The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey

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The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey(7)

It was already Saturday which only meant tonight was the Senior Banquet. To our surprise everyone was going, except for me. No one invited me, I guess every Senior that wasn’t in the game was too scared to speak to me.

 Gabriela was able to score a date with William Lee; that way she could keep and eye on Olive. We decided to meet at my house; I hide brand new dresses that had never worn. I thought this would be a good dance for my babies-dresses- to get worn.

“I still think what you did was harsh,” Olive said to me, as we all stared at Alejandro as he cut the grass from the backyard.

I rolled my eyes. All I did was tell him the truth; I wasn’t going to forgive him. He called me a bitch and he thinks with flowers and an honest confession was enough. He was wrong; he needed to do something better than that, but knowing how he is he just gave up trying.

“Admit it though; what he did was sweet.” Demi responded, curling her hair.

“He isn’t sweet, he is the devil with abs and a nice ass,” I scoffed.

Gabreila laughed. “You’re just something else Juliana.” She mocked me.

I shrugged, turning back my attention to Alejandro. He was shirtless and his pants were half way down his butt. If it was another guy I saw doing that I would’ve probably had said something, but because you usually don’t see the guy you hate dripping in sweat, I was trying to enjoy the moment.

“So you’re just going to ignore him?” Olive asked me, as she applied her make-up.

I nodded; the more I ignored him the easier it would be for me. I would go back to my normal life, changing jackets and dealing with these stupid players. But while Alejandro sticks around, my life it will only turn more chaotic.

“You know have you ever thought maybe you not speaking to him will make him want you more?” Demi brought up the question, suddenly.

“I think he gave up already. I thought by now he would’ve asked me to the Senior Banquet but rumor has it he is taking Yavanna.” I muttered, giving him a quick glance.

I wasn’t annoyed he didn’t invite me to the Senior Banquet; I didn’t even want to go, but he could’ve at least tried to ask me. Yeah, I basically dissed him two days ago, but come on he called me a bitch! I was just being honest, but he just decided to blur out something hurtful.

“Well she is his ex-girlfriend,” Gabriela told us, quietly.

We all stopped what we were doing, looking at her stunned. Yavanna was Alejandro’s ex-girlfriend? How didn’t I know about this? Everybody always said Alejandro didn’t date girls; he wasn’t that type of guy.

“What do you mean ex-girlfriend?” I asked her, curiously.

Gabriela put down her white dress, giving us her full attention. “Yeah, they dated for three years I think. If not less.” She explained to us.

“Yavanna and Alejandro went to my middle school I guess they started dating there, but when we entered Roosevelt they weren’t together anymore,”

Thinking it thoroughly it made sense; that would explain why Alejandro is always messing with her during class. Why I would always find them kissing, they secretly still loved each other.

“So the player actually has a heart?” Olive said, confused.

“I suppose so.” I whispered, getting lost in my own thoughts.

So Alejandro had a secret love, then why was he going after me? Yavanna compared to me was a super model. Her brown blondish hair, tanned skin, model body, had nothing to compete with me.

Xavier was right; he was just messing with me. I felt as Gabriela snapped her fingers at me. I blinked a couple of times, focusing back into reality.

“Are you hurt because I told you Yavana and Alejandro were once a couple?”

I shook my head. “No, it just confuses me. Why would someone like him give up a girl like her to be in a game so disgusting?”

Gabriela chuckled. “He’s a guy. But let’s worry about that later we have to talk about what going on tonight,” She reminded me.

“Right, so I suspected the guys have a plan of their own but after going through the play book ten thousand times, I found out their isn’t a play like that,” I informed them.

At first I thought the pre-legends had gotten together and made a pack to bring us down, but then I realized they weren’t smart enough to think of something like that. These boys could be hot and semi-smart but they didn’t have the mentality of Xavier or Alejandro.

“So they’re just probably doing this on their own. Your task tonight is to tease them a little. Show them you’re interested but without actually showing it.”

“And how are we supposed to do that?” Olive said, giving me her freak out look.

I walked up to her handing her the wine dress. “You just smile and try not to freak out.” I smiled kindly.

Demi gave me a look. “I know what I have to do.” She defended herself.

