playing games with me. I opened my locker and a hundreds of Lily flowers fell to my feet. Who put these here? In between all the Lily’s there was a card that had written: Sorry-on it.

I stood up gazing around the hall, trying to see if anyone was spying on me. Someone tapped my shoulder scaring the crap out of me. Alejandro stood in front of me, holding a bouque of Lily’s in his hand.

“Before you scream at me just listen to me okay” He spoke out before I could.

I stayed quiet letting him speak first. “Yesterday the way I acted wasn’t right; what I did wasn’t right and you’re right I’m a pig but that’s not the real me.” He told me sincerely.

His eyes stayed locked with mine, I could see past the ego of his to the true Alejandro.

“I’m sorry for calling you a bitch and I’m sorry for being a jerk to you. Just give me one chance Juliana and I’ll prove you that am not the guy you think I am,” A small smiled appeared on his face.

I know this is the part where am supposed to hug him and say “I forgive you”, but honestly I’m not the type of girl who gives in easily. He was being honest and I could tell, but my job wasn’t to fall for little things like these.

Yeah, there wasn’t a play in the book where a guy hands the girl Lily’s, and makes an honest confession. But in my eyes everything he does is somehow related to a play. Basically, in my eyes I see this entire school like a football field, and all I am trying to do is not get tackled down.

“You should clean my locker before the principal see’s the mess you did.” I responded, monotonously.

“Is that all you’re going to tell me? You’re not going to forgive me?” He demanded, hurt filling his voice.

I rolled my eyes laughing quietly. “For the last time I will tell you give up. I dislike you Alejandro and all I want to do is see you hurt,”

His face scrunched in agony. “I don’t want to see you around me anymore. And that included the wedding,” I threaten him.

I slammed my locker shut kicking the Lily’s out of my way. Alejandro reached out my hand, grabbing it tight he didn’t let it go.

“I truly am sorry. I mean it Juliana,” His sincerity rung in my ears.

I pulled my hand out of his grip. “I don’t care,” I whispered, walking away from him.

When I knew he could no longer see me, I stopped waking. My hand burned from where he had touched me. I gazed my hand closing it, my hand felt cold without having his close.

I mentally slapped myself. “I’m such an idiot,” I whispered, slapping my cheeks.

What was I thinking?

He’s an idiot.

Second thought we were all idiots…


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