The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey

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The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey(8)

My headed pounded as I threw up over and over in the toilet. I had woken up with the most disgusted feeling inside my stomach. I had to jump two feet from my bed to the restroom to make it on time.

The fluid acid burned my throat; giving my mouth a sour taste. I laid my head on the back of the tile wall, hoping I was done puking. I wasn’t sure what had happened or how I got home, but all I could hear was the whispers’ of Alejandro.

I gagged and threw my head inside the toilet, vomiting clear fluids. Someone rubbed my back, soothing me.

“You okay?” I heard Alejandro say in a husky voice.

“Yeah I am perfectly f-“Before I could even finish, I puked again.

Dear Jesus, how much could I puke up? I had hardly eaten yesterday and it seemed like my body was puking a months’ worth of food. Alejandro grabbed a hold of my hair, keeping it out of my way.

After a couple of minutes my stomach settled down; I dropped my behind on the floor relaxing. My headache had gotten worse and my mouth tasted like death. Alejandro rubbed his eyes, gazing at me worriedly.

“What are you doing awake?” I asked him, taking in a deep breathe.

“I was asleep until I heard your puking. I thought you were dying or something,” He teased me.

I chuckled, softly. “I feel like I’m dying. What happened last night?” I questioned him, putting my hands on my stomach.

“You went overboard with the drinks. I can honestly say you let the “wild child” out of you.” He responded, laughing to himself.

I brought my hand up, waving it around. “No, I didn’t. You took me to the second floor and we started dancing and I felt sick, but all you kept doing was whispering things in my ear,” I corrected him.

Alejadnro sighed; he grabbed a cloth from the basket and soaked it. He bend down to my level and began wiping off the vomit that had dripped from the corner of my mouth.

“Yeah I was telling you things but not in your ear. I kept asking you if you were okay and you just seemed out of it. Before I could take you out the dance floor you passed out,” He said, quietly tapping my mouth.

I opened my eyes and his face was right in front of mine. I gulped, backing away slightly. Why was he telling me one thing when I knew he was telling me things in my ear? I heard him say: I like you Juliana…I like you more than you can ever imagine. I was sure I didn’t dream that; or could I have?

My head thud, causing me to winch in pain. God, how could people survive this type of torture? Alejandro shook his head at me.

“You’re suffering your first hangover,” He mocked me, sitting down next to me.

I laughed at myself. So this was a hangover…I hate it. I will never ever drink again; alcohol didn’t even taste that good. I placed my head on his shoulder, just enjoying his company.

“Juliana,” I heard him say my name.


“I really wasn’t whispering anything to you. I think the drinks got to you way to quickly, but I just don’t want you to use this against me in some way.” He told me, quietly.

“As soon as you passed out I took you straight home. I made sure you were okay,”

I put my thumb and index finger in between my eyes, pressing down on the bridge of my nose. I wasn’t sure what the hell happened last night, and right now I didn’t even want to think about it. All I wanted was this frustrating headache to go away.

“I won’t use this against you. Everything else you have done up to Wednesday than yes they will be used against you, but last night it won’t be held on you. I know I’m not good with alcohol and I still drank,” I told him, looking up at him.

He nodded. “You feel better now?” He asked me, still concern.

“A little,” I whispered.

When Alejandro helped me to stand up, the disgusting feeling came back to me. He wrapped his arm around my waist as I hurled inward in the toilet. God, it was official alcohol and I didn't mix well.

"Did you eat anything yesterday?" He asked me as he patted my back lightly.

"No. I didn't have time to eat," I mumbled, resting my head on his shoulder.

"Then that's why you’re puking so much. Your stomach was empty when you drank; honestly I think it's better to drink with some food in it." He informed me, shrugging.

I snarled at him. "Thank you for the tip,"

He could've asked me if I had eaten before letting Xavier shove a drink in my hand. I dropped my head down again as acid burned up my throat. Alejandro stayed with me the entire night; pulling my hair out the way and soothing me every time I puked.

I thought maybe he wasn't sleepy at all, but when finally my stomach settle down and I saw him clearly, he had passed out. I placed my head on his lap making myself into a little ball. I was too tried to move him or even move myself. I took in a deep breath and closed my eyes letting myself drift into my sleep.

"Juliana," I heard someone's voice.

I groaned, why they couldn’t let me sleep. They shook me lightly, but in my head it felt as if they had strangled me entirely.

"My head," I cried, grabbing onto it.

"Honey you have to wake up," I heard my mom say.