I smiled; I wasn’t worried about Gabriela or Denise. But I was worried Olive would freak out completely and tell Roy what we had planned. But she was good at maintaining a straight face even when she was freaking out.

This was going to work, it had to work. Even if I wasn’t going to be there in person, spiritually I would be there. I knew my girls could do it, this was our specialty.

After while they finished getting ready and one by one they left, leaving me alone in my room. Denise swirls around showing me her black lace dress. I gave her thumbs up, approving of how she looked.

“Go have fun and keep it cool.” I smiled, giving her a smile.

“Are you sure you want us to do this?” She asked me, worriedly.

I nodded. “It’s time for payback,” I laughed, handing her the purse.

She rolled her eyes, chuckling. “I know it is. Don’t freak out I’ll keep Olive calm. I’ll call you when I get home.” She told me, leaving my room.

I exhaled, glancing around my room. They had left my room a complete mess; my make-up was scattered all around my room, my dresses were on the floor from where they were choosing the ones they liked.

I bend down picking up the dresses and putting them back to where they belonged. A part of me felt nervous; I wasn’t sure how this was going to work out. I felt like I had just sent my players into the field. All they had to do was try not to get tackled, but that was what I feared I didn’t want them to be tackled.

What if they did? How would I be able to help them? I knew they could do it; they all had the mentality and courage to stay together. But what if they get hurt because of me?

I shook my head shaking off the bad vibe. You have to stay positive Juliana; we planned this well. We went throw all the strategies, they know the playbook. You just have to stay calm.

There was a knock on my door, Xavier walked in. He was dressed up in a black dress up shirt and dressy pants. He gives me a small smile.

“You’re staying in tonight?” He asked me.

I nodded. “Yeah,” I responded, putting away my make-up kits.

“Want to go with me to the Senior Banquet?” He questioned me, putting his hands into his pocket.

I stopped what I was doing, giving him an odd look. Why would he be asking me if I wanted to go to the Senior Banquet? Xavier should’ve had girls begging for him to go with them.

“I don’t mean to sound mean but why are you asking me to go to the Senior Banquet with you?”  I chuckled, nervously, before giving him a serious look.

“Don’t tell me they left you hanging,” I teased him.

He stayed quiet. “Actually you can say that. I invited Limia but she got food poisoning so she can’t go.” He sounded disappointed.

“Idiot you mean Linda?” I corrected him, slamming my drawer shut.

He nodded. “Yeah her.”

Even when he invites a girl somewhere he forget her name! Seriously sometimes I wondered how I could stand Xavier, he was a replica of Alejandro. Except Xavier had the dignity to not bang a chick in a store.

“So you want to go?” He asked me, again.

 “I would love to but I don’t have a dress. I let the girls use them all,” I told him, sadly.

Xavier smiled, from behind his back he pulled out a bag. “ Limia- I mean Linda had told me this morning and to your luck I was at the mall. And I bought you this,” he told me handing me a Macy’s bag.

I gazed down at the bag then at him. “You were able to pick an outfit for me?” I said not believing what he was telling me.

“Hmm-Not exactly. This girl helped me; I told her it was for me girlfriend,” He told me, embarrassedly.

I shook my head solemnly at him. He would be the one to do that, I looked inside the bag to find a short glittery gold dress. My mouth automatically dropped, the dress was beautiful. At the bottom of the bag there were stilettoes that were dazzled. I ran up to him giving him a huge hug.

“Thank you I love it!” I kissed him on the cheek.

Xavier pushed me off, wiping off the kiss. “Ew! I get it I’m a sweetheart but you pass the line with the kiss!” He whined, rubbing his cheek.

“Shut up! I hardly show my love towards you!” I stuck out my tongue at him.

He rolled his eyes. “Do you think you can be ready in forty-five minutes?”

“Yeah,” I shouted, running inside my restroom.


We stepped inside the enormous ballroom; the Seniors all seemed to be dying of boredom. The music wasn’t on and the teachers were trying to make everyone come in the hall.

Xavier gave me a look as if he regretted coming. He wasn’t the type of guy who likes coming to school events; he says it’s waste of time. But my mom forced him to go; she said this was going to be his last time to a school event so he might as well go.

