My Teacher Found My Puppy

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Sorry almost forgot,don't beat me up. *hides behind Josh*

(Pic of Keisha )


I guess I fell asleep because when I woke up I was in what looked like some auto garage tied to a folding chair. I'm pretty sure my phone is dead now but they could have at least gave me softer chair my butt hurts.

"I see your awake."I looked up to see none other than Josh.

I sucked my teeth. "Really Josh,I told you I love Jake."I stopped once I realized what I had said.

I love Jake.

He groaned and pulled at his hair screaming out in frustration.


"No you don't! You are crazy,Jake would never anything like that. You don't bully and physically abuse the ones you love!If you liked me why didn't you say anything before when I told you I liked you!?Instead you just beat me up and took my things!"I screamed back tilting a little in the chair.

"But see I have the things I took. I kept them just for you."he said going in the back then coming back with a box of stuff.I watched as a pulled out some familiar things that brought back memories.

"See remember Beary?I bet he misses you."he says playing with the arms trying his best to keep a happy face seeing I wasn't pleased.Beary was given to me before my father died when I was nine. When he died I took that bear everywhere. Josh found out and took him and I haven't seen him since.

"I'm to old for that,you ruined that bear for me."I said trying to hold back the tears from thinking of my dad.

"I-i um remember this-wait not that-"I cut when I seen a small amount of hair.

"Is that my hair?"I didn't even remember him doing that!? All I knew was one part my hair was a little short.

"Ha-ha funny story-You see -"I cut him off again when he ran his hand through his hair.

"How would you like if I your cut hair."he over dramatically gasped and said. "You monster!" Hold his head.

I rolled my eyes and said. "Oh i'm the monster but you just kidnapped someone. Look,Josh just let me go and we can put this all behind us okay?"

He just kept shaking his head mumbling "no,no,no" to himself until he finally pulled out a gun and said.

"No we can't because you are not leaving me."


Soon as I left the building I drove to Keisha's house.

I knocked on the door to her mother Kendall open the door flashing I bright smile.

"Oh Jake hi, where is Keisha?"she asked.

"Wait so she's not here?"I asked.

"No she left for school and still isn't back I was assuming she was with you I -"I cut her off running back to my car driving to Josh's house which the adress I found in the contact forms.

Once I got there man opened the door saying ."Hello how may I help you?"

"Is your son Josh home?"his smile faded a little when I said son but he answered saying.

"He should he upstairs he hasn't left his room all day."I rushed upstairs searching through all the rooms till I found a door that was locked.

I stepped back and rammed into the door breaking it open.

"I-i Josh doesn't really like people in his room."I heard the guy i'm assuming is his step-dad due to his reaction when I said son.

"Do you know where I can find him?"I asked still looking through his things for any clues.

"Well there is this old auto shop his mom said belonged to his father that he hangs out at."he said making me stop and turn to him saying.

"Tell me where it is."

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