I sat up from the ground; Alejandro wasn't next to me anymore. I gazed up at her, she smiled kindly at me.

"Come on Julie let’s get you into bed." She told me, picking me up from the ground.

"Where's Alejandro?" I asked her as we walked to my bed.

"He went to go take Yavanna home. He told me you two went out to a party and that the food made you sick." She responded taking off the covers from my bed.

So he left me on the restroom floor, without waking me up or anything? Jerk. He could've at least helped me up or placed me in bed. I guess last night was just a play to fool me. He just wanted me to forget he got me drunk last night.

"He insisted to place you into bed but he seemed so tired, so I told him to leave you there that I would take you to bed." She finished telling me.

"So he wanted to take me to bed?" I whispered.

She chuckled lightly. "Yeah he was really concerned. Now lay down Julie you need to rest," She ordered me.

I heard the door closed behind her and for a couple of minutes I began to think. Who was Alejandro Rodriquez? Was the guy I saw last night a different guy; was that the guy he told me I didn't know.

"Ugh, Juliana why the fuck do you care; he still a player." I talked to myself.

Right, either way if he was being nice or caring he was still a player, a jerk, and a manwhore. Guys like him don't change, especially not for a girl. He wouldn’t show me his true colors, because he didn’t have true colors. Alejandro was exactly the same guy who he appears to be; he didn’t have anything to hide.


Demi jumped on my bed as I looked at her weirdly. She had woken me up from my sleep; she told me she had some important news for me. Demi wasn’t the type of girl who spread gossip, but when it had to do with either the game or us it became our problem.

“You couldn’t wait to tell me tomorrow?” I asked her, my voice coming out groggy.

She shook her head. “This is serious; I had to tell you right now.” She demanded, giving me a look.

I groaned, my head wasn’t killing me as bad as it was before, but still I had a small annoying thumping going on. She sat me up and gazed at me for a moment. Demi looked eager almost anxious to tell me the information.

“Well after the Senior Banquet Enrique took me an ice cream parlor; we were just chatting when Alejandro’s name came up. I asked him what was up with him lately and he told me that none of the players had a clue.”

A gave her a confused look. “So where are you trying to say?” I demanded.

She sighed, rolling her eyes at me. “Enrique said what Ale is doing is something no one would think of doing and that even he is thinking to quit the game,” She said excitedly.

“Okay now hold up!” I exclaimed, covering her mouth.

Alejandro’s act was giving the courage to the other Pre-Legends to give up the game? I couldn’t sink in the idea of Enrique quitting; from all the guys he seemed to be the most interested one in the game. He loved watching girls cry over him; that was like medicine for him.

“You need to screw your head on right. Enrique Watson wouldn’t quit the game even if his life depended on it. This right here is how we know their after us.” I scolded her.

“No shit! Don’t you think I know that! But if they are trying to trick us into believing they are concerning it, then doesn’t that mean they won’t be jerk to us? They’ll pretend to be nice and we will act like stuck up girls.” She explained to me.

A sluggish smirk formed on my lips. “Because guys like girls that don’t beg. That’s how we can lure them in, by pretending we don’t care,”

Gabriela and Olive storm in my room, they both had a concern look on their faces. Olive ran her hand through her thick black hair, while Gabriela stared at me. Something had happened and by the look on their faces it wasn’t good.

“You are in deep shit,” Olive blurted out.

“Why?” I asked them.

“Yavanna and Alejandro aren’t dating but we over heard her say that she is going to win him back,” Gabriela told me.

I dropped my head on the couch crying in pain. Too many things were happening at the same time; the world needed to stop for just a moment. I needed to take a breather and let everything sink in completely.

First I have Alejandro quitting the game, then the fight, and now this? Why did everything have to start going wrong now? This was only making me hate that stupid jerk even more.

“And why am I in deep shit?” I questioned them, closing my eyes.

“Because if they do start dating then you won’t be able to play him.” She responded, stupidly.

“No you know that’s a good thing. I won’t have him on my tip all the time,” I corrected them.

Demi took hold of my hair and she yanked it back. I shrieked sitting back up, pouting I rubbed my head. She gave me a nasty glare.

“Juliana for just a second stop thinking about ways to hurt Alejandro or how much you hate him. If Yavanna wants Ale then she will do anything to get him, but I don’t know if you forgot but someone is standing in her way,” She spoke to me as I couldn’t understand her.

“And do you know who is standing in her way?” Olive questioned me.