Xavier took hold of my hand, taking me the table where the guys were sitting at. Alejandro gaze met mine and for a split second I felt my heart flutter. Stop that! It’s Alejandro idiot! Not prince charming! Xavier pulled out a chair for me, offering me a drink.

“I don’t know what they have but I’ll bring you something you’ll like,” He smiled at me, walking away from me.

From across the dance floor I could see Olive, Denise, and Gabriela they were all laughing with the guys. Olive covered her face as she tried to calm herself down, while Denise did her eye-roll.

They were going to be fine; I was sure of it.

“Oh my god! Juliana you look so pretty!” Yavanna shrieked, giving me a surprise hug.

I wasn’t sure what to do; I never actually spoke to Yavanna. “Um thanks you look pretty as well,” I responded, looking at her short red dress.

She smiled proudly. “Thanks,” She sat across from me, giving Alejandro a kiss on the cheek.

He looked at her giving her a small smile before slowly looking at me. I looked away from him trying to ignore him as much as I could. He was a moran, how could he try to seduce me when clearly he still has feelings for her.

Then again what I could I expect from a player? People were still shocked that he gave up his title but it was clear he hadn’t given up his ways. I looked down at my hands and I began to play with my fingers.

“Are you that bored?” Xavier asked me, amused.

He handed me a crystal clear cup that was filled with punch. He sat next to me, poking me.

“I’m tired. I had a rough week,” I told him, keeping my eyes on my fingers.

“Let’s just wait until the music starts then we can go out to the club. Sounds like a plan?” He said.

He knew I wasn’t the type of girl, who loves going out to clubs, but I had gotten all doll-up and I didn’t want that to go to waste. I nodded; every now and then Alejandro would stare at me. He wouldn’t even try to hide it; he would just hardcore stare at me.

I felt like grabbing my purse and throwing at his stupid face! He was annoying the crap out of me. Finally I decided to stare back at him, thinking he would look away he didn’t, he just stared back.

“So Juliana do you have a boyfriend?” Yavanna asked me, taking a sip of her drink.

“Nah, I don’t like guys,” I simply said, hiding back my smile.

Yavanna stared at me for a moment, trying to figure out what I was telling her was real. Oh god; Alejandro sure knew how to pick these girls. Her beauty made up for her lack of brain.

“Oh so you’re a lesbian?” She said, confused.

“Yeah. Guys are just so stupid now a day,” I rolled my eyes, fake gagging.

Alejandro shook his head, holding back his laugh. He knew I was playing around and yet he didn’t tell anything to his girlfriend. Yavanna looked at Alejandro then at me.

“Did you know she was a lesbian?” She demanded, pointing her finger at me.

He shook his head. “I think she secretly loves the D.” He teased me.

I chuckled dryly. “Yeah, the same way you love the P…huh?” I shot back.

Xavier face palmed. “Not again,” I heard him mutter under his breathe.

He had found out about our little fight and he said it was best not to try to tick each other off. But because Alejandro wasn’t allowed to be near me, he hadn’t had a chance to mess with me.

I snarled lightly at Alejandro; jerk. Yavanna chuckled confusedly as if she knew what we were talking about.

“We should bail this and go to LightSpeed,” Alejandro told Xavier.

LightSpeed was one of the most known clubs in the city. Everyone wanted to go there but it was hard to get in. I heard you had to be there early to at least get in at ten at night.

They looked around the ballroom and people were literally falling asleep. I wondered if my Senior Banquet would be this lame; the only reason the school held this was to give away awards to for those in sports.

Xavier looked at me. “You feel like letting your crazy side out?” He mocked me.

I rolled my eyes. “Let’s go,” I muttered, gulping down the punch.


We all decided to take Xaviers car to the club; we didn’t want to take two cars. To my surprise I was able to sit next to Yavanna and hear how she broke a nail going down the stairs. Fun I know.

We stopped in front of the two story club; everyone was right it was huge. The waiting line curved to the other street, it had to be more than hundred people waiting to get in.

 Xavier grabbed onto my hand as we walked behind Alejandro. We walked to the front of the line, I watched as Alejandro gives the bodyguard his wallet and after he returned it we were allowed to enter.

“How in the hell did we get in like nothing?” I asked Xavier as we walked into the actual club.

