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Tattoos and Coffee

By LiteraryCat All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Other


11 June, Tuesday

The day started bland. Anna woke up, got dressed, and went downstairs with Lola and Caroline to set up shop at six in the morning.

"Hey, it looks like we got some new neighbors," Lola called out.

Anna peaked around the corner and saw a moving truck being unloaded into the building that's been for sale for five years.

"Oh, I wonder what's it's gonna be," Caroline said.

"I hope it's not another café. We got enough of those around," Lola complained, cleaning the coffee pot before Anna flipped the sign to indicate that it's open.

"Maybe a flower shop? Lord knows we need another one of those," Anna voiced out, placing the fruit tarts and brownies on the café window for the customers to see.

"Plus it'll be aesthetically pleasing. Imagine a flower shop next to a coffee shop. I wonder if the people will be nice," Caroline said, peering out through the windows.

Anna rolled her eyes and continued baking. Who really knows what the rundown building would turn in to? It would be nice if the new owners gave it a new paint job. Something to make it pop, she guessed.

"There's people coming out," Lola called out.

Anna looked over and saw three people looking at the building. One of them payed the movers. It's hard to get a good look at them with the angle that they're in. Two were tanned and the other was pale. The three walked inside the building, and that was it. She walked up to the door and switched the closed sign to an open sign.

"Look alive, girls. The morning rush will be upon us," Anna told them.

The two lazily saluted her and made their way towards their station. She rolled her eyes and made her way towards the back to continue baking.

"Anna, we have someone here that wishes to speak to you," Lola called out.

Anna furrowed her eyebrows and made her way towards the front. A woman with pale blonde hair, a couple of tattoos along her arms and stomach, and a couple of earrings adorned along her ear. She has bright blue eyes that she's pretty sure are contacts, pale skin, and wearing a white tank top and a pair of dark jeans.

"Hi! I'm Vanessa. We just opened shop right across the street. Luna and Sally aren't able to make it, unfortunately. They're a bit busy tidying up their apartment upstairs," Vanessa introduced.

"Oh, it's no problem. I'm Anna, co-owner of Joyeux Café. Or Joy Café, if you want to be technical," Anna introduced. "This is Lola and Caroline, the other co-owners of this café."

Vanessa gave them polite smiles and shook both of their hands.

"It's a pleasure to meet you. Hey, maybe one day we'll stop by here. Of course, you might see Sally more. She's a complete coffee nut," she explains.

"What is it that you opened up?" Lola asked her.

"We opened a tattoo shop. If you want, we can give you a discount. It's our opening day tomorrow. Twenty percent off for the first hundred people that comes to get either a piercing or a tattoo," she explained.

Caroline seemed eager to get either one. Anna knows her. She's always wanted some sort of tattoo or piercing, but her parents wouldn't let her. Now that's she's on her own, she could get one. However, every tattoo place she's met is either dirty or rude.

"We'll think about it. Thank you," Lola told her, smiling politely.

Vanessa waved goodbye and left the small café. When she left, a couple more people entered, eager to get their coffee fix.

"That's my cue," Anna muttered, making her way towards the back of the kitchen to make more pastries.

So that's what decided to open up. Anna is a little frightened, yet intrigued. It wasn't every day that something like this happens, so it's exciting to see what they have in store for them.

12 June, Wednesday

Usually they would open shop around seven, since Anna is the only one that wakes up the earliest before Lola and Caroline. It was more of a habit that didn't seem to break. Sometimes, when Lola can't sleep, she would accompany Anna to help open the shop. Anna went downstairs and flipped the sign so that her patrons know that the café is open.

"Oh thank Christ," an unfamiliar, feminine voice said out of exaggeration.

She turned around and saw a woman with tanned skin, tattoos adorning her body, her hair dark brown and up in a very messy bun, and wearing sunglasses. Her outfit looked like she slept in it, wearing a black tank top, sweats, and sandals.

"Can I help you?" Anna asked her, opening the café door.

"Sorry! It's just that I wake up really early and none of my roommates knows how to make a decent cup of coffee and they sleep later than me. Plus, you're the closest café that isn't Starbucks, so I'm thankful for that," the woman said, entering inside the cool café.

"I take it you're not a Starbucks fan," she guessed.

"I used to work there."

So that explains it.

"Well, pick whatever you like on the menu while I get everything heated up," Anna told her.

The woman only nodded her head and took off her sunglasses. Anna noted that she has brown eyes that somehow seem to sparkle. She also noted an eyebrow piercing on her right eyebrow, a couple of piercings up and down her ears, and a septum piercing.

"Did you just move in?" Anna asked her, getting the iced tea machine ready.

"We're right across the street. We're the tattoo parlor called Spectrum," the woman answered.

Made sense. Somehow the name seems familiar, but she can't place where.

"Well, neighbor, what would you like to drink?" Anna asked her.

The woman pondered for a moment, staring at the menu before answering, "Raspberry latte. Medium."

"Excellent choice," Anna commented.

"I love raspberries in the summer," she said.

Anna smiled fondly. After giving her her total, the woman handed her credit card and she finally figured out the woman's name.

"Sally Vazquez? That's a nice name," Anna commented.

Sally looked like she wanted to add more, but kept her mouth shut.

"Thanks," she finally said.

Anna saw something glitter in her mouth. She swiped her card and handed it back to her.

"Tongue ring?" Anna asked her.

Sally showed the silver ring on her tongue and smiled. She soon put her tongue back in her mouth.

"Yep. Got it done two weeks ago. Hurt like a bitch, too," she said.

Anna smiled fondly at her as she began to make the raspberry frap. When she finished, Caroline came downstairs and began to prepare the breakfast items.

"I hate the weekday morning rush. It doesn't help that we're so close to every business ever," Caroline complained. She soon spotted Sally and forced a smile. "Hello, who are you?"

"Sally. I work in a business across the street," she greeted.

"Oh, so you're the girl Vanessa was talking about," Caroline guessed.

"Yeah. Apparently, after the fifth time of complaining, they sent me on a mission to find a coffee shop," she said, taking a sip of her drink. "That hits the spot. Bye."

Anna and Caroline watched her leave the cage and walked across the street.

"She's strange," Caroline commented.

Anna couldn't agree more.


The morning rush came and went. It was now time to deal with the lunch rush. It wasn't so bad, just a lot of work. Lola was on sandwich duty, Caroline on drink duty, and Anna took charge of the cash register. Around 11:45, a man entered the café, wearing a loose black shirt, a dark blue jeans, black chuck converse, and his hair was down and dark brown with a tinge of red. He has tons of tattoos and piercings. Some that Anna could make out, but hard to judge.

"'Ello! Two tuna sandwiches, one meatball sandwich, one lime iced tea, one strawberry iced tea, and one raspberry iced tea," the man ordered.

"For here or to go?" Anna asked, punching in the order.

"To go," he answered.

The man took out his wallet and handed her his credit card. Luna Vazquez.

"Are you related to Sally?" Anna asked, swiping his card.

"Twins, really, but she's busy with a client," he answered.

She raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. She handed the order to Lola and Caroline and got started right away. She saw Luna standing off in the corner, waiting. After a couple of minutes, Anna set the bagged food on the counter. Luna noticed and grabbed the lunch bag and left.

And now came the lunch rush. 

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