I shook my head. “You.” Demi poked my chest.

“And because you’re standing in her way she has to get rid of you. That’s when the whole “You’re in deep shit” comes in,” Gabriela said, crossing her arms against her chest.

I stayed quiet for a moment; now I was being targeted. Besides having to deal with the stupid jackets, a player, now I had to deal with a girl who didn’t see I didn’t want her ex-boyfriend?

A deep knot formed at the bottom of my stomach; when did my life become so complicated?

“Honestly right now worrying about Yavanna is the least of my problems,” I whispered.

They all looked at me carefully. ”What do you mean?” Demi told me, worriedly.

“I’m tired, I have a very bad hangover, and not to mention that when I get to school tomorrow I will have a line of guys waiting for me to change their fucking numbers!” I cried, angrily.

I jumped off the bed, running inside my closest. “It’s normal to be stress out,” Gabriela shouted out to me.

“Yeah, it’s normal to be stress out about school, your work, your love life! You don’t stress out about how you will find the time to change over two-hundred fifty jackets, how you’re going to fix the shit you got yourself into!” I screamed loudly at them.

I threw on a pair of faded skinny jeans and a blue V-neck shirt, with a hoddie on top. They all walked in my closest as I tied my blue converse, I knew that going off on them wasn’t a good thing to do, but I didn’t know what to do.

Everything was crashing down on me and I didn’t have enough time to fix everything. My dad was finally coming home from his six-month out of the USA work. For once in my high school life he is going to make it to the Daughter-Father Dinner his job does every year.

Mindy’s wedding is next week and only thinking about how I have to be near Alerjandro for four days, tenses me up. Not only that; but if Yavanna finds out I will be with her ex-boyfriend, she will find even more reasons to take me down.

“Where are you going?” Olive asked me.

I looked at all of them. “I need to go for a drive. I need to get away from everyone, feel free to leave whenever you like. You all know the way out.” I told them, grabbing my purse and keys from the dresser.

For a while I drove around not knowing where I was going. I just needed to meditate; to calm down my nerves. I was never good dealing with pressure or stress. My dad would always have to sit me down on the floor and make me take deep breathes. You could say I was a weird girl.

Stopping the car in front of the pier, I stepped out of my car and walked down to the border line. I sat down on the edge of the pier, putting my feet in the water. When I was younger Xavier brought me here; he said this was our hanging out spot. Whenever we needed to vent things out we would come here.

“Mind if I join you?” I heard someone say.

I took my eyes off from the crystal clear water up to Xavier. He had bags under his eyes. He gives me a wearily smile, sitting down next to me. We sat next to each other silently, devouring the chilly night sky.

“You have a lot on your mind huh?” He asked me, kicking his felt under the water.

“You can say that. I’m just stressed out that’s all,” I chuckled, lightly.

He looks up at me and he smiled. “I’m tired Juliana.” He muttered as his eyes filled with tears.

“What do you mean?” I responded.

“For once in my life I met a girl who can make my heart ache for her love,” He told me, quietly.

“But I’m afraid all I’ll do to her is hurt her. Do you know what I mean?” His voice came out as a plead.

Xavier wrapped his arms around me, crying quietly to himself. I didn’t know what to say. What to do? He was always the one who gave me advice, but to do the same to him it was difficult.

“I-I never actually fallen in love or liked someone enough to feel pain. You sort of took that process away from me when you started the game,” I responded, sincerely.

Xavier nodded. “I know but on your own you’re going to learn from your own mistakes.”

I sighed. “Xavier if you like the girl then let her know don’t sit here and cry about it.” I tried to make up understand.

Xavier chuckled. “I have a lot to live up too Julie and loving a girl isn’t part of that “living up too”. I have an image to keep and girls that need to be heartbroken,”

I shook my head solemnly. “Have you ever thought maybe this game of yours only ended up ruining your love life? Does having this jacket mean much more than having ONE decent caring girl to love?” I questioned him, confused.

That’s when it hit me; I had thrown my own words down my throat. This game and playbook had nothing to do with me. For the past three years I could’ve woken up and quit and I didn’t; why? Because I was mad at how girls easily got fooled, but now I was being to feel as if I was the one who got fooled instead.

“I don’t want to be like you.” I blurted out.

“Huh?” Xavier looked me confused.

“I want to get hurt Xavier.” I took in a deep breathe. “I want to get my heartbroken and you’re not allowed to protect me,” I told him, looking at him dead in the eyes.


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