“Alejandro’s did design this club so Alejandro gets the honor to come here whenever he wants,” Xavier explained.

When we entered the dance floor I understood why it was called LightSpeed. Millions of lights were flashing all around the club; it looked like a light show. People were dancing, some were drinking, and others were talking. This had to be one amazing club.

The guys sat us down at a booth while they ran off to the bar. I glanced around getting lost at every detail in the club. So this was how it felt to be in a club. I could get the hang of this.

“You either have never been to a club or you have never been to LightSpeed,” Yavanna told me as she applied red lipstick.

“I’m not the type of girl who likes to go out much,” I told her, honestly.

The “wild” life never interested me; I didn’t like going off every weekend to parties and clubs. I didn’t like the feeling of getting shit face or not remembering what happen the night before.

As long as Xavier was near me I knew I would be safe. Xavier would have never let something bad happen to me. He protected me a lot when we were at places like these.

She chuckled. “Yeah I could tell. Xavier makes sure you don’t go out much huh?”

I shrugged. “He just doesn’t want me to get hurt,”

Yavanna put her lipstick away, giving me a look. “So you never gone wild and free before?” She questioned me, curiously.

“Yeah, the wildest thing I done was sneak out of my house at night.” I told her stupidly.

“Oh this is going to be fun then.” She said.

Before I could ask her what she meant by that the guys showed up with drinks. Xavier hands me a neon green drink, I stared at it closely. What in the hell was this?

“Is this alcohol?” I asked him.

“Not entirely. Just drink it it’ll make you feel better,” He told me, gulping down his drink.

I watched as Alejandro and Yavanna gulped it down like nothing. I took a deep breath and gulped it down. It burned my throat and I felt a slight discomfort in my stomach, but slowly it turned cold.

“What was in that?”

“That a Cold Breeze,” Yavanna informed me as she gulped down another drink.

Cold Breeze? This place gave their drinks weird names. Xavier grabbed Yavanna and pulled her onto the dance floor. When I turned back to the table Alejandro had disappeared. Great, they left me alone.

Alejandro sat next to me, handing me another drink. I shook my head denying his offer. I wanted to be the sober one tonight, just in case these guys got drunk I could take us home.

“So you’re still not going to forgive me?” He said, brushing his lips on my ear.

“You’re not allowed to be close to me remember?” I pushed him off me.

Alejandro laughed, “Loosen up Juliana! You always seem to have a stick up your ass,” He mocked me.

I punched him in his arm. “Asshole!”

“Come one let’s go have fun!” He said, grabbing onto o my hand.

He pulled me out of the booth and he took me to the second floor. Alejandro took me to the second floor; I thought it was just another dance floor but I was wrong. My mouth flew open as I saw people on the dance floor dancing in the rain. Water was coming out of the ceiling soaking them we.

“What is this?” I asked him, stunned.

“My dad thought having a multi-color changing water dance floor would be cool. From everything this club has this has to be my favorite part of it,” he said, giving me a smirk.

This had to be one hell of a club; Alejandro pulled me into the floor. Instantly we were soaked completely, our skin seemed to glow every time the lights hit us. My body began to move with the music getting lost completely in it.

Alejandro was a different person when he was in the club; he wasn’t checking out girls or trying to hook up with someone. He stayed closed to me dancing along with me. I closed my eyes dancing away as I felt the water hit my body. Alejandro grabbed onto my waist rocking me around the floor. During that time I forgot who he was. I couldn’t even think straight, I felt as if I was in a daze.

You’re so beautiful Juliana.

My head kept spinning in circles; I kept feeling Alejandro hands on me and whispers. As much as I tried to talk back to him, I couldn’t. My body wouldn’t listen to my commands.

Just keep dancing…

Get lost in the music…

Feel the sensation of the water as it hits your body…

“I-I-I don’t feel good,” I stuttered, falling back on him.

When he laughed his laugh sounded as if they were far away from me. His lips press on my neck while his hands swayed my hips around.

I like you Juliana…

I like you more than you can ever imagine…


So I hope that wasn’t extremely boring but I hope it was interesting;D I let you guess or try to figure out what happened!

Oh I want to say thank you for everyone who has been supporting my story it means a ton! Share it to friends!!

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